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Found 3 results

  1. Raptron: Business as Usual

    (It's cold AF so wear your scarf to lift.) Hi! I'm Raptron. You may know me from such challenges as #36: Sept - Oct 2014 and #44: Oct - Nov 2015. Or maybe you've just seen me around. I compete on an adult gymnastics team whose season is just gearing up, participated in my first powerlifting meet last month, and generally spend my free time trying flip, lift, and socialize my way to VICTORY by creating my own win conditions for life. I am creating a way to victory for January by keeping things simpler so that I can focus on two main goals: polishing my gymnastics for competition season (first meet of the season is January 20!) and continuing the search for a new job, which I completely slacked off doing in December and apparently need to keep as a goal to make progress on. Goal 1. Gymnastics Rough Spots *Vault 4x in practice *Bars routine at least 1 practice x week *Beam routine at least 1 practice x week *Floor routine at least 1 practice x week Goal 2. Intervals *Interval workouts 2x per week Goal 3. Job Applications *Apply for at least 3 jobs per week I will still be lifting 3x per week this month and also probably trying to eat a bit less cheese and a bit more vegetables but do not want to make those formal goals this time around.
  2. Hello! I’m tei. I’m a professional classical musician who always wanted to be good at gymnastics and two years ago, decided to give a real try at making it happen. Gymnastics is my priority, athletically. It’s easy to lose sight of that because it’s also the hardest thing to train consistently, but it really is what I care about most so I want my training to reflect that. My big goals this year are: General: - 1 min handstand hold - Stalder press Floor: - Roundoff backhandspring layout - Front handspring front tuck Beam - Back walkover - Switch leap Bars - Giants - Clear hip Vault - Tsuk onto a mat????? I have no idea how realistic this is but it’s NYE, let’s just saying this is a thing I wanna do by the next one So here are how these big goals map onto the first month and a half: Nutrition goal: be gymnast-sized When I was eating at a deficit last year and training a lot, I was hovering around 108 lbs and I could honestly feel it? I could feel that it was less effort to move my body in space. Then I discovered that I could suddenly do fulls, cast handstands, connections I didn’t have before, all sorts of stuff. I’m probably about 10lbs above that now, which is a lot when you’re a tiny halfling So I am going to go back to the deficit that I was using then, helped along by beginning the day’s eating at noon. Training goal 1: maintain strength *chants* I lift for my body, not my ego. I lift for my body, not my ego. I am going to keep lifting 3x/week to maintain my strength while losing fat. And it’ll be frustrating, because I just want to be awesome at everything and get super strong while shrinking! But it turns out physics will adjust your plans if it thinks your plans are stupid. So if I go to the gym weeks in a row and am lifting the same weights, or lighter weights? That’s OK! I am focusing on my lifting E-score this challenge. Training goal 2: work on foundational skills It it’s sucks that I can’t go to gymnastics as much as I used to be able to, and that there aren’t tons of people around me with similar goals. Oh well! There are lots of things I can work on that don’t require a gymnastics club or a coach. Handstands are pretty important in gymnastics! Imagine how much awesome I would be if I could hold a really long handstand, or do a real press! Also— leaps! Leaps, jumps and turns are gymnastics skills just as much as flips are, and there’s no law against practicing them in the group fitness room at GoodLife. I am going to do 2 sessions/ week of handstand and dance skills work. Recovery goal: sleep Pretty self-explanatory. Sleep makes you good at stuff. So, them’s the gymnastics goals! There are other goals: - I am playing a concerto with an orchestra in February, so that is actually the main goal I’m working towards for the first two months of this year (also, the past year and a half.) So if I drop off the face of the earth, or allude to other goal-type things without explaining them, that’s probably why. - There is a climbing gym opening in Regina! Which is cool because there wasn’t a place to climb at all before. I don’t think it’s open, but once it is I’m looking forward to checking it out and maybe incorporating that into my life . I went outdoor climbing once this summer and would really like to get into that more, so if the opportunity presents itself I’d love to learn to lead climb, start acquiring the necessary gear and be ready for next summer climbing-wise!
  3. ********************************************** References / Sources of Information. Gymnastic Bodies Foundation Strength and Handstand programs. Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS) training principle ********************************************** G'day everyone A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... I began posting as a rebel member (training log 1 & training log 2). Whilst I managed to finish both of these 12 week cycles, I ceased to log my exercise development and have since gone dormant within the rebellion. The time has come for a resuregence and I am re-invigorating my exercise log with some modifications. Gone are the ideas of 12 week programs and simple fixes. My experiences between the end of training log 2 and now have shown me exercise, and commitment to improvement, takes many years and there is no 'silver bullet' solution. Nor is there anything 'quick' about the entire process. For those who didn't observe any of my original posts, I am an avid Star Wars fan and liken my training to becoming a Jedi. I focus on bodyweight and Gymnastic strength training (mobility is equally important for both) as well as interval style training for my cardiovascular fitness. My timeline will start as shown below, however I am positive it will change with life's ebbs and flows (and immediate situational changes - like holidays and travelling) so it will remain flexible and be updated when necessary. Sun - Rest. Mon - AM: Gymnastic Foundation 1 (A Split) & Handstand. PM: Rest Tues - AM: MAS Training. PM: Movement and/or stretching Wed - AM: Gymnastic Foundation 1 (B Split) & Handstand. PM: Rest Thur - Sprint/Interval Training. PM: Movement and/or stretching Fri - AM: Gymnastic Foundation 1 (A Split) & Handstand. PM: Rest. Sat - AM: Gymnastic Foundation 1 (B Split) & Handstand. PM: Rest. Force Attunement - This is an indicator of how I felt prior to exercise. The rating stretches from One to Five, each with the following meaning: 1. Completely out of alignment. Almost no connection to the force. Training should probably be postponed. 2. Difficulty in feeling the Force. Possibly tired or fatigued. Re-assessment of one's training supporting elements (Diet, Sleep, etc) should occur if a trend of this level develops. 3. Normal connection levels. Considered the 'base-line' for Force sensitivity. 4. Heightened connection. Above a normal level, resulting in increased optimism and feeling of well-being. 5. Very strong connection. A feeling of almost perfect alignment.