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Found 7 results

  1. Holo-Log - Jedi Sentinal Part 1

    ********************************************** References / Sources of Information. Gymnastic Bodies Programs 8 Weeks Out - particularly for recovery information ********************************************** Previous Holo-Log And so another Holo-Log begins, continuing the focus from the last. The previous log was an introduction to the idea of a Jedi Sentinal, and was focused around a specific 8 week block that I had whilst away from home. This Log will continue to monitor my progress towards Gymnastics Skills and my Cyber Security studies. It will also cover the usual suspects, like Philosophy, and maybe some of my creative endevours. The end point for this log will be the conclusion of the year. Lets begin.
  2. FearlesslyFree Returns to Battle

    Quick Introduction I'm Natalee, fun, funky, fabulous mother of 2 sweet little boys charting her course in waters rough and rugged. I've been struggling to get my fitness, specifically bodyweight fitness in order these last few months and it came to mind to visit this wonderful haven and lo and behold a challenge is about to start, so here I am. For the next four weeks my aim is to do all of four things Bodyweight train 6 days a week, actively rest on Sundays, a part of this bodyweight training will be a focus on improving flexibility. Improve my eating habits; I need to make healthier choices, increase protein intake and decrease the consumption of cookies. (Cookie monster Alert!!} Develop the program outline for my proposed physical education program. Listen to Bible and personal development audios daily. I'm short on time at the moment... working on work... but this is the outline and I will add an in depth breakdown of my goals, adding my workouts and diet plans when time permits. I feel really excited, NerdFitness has helped me before, and I have all confidence that sharing with you all will help me to LEVEL UP! Can't wait to meet you!
  3. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    At my old school, we just did gymnastics and ate doughnuts all the time, but now I've got the chance for a fresh start and I am going to use the opportunity to just do better: better for my body and better for my personal growth. But, obviously still having fun in the mean time. I mean, I hear there's a kegger on Friday and I bet the cool kids will be there. 1. Homework -Do prescribed physical therapy exercises as they are recommended -Lift 3x per week I want to work on all sorts of fun things (start going to the ninja gym! back twisting on tumbletrak! back handspring series! take a circus class!) but need to get my shoulder straight first. Lifting can be done without compromising it, I am pretty sure, so I will take my PT recommendations in stride and keep trying to get workouts in in the mean time. 2. Bagged lunch -Track daily caloric intake for a few weeks -Only weigh once weekly -Stop tracking if I get weird or crazy about it I've got some new muscle (dude, my legs are insane this year) to show off and I want to lean out a bit for #croptopseason 3. Shut up and drive -Practice driving 4x -Possibly schedule road test, if cannot schedule road test before permit expires, plan to get a new permit Stop procrastinating and do the work. Schedule times to do this. 4. Stop being a slob -Floss at least 5x per week -Callus care at least 1x per week -Moisturize face at least 4x per week All of these are things I do with lighter frequency, so this should just be a nice step up towards doing more things for myself.
  4. Happienumber has too many goals

    Lightsaber skills Create a routine for staff containing the tricks I already know plus at least 2 new tricks to learn this challenge. Routine should be around 20 mins including warm up. (probably will be lots of video and bloopers this challenge) Why it's a challenge: Honestly, picking up my staff and playing with it is not really a challenge. I truly love it. However, the challenge lies more in the time management. I am THE WORST™ at time management. I have to structure my morning better to accomodate a 20 minute session and still get everything ready for work and get out the door with pants on and stuff. Why I want to do it anyway: STAFF!! And having more time to practice each day means faster progress. Find Jedi Calm Find two favorite meditations and do them every day, one in the morning and one at night. Why it's a challenge: See time management above. I don't have a solid grasp on how time works. I wake up with 10 minutes before I have to leave and I somehow think i'm gonna workout, meditate, cook breakfast, sit and eat breakfast, bullet journal, reflect on the day, pack for work, pack for after-work activities, and get there on time??? Why I want to do it anyway: Its good for my brain and my old therapist said i should LOL. Plus, you know, I'm gonna be a jedi someday so. Gotta practice. Get friggin' Flexy Using GMB's focused flexibility and some specific stretches my coaches gave me for my sad pathetic shoulder mobility, create a routine and stretch EVERY SINGLE DAY. STRETCH ALL THE DAYS. Why it's a challenge: I'm so, so, so not flexy and I hate stretching and I don'tttt wannnaaa doooo ittttttt Why I want to do it anyway: Big serious reason is injury prevention. The last two times I got wow-maybe-i-should-see-a-doctor hurt, it was because I pulled a muscle that would have been FINE if I wasn't a solid. And both times i went "that's it i'm streching every day now" and didn't. Less serious and fun reason, back handsprings!!! Re-create Spend at least 1 hour per day, or 7 cumulative hours in a week, doing something with no purpose. (ideas include, reading fiction, maybe drawing, playing video games (i haven't don this since i was a child) watching hockey without feel like i have to multitask.) Why it's a challenge: I WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS!!!! As evidenced most recently by this challenge. I feel like i've "wasted my day" if i don't do something super productive every single minute. If I sit and continue to watch TV for 2 minutes after I've finished eating, I feel insta-guilty. Waste of 2 minutes. Could have been reading a textbook. Could have been doing a handstand. Could have been conjucating russian verbs. I jam-pack my days until i'm so over stressed that I crash, and then when i'm crashing doing nothing, I'm hating myself because i'm wasting time being unable to move. Why I want to do it anyway: If I get to be 75 and I speak all 12 of my target languages and i've mastered algebraic topology and non-relativistic quantum mechanics and i've fixed all the plumbing issues in all my neighbors houses and fixed everyone's laptop who asked and was all these things to all people, but I hated every minute of it?? NEver enjoyed my life? That's a fail. I need to do something purely enjoyable. Be a kid again. Come home and play for a bit before doing productive things.
  5. Raptron Reigns Supreme

    It's competition season! And I'm going to be focused on staying cool and collected like a regal badass, always prepared and always dedicated. This challenge lines up directly with gymnastics Nationals, as we are going to be competing on April 13. I'll be out of town for 3/22-3/27 and then again for 4/12-4/15, but the rest of the time, I'll be around ruling my kingdom with grace. Rule with an Iron Fist *Don't skip accessories for lifting workouts Beam Queen *Balance beam routines every gymnastics practice *Back handsprings on the high beam 4x Luxurious Produce *Eat heaps of leafy greens 5x per week Supreme and Serene *Do some yoga every damn day: no time requirement, can be just a few asanas *Work on balance poses 4x over challenge, preferably with some flows (it's been a while!) Bonus Quest: *Bake kouign amann the weekend of March 31-April 1 (Kind of stole this theme from @CourtnieMarie's some time back. <3 luh u)
  6. On February 25 I performed a concerto that I had been working on for two years! it was John Williams’ Five Sacred Trees— yes, that John Williams, he wrote a bassoon concerto. Here is me, in front of the first professional orchestra I ever played with, whom I got to travel back to for the concerto : So that consumed most of my February— I stopped climbing a few weeks in advance of it in paranoid fear of injuring my hands, took it easy at gymnastics for the same reason, and took it easy at the gym… basically just because nothing else seemed to matter very much, lol. It went REALLY WELL. I was honestly terrified for two straight years of the moment I walked onstage with BRIGHT LIGHT and PEOPLE WATCHING and NO ESCAPE, but I worked hard on reframing my performance anxiety and as soon as I got out and started playing my only thought was “oh, this is easy, what was I so worried about?” (I took propranolol, too, which some musicians take before every concert but I hadn’t used since my final recital at school four years ago— I have no idea if it helped or not, and I don’t plan on taking it regularly because I don’t want to form a neurosis around needing propranolol. But in the interest of full disclosure, there it is :P) That’s over and NGL there’s kind of a gaping hole in my life where all the concerto-anxiety was. And now it is time to Challenge! So… I started counting calories last year. I wanted to lose a bit of fat, and… it worked great! At first. I could eat a normal amount, and I was getting leaner, and feeling awesome in gymnastics, and people were commenting on my muscles, and life was good. Then… it started getting less good. I started to get weird about food. I started overeating when I wasn’t hungry. It was a struggle to lose the last 2-3 lbs of fat I wanted to… I was so close but I just couldn’t stick to my deficit the way it had been so easy to do at first. it was on and off through the summer, fall and this winter, and the last time I posted a challenge, I was planning on starting again. It didn’t go awesome. Then… I listened to this podcast. With a RD named Georgie Fear. And she said, re. calorie counting: “It tends to…bring on a scarcity mentality. Once I’m like, “Oh my god, I only have three hundred calories left for the day,” my brain is instantly like, “YOU WANT MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED MORE CALORIES.” It’s creating this rule for ourselves that we actually will rebel against…That state itself, the scarcity mentality, increases the perceived value of food. Simple economics— anything that is limited in supply, the value goes up. So if I tell myself, “you only have four hundred calories for breakfast,” calories just became a limited commodity that are scarce and valuable. So in that way, it starts to play mental games with people where we may want to eat more than we actually need. I have a log that records that when I was counting calories, I couldn’t go below 1900 calories without feeling like I was starving to death. But when I’m eating according to when I’m hungry and when I’m satisfied, I know that some days, I eat less than that quite comfortably.” That was a revelation. Because I’ve spent a lot of the past year being like, “why do I even want this food? I don’t want this food! But I’ll eat it anyway, just in case I do!” Which made me feel really kind of bats, but it turns out… that’s normal! That’s just my normal, intelligent human brain reacting normally to the economics of my food intake! So… I stopped counting calories. Once I realized that it just seemed so obvious, in hindsight, that it was making things worse and not better at this point. And I started reading some more of Fear’s writing, stuff like: “People who easily maintain a lean bodyweight don’t seem to spend a ton of time thinking about food, do they? They eat, and then they go do other stuff. When I was struggling with my weight, I would notice these “lucky” people who had hours between meals when eating wasn’t on their mind. It sounded other-worldly when people would say they “forgot to eat” and I’d really wonder what they thought about between meals for all those hours. They seemed to be satisfied after they ate, relaxed, and happy.” And I just… really want to eat normally! I want to be able to eat normal, healthy food when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m satisfied. Buuuut I gotta admit I’m not there yet, because when I stopped counting, the cycle of over and undereating just turned into… well, overeating. And I’m now up about ten pounds from where I was in the fall. Fun! BUT IT’S OKAY! Because, actually, at the moment the prospect of putting in the work to learn to eat normally actually seems like a MORE exciting and lofty goal than just counting calories to get lean! And the good news is, if I’ve been overeating the past few weeks and don’t like the few pounds that it’s put on me, then eating a satisfying amount (i.e. less) will result in them coming off. And I’m OK with it if it takes a bit of time. Because I want to NOT HAVE TO STRUGGLE WITH FOOD for the REST OF MY LIFE! So the “skills for weight loss” that Fear talks about teaching her clients are: Eating 3 or 4 meals a day Portion control Feel hungry for 30-60 minutes before your meal Stop when you’re satisfied, not stuffed Eat mostly whole foods So easy! So common-sense! So… difficult to actually implement! She recommends doing one at a time, so I am firmly on stage 1: eating 3 meals, 1 snack (bedtime.) I know I’m on the right track because it’s already getting better! I am actually feeling more able to just stop eating and do other stuff after meals, instead of feeling like “IS THE EATING OVER? OH GOD IT’S OVER??? I’M NOT ALLOWED TO EAT ANY MORE??? THAT’S TERRIBLE!” So anyway, my main goal this challenge is to continue to implement habit 1, eating three meals a day with one snack. Nothing too crazy with the other goals; lifting 3x/week because I’ve also been really enjoying taking kind of a different approach to gymnastics stuff where… I just don’t worry so much, haha? I’ve been working a lot on my handstands at home, and doing compression exercises and Cirque Physio’s glute and shoulder extension exercises, and trying to let go of the need to get new skills in gymnastics in the correct order and on the correct schedule.
  7. ********************************************** References / Sources of Information. Gymnastic Bodies Programs 8 Weeks Out - particularly for recovery information ********************************************** G'day everyone, This is my fourth Holo-Log (the previous ones can be found here). This new Holo-Log has been created to record a focused eight week period, where I have the opportunity to remove a lot of life's distractions and achieve some quality training. After my previous logs and, more importantly, the life experiences I've gathered I believe I am worthy of being promoted to a Padawan. For this Holo-log's class I have chosen Jedi Sentinel, which is a mix between Assassin and Monk. Sentinel is also perfect as it mixes my personal philosophy study (all Jedi need introspection, reflection and meditation), technical interests (computer science and cyber security), martial and warrior skills (career) and preference for mobility and power (gymnastics). Physical Training Sun – Recovery Session & Thoracic Bridge Stretch Time required – 90 minutes Mon – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Tue – Running Training & Front Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Wed – Gymnastic Strength Training – Core (odd weeks); Upper Body (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Thu – Running Training & Middle Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Fri – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Sat – Gymnastic Strength Training Lower Body; Hand-Stand 1 & 2; Movement Time required – 90 minutes (20 mins lower body, 30 mins Hand-Stand, 40 mins Movement) Rest - Rest will be used when required. If I wake and do not feel like training, I will note this under Force Attunement. However, I will do my training. If this occurs two days in a row, then the programmed training will be switched for a recovery session. Force Attunement - This is an indicator of how I felt prior to exercise. 1. Out of alignment. Tired, fatigued, sluggish. No desire to train. 2. Normal connection levels. Considered the 'base-line'. Desire doesn't play into this. You are capable of training. 3. Heightened connection. Above a normal level, resulting in increased optimism and feeling of well-being. I am not going to worry about any other conditioning. No circuits, no weight lifting, no getting side-tracked with other training. This will be tough when I return to Australia, and I will need to become flexible with this, because my mates will want to train. If that is the case, consider the following priority list to do before any other training: - GST Upper Body - Hand-Stand - Movement - GST Lower Body - GST Core - Running Mental Training Daily - Post article for work education (work days only). Weekly - Listen to one educational Podcast and record notes. - Game (video, board, anything) for no more than 21 hours, but no less than 7 hours. - Contribute to finishing one non-fiction book. - Contribute to finishing one fiction book. Monthly - Read one non-fiction book and record notes. - Read one fiction book Emotional Training Daily - Read Daily Stoic and write to family on my reflections. - Write the evening notes in my Journal. Weekly - Reflect on the week. Monthly - Write to yourself in the future, ‘what you want to be at the end of next month’. - Review personality assessments.