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Found 7 results

  1. I am a 6' 5" man with a very large frame. My BMI is bad, but I was looking at what my goals should be, and my fitness level weight is a terrifying 180 lbs. Is there a better way to figure out safe and healthy BMI/body fat %?
  2. Hello all! I'm a guy from Chile. I'm 22 years old, and recently put on like 10kg of weight just from eating junk. I feel terrible about myself, I look in the mirror and suffer every day basically. Other things about me, I study music composition in The Hague, I play the violin, and I'm generally a music nerd. I've also posted before here, trying time and again to keep a fitness journal, but I'm terrible at it. I'm taking this as a wake up call to finally take myself more seriously in this, and try to make some progress. My current data is, at the moment: Height: 175cm (5 feet 9 inches) Wei
  3. Hello Hello to all my fellow soldiers! My name in real life is Yannick de Mol but my soldier name on here is Rab397. I am sort of a history nerd, i want to become a teacher someday. the reason why i joined, i have been trying to lose weight for quite a long time now and i gained a lot of knowledge but no support. That is exactly what i need right now Support! and i hope to find it here with my fellow soldiers. I am a karateka, so a martial artist. But my body is preventing me to grow anny further. At the moment i weigh in on 110 Kilo's with a BMI of over 30 and a fat percentage of 33%. I know
  4. Hey, my name is Joseph and I've been lurking around this site for a while(been on the mailing list for quite some time), and figured it was time to introduce myself. Jumping into that, I have to say that sadly I've kinda wasted this summer, I told my self I'd improve at the start of it but have just fallen through on all of that. SO, that's why I figured i'd get back into it and actually tell people i'm here. Important info: - I have low motivation to do pretty much anything (I'm amazing at rationalizing the easiest way) - I don't want to be a really big guy, I'm 120 right now and If I had
  5. My last 6 week challenge kind of kerploded with real life and busy-ness and school and work and all sorts of stuff. Started off great, petered out around the end. Kinda the story of my life. However, as January-February proved, I work VERY good with hard, solid deadlines. And there is a big deadline coming up soon: June 13th. (Also, I feel like a massive idiot, since I thought I had four weeks to train for this, and I have THREE weeks because they moved the date. Aaaargh.) It's a little over 8km, with tons of obstacles (and, of course, mud). My last race was a 5k, and I came in 9th ou
  6. Hi everyone! I just moved to Houston, more specifically North West part, and was wondering if there is any fellow member that lives near by. I go to the LA Fitness, Katy Freeway. If you live near by send me a post! I would love to meet you. AramisN
  7. The title probably doesn't say it all, but basically it comes to this: I don't have the traditional "V" (or even straight) shape which you would normally find and certainly my hip width is bigger than that of my waist. Bit of a downer and never really found the cause of it. I am concentrating on Weight and Strength training at the moment and I thought about including a lot of wide grip rows to bring out the lats more and try and reduce how significant it looks. What about working on the obliques? Would this help or just make it worse? I understand that diet will be a factor (even if it may
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