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Found 20 results

  1. Welcome do Dungeons and Dragons, the Doodlie version. Everyone is welcome to participate By participating you DON'T become a Doodlie, it's just that this game in this form has been invented by the doodlies. A short recap of how we play You start by copying the character sheet and fill it in (see rule book for details on this). After this you put a link to it in your signature, and put the link on the sign in sheet. The name of your character is the same as your name on the forums! This makes it so much easier for the DM's You've got 4 primary abi
  2. Video games are my favorite thing ever. At 36 years of age, I'm finally going to attempt to control the amount of time I spend on them. I recently posted on the Academy Facebook group that I'm just going to give all my games away. I've decided I can still enjoy games if I schedule it out a certain way. (Don't worry, people who made their claims will receive their Christmas presents. I've already sent them out.) So this is my plan. Batched Gaming January through November: NO GAMES. Let's just see what I elect to use the time on when video games are not an option. December:
  3. Anybody watched Mantracker before? It's awesome. I command you to watch an episode. Go one, go do it now! I'll wait. There's loads of episodes on Youtube. I'm not kidding guys, go watch it. I'm not posting anything more about my challenge until Day One. Watch the show, and you'll already know what I'm doing. I'm starting on the 16th rather than the 17th, because I want to include my charity race in my challenge =D
  4. Hi Guys We are in the process of making a fantasy inspired running RPG app called Fit for Battle. In a nutshell you listen to an audio adventure which influences your real life running performance. We are looking for some feedback on our proof of concept demo which is a 15 minute audio version of the app that you can go for a run with. If you are keen to try it out please check out the following page http://bit.ly/F4BWEBPOST If you have any questions please post below! Thank you! The Fit for Battle team
  5. So my latest respawn introduction got me thinking. If you could only introduce yourself to someone by using 10 GIFs or less, what GIFs would you use? Gimme your best introduction by GIFs! GO!
  6. I never managed to complete my first 6 week challenge last year due to failing my exams and pushing everything aside to prep for the resits (I passed btw!). So now that I'm in a better place and not so depressed, I've decided it's time to stop wallowing in junk food and get back into gear with baby steps whilst still keeping my grades as my focus. The thing I struggle most with is food. Like many people here, I love the taste of all foods that are unhealthy. I tried the paleo diet for two days and I guess the transition was too abrupt, but it was horrible. Growing up with strong flavours wit
  7. Hello fellow nerds, I am a person who, if I have someone to compete against, can be dedicated but without a specific goal has a tendency to be a little ADD, oh look a cookie! So here is the challenge Starting thanksgiving day you will have several ways to earn points 5 points for every mile run( no stoping to catch your breath) 15 points for every mile of swimming( no stoping to catch your breath) 10 points for a heavy lifting session 2 points for every mile walked 15 points for an hour long group class Food: 5 points for a veggie salad meal(iceberg lettuce doesn't count ) 5 points for drinki
  8. I'm.. a bit of a nerd. "How much of a nerd could she possibly be?", you ask. Enough to recite "I. AM. COMMANDER MOTHERF*CKING SHEPARD" while exercising for extra motivation, perhaps. Enough to visualize myself sprinting away from Halo's Elites and Grunts for that extra kick. Enough to put myself in the mindset of different characters for confidence's sake. Yeah. I go by Echo or Cheshire, whichever floats your boat! The reason why I'm here... Well, I've been reading NerdFitness for close to 5 years now, I think. Gotta start young, yeah? And with anxiety constantly looming over my
  9. Saw this floating around Facebook and it was actually kinda fun. Thought some awesome stuff might crop up here among the nerds. Just press paste and post that glorious post to the thread. This should be fun.
  10. 1) Candy Land Escape from Holiday Treats*Every year, the holidays start to feel like a gauntlet of poor food choices combined with a big helping of guilt masquerading as holiday cheer. You can't avoid "opportunities" to eat calorie-laden, low-nutrient foods unless you crawl into a hole and pull it in after you. And trying to say "No, thank you" to friends, family, and random strangers proffering these items becomes an exercise in extreme diplomacy. I usually feel like Scrooge crossed with the Grinch before Thanksgiving is done. Forget the wreath on the door ..... this should go up as a fair
  11. Hey guys! I came up with a fun way to stick to your diet. I'm posting to share it so that maybe it can help you guys out too. It's very in line with the gamer mentality we all have at NF. It's pretty cool if you can commit to the gameplay! So. Stickers. When I was a kid, everyone went rabid when the teacher baited good behavior with sticker rewards. If you had enough stickers in your sticker book, you touted them like merit badges. Puffy stickers with goggly eyes. Ecstatic smiley faces of every variety. Lisa frank. Hot wheel. Scratch and sniff. The animal ones with actual fuzzy textures. The
  12. Welcome!! This accountability group is a little different - we're playing a game together in the hopes of getting through the upcoming holiday season with both our waistlines and our good spirits intact. You are welcome to join us!! This is a cross-guild group, and even Level 1's may join in if you like. The game is modeled on several easy kid's games, such as Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. No copyright infringement is intended. Also, it is NOT a well-designed or carefully constructed game. I was going to play this by myself, but the idea intrigued other people; so let's give it a
  13. This is for all the folks on Nerd Fitness who are also on HabitRPG so we can get together to talk about the program and maybe form parties. http://habitrpg.com for those who have no idea what I'm talking about and want to know about the game.
  14. Ive been trying to get in good shape for a few years already. I wouldnt say im fat or out of shape, as I work out at least 3 times a week and 5 times on average. My BMI is okay (although thats not a reference imo) , but im kind of stuck. Having a history of eating disorders (which are sometimes still very present), suffering from hypoglycemia and hypotension and being intolerant to cow milk (not lactose!) and wheat, ive had difficulties. I was a vegetarian at first, but I felt I could barely eat a thing anymore if I cut that out as well. So I try to eat poultry or fish from time to time but i
  15. My wife is using the slim shuffle gym for bodyweight workouts. She is enjoying it a lot and has been keeping up with it. Check it out if you are looking for a way to break up the monotony and have some fun while working out..
  16. Greeting, fellow rebels! I'm learning web development on my own, and since the game Rising Heroes appears to be pretty dead, I thought I could get some practice by coding a fitness related game. I have thought of two main ideas, and I can't decide on which one to implement: 1) A game which is more or less like fitocracy, but in which you create a "quest" for yourself (for example, a 6 week challenge in which you go to the gym 3 times a week), and as each day passes, if you complete the workout successfully, you get the narrative that corresponds to the corresponding day of your quest, kill
  17. Hey there, So here my adventure begins! Gonna log my past week to start Mon: Long day in college and society business to attend to! So didnt feel that motivated to work out. Some bodyweight workouts for about 25mins and attempt (sorry attempt) at handstand. Tues: College and then 2 hours Ultimate Frisbee training Ladies tournament in 3 weeks! So felt I seriously needed to work on my running. Weds: Rest Day after intense training Tues. Thursday: Was sick Decided to remotivate myself by starting to post on NF Forums. Ate alot of crap and realised I should work on diet too (though
  18. As invented in MaxCurtis' Feb-Apr Challenge! Read the rules carefully! Please only do exercises that are at your level! If you use glass-bottles/glasses, be extra-careful. We don't want you to get hurt! If you do an exercise and notice you can't manage to add the drink, please stop and get a new exercise! How it works: Basically, it's a type of twister game, only instead of spinning the colour-wheel, you roll dice and instead of the twister mat, you do a yoga pose. - Use a dice generator/use a d100 die and roll once. (For example this one: http://www.rangen.co.uk/misc/dicegen.php ) - G
  19. My biggest problem up until I joined Nerd Fitness was that with just about everything else in life, I had an immediate gratification for nearly every action, and especially in video games. Every time you completed even a basic task, you could see that it was impacting your experience, stats, or both. And then I read one of the articles on here, I forget which, where the phrase, "Level up your life," came into my dictionary. And I wanted to know why it wasn't that simple. Why couldn't I gain experience points every time I did a half hour of intense martial arts training? Why didn't I have a str
  20. my best friend introduced me to this board game back in March. what do you guys know about it? i like it a lot because it reminds me of the classic PC game Civilization. also, it combines elements of strategy and economics (like those involved in Monopoly). i have heard that another great game that is similar to Settlers is Cardcasonne, but I have never played it. what do y'all know about that one?
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