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Found 2 results

  1. raptron

    Raptron Reaps Rewards

    Hi! I'm Raptron, your friendly neighborhood flipperdoo. I competed in my 3rd powerlifting meet a couple of weeks ago and got my big 300# squat finally, hiked a mountain (or what passes for one in New England), and did some sporadic traveling last challenge. With the meet out of the way, I don't have any excuses to stay in what passes for one rep max shape. So, here we are! I don't really have a theme, I just like alliteration. Maybe I will be rewarding myself for doing the things I already plan to do with the things I'm already planning to buy myself during the post-Thanksgiving sales. MAYBE THE REWARDS WERE THE FRIENDS I MADE ALONG THE WAY -- YOU GUYS!!! D'AWW. Soooo, what are we working on? Well, how about we pick some adjectives I want to describe me by the end of this challenge? 1. Competent Practice new floor choreo outside of the gym 2x per week Run new floor routine in practice at least 1x per week, even if it's just part of it Vault 3x over the challenge Back handsprings on balance beam every practice 2. Fit Conditioning-focused workout 1x per week (can be an add-on to a lifting workout, but must be REAL EFFORT) 3. Steady Hand (or other) balancing practice for funsies 2x per week -- random partner acro or pole classes also count! 4. Profesh Apply to 5 new jobs THAT ACTUALLY APPEAL TO YOU per week HMMMMM, this might be a bit too much. Maybe it's just enough! TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!
  2. I'm a 40yo Assassin who came looking for new ventures on NF about 2 years ago. I've gone through a fair amount of challenges and I am now looking for a different pace to get on with my usual goals. Time for a Battle Log! So what are my usual goals? Persian I spent the last 4 years of my life very close to the infamous Assassin's castle Alamut, and I want to keep up with my Persian. My spoken Persian is holding well as I speak it with my other half, but my spelling is quite poor. My mother tongue is French and I don't always spell the different types of aa and rrr correctly (because French doesn't know those subtleties). The way to go is therefore to read MOAR and on a regular basis. I have kinda been failing at that the past 2 weeks erm... Hand balancing These days my main focus is on honing my press to HS. I get it, sometimes, but very inconsistently and it's not always very pretty either. The second focus is to make my HS foundation as solid as I can (consistency, endurance, starting to get some kind of shape and transitions vocabulary). I train primarily on parallettes but I'm starting to integrate exercises on blocks and/or my hands. Why did I not start with the obvious, i.e. on my hands? Well because I love parallettes and many body weight progressions were impossible for me to do from the floor. I went through GMB P1 and P2. I covered about 3/4 of P2 until raw strength became quite limiting (I could not press to HS from bent arms). This is why I moved onto straight arm press to HS. I did Garage Gym Girl's programme and managed my first press to HS in September or so (after about 6 months of training). All this to explain that I still have a bit of “must complete P2” thread hanging about in my brain. It's not high priority but I still try to include some bent arm work in my training (elbow levers, crows, HSPU progressions). Aerial In September I started going to 2 circus classes, one is cross-disciplinary (acrobatics, juggling, handstands...) and mostly for fun and discovery. The second one is aerial, which I used to do before I moved next to Alamut (where they don't have aerial studios really). I have a home rig that allowed me to maintain some level of conditioning but of course I have lost some. So here is to starting again. I'm mostly into rope and silks. And I like to do aerial with a ball, why keep it simple when you can make it super complicated This thread will be about progressing on aerial skills with that ball again, including throws and rolls. And that's it for now. I have other interests that might pop up every so often: drawing, DIY attempts (I recently started a giant tree for our cat), poetry, science-fiction and I have some moderate druid tendencies (spirituality / gardening). My daily job is tech wizardry. (Like every wizard throwing spells for a living, I have my up and down days).