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Found 2 results

  1. I loved Shuri, Black Panther's Sister. She was smart, creative, hard working, loyal, and funny. My next challenge will be based on her. More information to follow at some future point in time. Shuri manages her time well She works hard in her lab to create technology for Black Panther I will manage my time well, focusing on my mornings Things to get done in the morning Read Bible Kitchen Breakfast Workout- start by 9:15 Workout finish by 11:00 I am going to set up a point system for this one and a reward. Shuri is creative She uses her intelligence and creativity in her lab I will use my creativity and intelligence to continue on my home remodel and scrapbooking. I will track my points and progress on my accountabilibuddy thread. Shuri smiles and enjoys life: This is a soft goal. It is a reminder to seek out the things that bring me joy and make time for them in my life; Bible reading, dancing, friends,prayer, geocaching,church. I will share those on here as I believe they are part of what makes me a healthy person. Other stuff: The first week of the challenge is the last week of my 8 week bodyweight program- Integral Strength. The next week I will probably not do a program, just whatever interests me, and a bit more laid back. The week after that I have jury duty. Which means I call in and only go in if they want me. So it could be something that just takes a day, or all week. If it seems like I will actually be on a jury, I’ll continue just doing whatever. If I don’t serve, I think I will start a mini rings program from GMB. I lost the weight I wanted to, so my plan is to go on maintenance. I’ll probably somewhat track with MFP, but that will be as I feel it is needed. When I do track, I want to be mindful of how I feel as far as fullness. I will pay attention to the signals my body sends me. I want to also keep eating slowly . I will continue to cultivate the habit of putting the fork down between bites, and chewing my food thoroughly. I will aim for eating healthy, with veggies and protein, but not so strict that I end up rebelling against myself.
  2. Elastigirl: Back In Basic Training

    Everything is quiet in Metropolis. The Incredibles have done a good job of getting rid of villains, and word has spread that villains would be wise to stay far away. Which is great, excewpt for one thing. Elastigirl (that's me) is getting soft and fluffy. And since I know that any time I might need to be strong enough to fight the villain, It is important for me to be at the top of my super hero shape. Here is my plan to ensure that I ready for my super hero duties. Once again, I will be give out attribute points for my character. Quest 1:Start the day right :4 star Morning Stealing the idea from Xena I’ve been working on my morning routine the last month, and this is the routine that works best for me. The idea is to have all these completed by 11:00 a.m. Each item I complete earns a star Bible Read Kitchen tidied ( can be swapped with a morning walk) Breakfast/ protein smoothie finished Workout completed Bed made Bonus star: to do list for the day written WIS:5 Quest 2 :Fit into my Incredible Superhero Costume My spandex costume doesn’t hide anything. I need to be in superhero fighting lean shape. In order to do that: Track MFP 6 days a week (established habit) Write out the meal plan the day before. I can switch it on the day a bit, just keep in the same parameters (new habit) Track weight and measurements once a week (established habit) Con;4 Quest 3: Superhero Training Academy I need to follow my superhero training for strength and to build my elasticity, and to check in with my trainers to see what I need help with. Follow the GMB Integral Strength- post on GMB posse forums, and once a week post videos for the trainers to see Continue with Focused Flexibility and post two videos on that to the GMB forums. STR; 3 DEX 3