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  1. Hey, everybody *waves* I'm brand new here and this is my first challenge. It coincides nicely with me buying a FeetUp Trainer for myself, so I'm going to challenge myself to practice inversions every day. At the beginning, I'll just be making sure to use the stool and do 2 inversions per day, holding around 20-30 seconds. I'll probably check back in with this after a week or so to see if I've progressed enough to add another element to this. There are videos and yoga instructions specific to the stool I have that I might commit to doing a few times a week on top of this
  2. HELLO ALL-GUILD DARLINGS! Merry Liftmas! Your friendly neighborhood flipperdoo here with fewer flips unfortunately, but activity a-plenty. I'm planning on running my first half marathon on December 12 or 13 (depending on which day looks to have better weather)! That's it. That's the goal. Hahah. Just kidding, just kidding. There will be other goals. WHAT ARE THEY? TBD.
  3. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Hiya fellow Assassins, I have been busy with Kirsty's handstand coaching group the past couple of months. Quite a lot of technical work under the hood (mostly from shoulders to abs ha ouch) and quite a few light bulb moments as well. But I missed you guys! I still have a week to complete on my current programme and after that, I will change a little bit my HS practice programming, trying a less is better approach with strength as per her advice. I'm going to reduce press work to just twice a week (bent and straight arms), and keep 1 or 2 sessions for play and possibly a
  4. Hello fellow Assassins, HS PUPETTRY I will start with the creativity goal which should be much more entertaining than pike presses I want to create a short feet-puppet HS routine! I had this idea while working on close tuck HS a few months back and I decided to see how far I could take it about a week ago or so (cf battle log starting from here). A few issues have come up, like where I should to put the puppet's face so that it's visible enough in a straight HS and doesn't get destroyed on kick-up / bail... Progress has been made and I've started shapi
  5. Well I got instant-killed last challenge by a sudden bout of depression. I guess the good thing I'm getting out of this is the realization that I am not who I used to be, and that I should treat myself as a different person. I can't just skip breakfast and get abs again, or do a 40 kg TGU on a whim. That person lives only in our memories; this guy has to start from scratch. CODING I've got a scheduled course going. It's good to have structure. I also have a total time tracker for time spent coding. I want to target 35 hours of coding a week, which is roughly an ex
  6. After years in the wilderness (lifting weights in my local gym), undergoing countless horrifying ordeals (queuing for the one decent bench press, getting annoyed as the awesome gymnastics rings setup is used for crossfit classes), as the outside world burns I have returned to my spiritual home: The Guild of the Assassins. Whilst others may be lamenting their lack of a squat rack, the assassins know that all that one requires is the weight of their own body (plus maybe a pull-up bar and a few other bits of equipment) to maintain and even increase their strength. Solitary confinement
  7. For the last two months I've been experimenting with this thing called commitment and I kinda like it. Instead of trying to do all the things at once, never improving, I'm currently focusing all my attention on handstands. With a side of acro/free running for funsies. I want to try the same with hobbies, instead of getting paralyzed by all possible options I'm going to learn to draw! Laser focus - Handstands Straddle flexibility 1x/week - Because I miss being the bendy one in class. It will also help with my handstand lines and maybe one day, dare I s
  8. Unlocked a big milestone this morning I have been training HS on parallettes for nearly a year now. My shape still needs work but I'm so so so happy Thanks to everybody who helped me out here, the forum has been so useful in this progress. The journey continues! Video below:
  9. Last challenge was lovely but rather wishy washy and I didn't really challenge myself. I got into a pretty good headspace though with plenty of outdoor time and mindful chill time. This challenge however is about getting shit done and taking action on some of the things that have been on my ignored epic quest list for the longest time! ||| Physical ||| I've been using my elbow injury as a poor excuse to not train much lately, even though I could've done plenty enough really. Honestly I've just been enjoying all the down time and feeling recovered
  10. Fall is fast approaching, it's getting darker and rainier and I'm slowly getting the urge to go find an nice cozy cave to hibernate in. But instead I'm going to embrace the change of season by channeling three oh so trendy Scandinavian concepts, Finnish sisu, Danish hygge and Swedish lagom. Go outside in nature, even when it's cold and rainy Be brave and keep up with morning swims for as long as possible Fight the schnooze, keep up with morning movement Don't avoid hard stuff (like potential job applications) Make my ho
  11. I changed all my goals about a week ago so this challenge will just be more of the same. For anyone new - basically I'm on a quest to fit in as many fun things as possible without breaking myself. Climbing is by far my biggest activity at the moment, but I dabble in hand balancing, pole dancing/aerial and flexy training/back bending. Oh and now I'm experimenting with rings to get a little stronger for climbing. Morning movement - Get all my non-climbing fun activities done before work GMB Rings 1 prep - 2-3x/w depending on recovery Kick butt at Nerdwarts - The most impo
  12. Ohai! Last challenge was a full on adulting challenge so now I'm swinging around 180 degrees with this un-challenge. Un-goals Climbing Just a reminder to have fun and try hard. Try all the jumpy jumps! Fun stuff Do it! Preferably daily buuut whatevs. Backbends, handstands, crow PvP. Maybe take out my slackline or hula hoop. STUFF! Go outside Already doing a great job of this, but max out the current weather, because this is Finland, and winter is coming. Ice cream diet Because an ice cream a day keeps the doctor away? Ok maybe not, but I do
  13. I've just come back from a 7-month amazing travelling adventure in Latin America [details in first spoiler]. But I fail at following my challenges while travelling, so I've been mostly out of the NF scene since 2017 Now that I'm back at home (at my parents' house) it's time to set some fitness goals and start taking them seriously again I miss the gymnastics and calisthenics days of 2014-2015 but my goals have also changed a little since then! [details of my NF journey are in the second spoiler]. One problem is that I don't know what level I am at anymore with handst
  14. Safe on the other side of the ravine, Vixen decided to make camp. Building the fire was no problem, and soon a pot of water was boiling merrily away for tea, but putting up the tent was a bit more of a struggle. "If only I had someone else to help me," Vixen grumbled, before clapping her hands together in delight. That was it! She'd struggled on the vines because she didn't know what she was doing, so why not invest in some help? Before you could say 'product placement' Vixen had signed up to the NF rings and handstands courses and was flicking through the pages on her phone. The terrain ahead
  15. I got about three weeks, right? Wim Hof 6-7/week - 2HEA 1CON Self-defence 2/week - 1BER 1DEX Cross-country running/uphill sprints 1-2/week - 1STA Abs 1-2/week - 1STR Wall walks and handstands prep 5/week - 1DEX
  16. I need something new and shiny to kickstart 2018, so I got myself a brand new battle log! I have a whooole bunch of shinies to chase this year, it's going to be great. My plan is to screw the four week SMART goal framework and chase them on my own terms, i.e. inefficient and haphazard, but with gusto. Everyone keeps telling me you can't do everything at once - to that I say pfffft. Here are things you can expect from this log Handstands Climbing Aerial Pole Flow Acrobatics Flexy things Strengthy things ??? Oh and fooood
  17. OKAY! So, last challenge was a keep-on-keepin-on kind of challenge. I'm gonna mix it up and see how it goes this time, which means zero week = experimentation time! I've been thinking I'll try a monthly theme. This month: JUST SAY NO. I want to be more aware of all the stuff I let into my life (both physical and emotional) and I want to say no to more of it. I don't need to help that random recruiter on LinkedIn! I don't need to go check out that sale! NO. And now, draft one of my quests: Q1: Daily salads! I'm tired of eati
  18. Slacked off on the first challenge period, but here we are. Inversions every day. Come one, come all. @Mad Hatter @WhiteGhost @zenLara @otterbyte @Grandkai_NL @Norgaard @Sea Level
  19. Main Wolverine’s goal: being The Wolverine. Fight. Train. Expose yourself to cold. Eat like a horse. Breath. New stuff Handstands!
  20. Think about your life for a minute and try to picture what you need more of. If you guessed anything besides handstands, take a few minutes to fix your priorities and then keep guessing until you get the right answer Ok, now that we are all on the same page, this thread is for handstand and handstand prep accountability. Not all of us can do handstands, but we can all do things that get us closer. No matter where you are in your handstand journey, post whatever work you are doing to the thread so we can help and support each other to make the world a better place. Because a world
  21. For the ones that already know me - OHAI! For the ones that don't - Yay, glad you're here! I'm a dabbler in all the shiny assassiny things like circus and pole and climbing. Some say I get easily distracted -SQUIRREL! Oh uhmm... yeah they're probably right. But that won't stop me from DOING ALL THE THINGS (badly). I'll add some more goal type thingies when I feel like it, but for now I want to take off the challenge pressure and just hang out here in this battle log. Hope you're cool with that.
  22. Main Quest: Foundation Building This one has turned into pretty much a short-term Epic Quest. I'm still working on shelter. I figured out a [constantly-evolving] weekly chore list in the previous challenge, which I will keep adding to. I am thinking timelines and scheduling should be the main focus this time to ensure that they get done. Chore List: Laundry - Wednesday and Saturday morning Dishes - Wednesday and Saturday morning Sweep and dust once a week Grocery and cooking once a week Taking out the dogs once a day Trash once a week
  23. I'm looking to stay the course for this challenge. I've been putting off handstanding long enough, and I want to stick to these 28 days with at least some form of HS training, whether it be wrist prep, PPT, shoulder flexion, alignment, or just a short inversion. @Grandkai_NL@Ash Raine@zenLara (and anyone else I might have missed) we all appear to have a daily Handstand practice goal. What say you?
  24. Ohai. I don't know what I want to prioritise. I just wanna do all the things. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to start learning Finnish again! So for now I'm going to leave this challenge as a place holder for random gifs and chit chat and we'll see what happens. EDIT: I haz challenge! And with that I mean @sylph posted her challenge and I stole the whole thing hahaha. (Thank you Sylph ) But it's all good because we're in this together! Structured Circus – Class at least once per week (pole)
  25. I'm back for my fourth challenge. I disappeared for a while there in between challenges, not for any particular reason except life got busy! I have been working out and running, reading, and occasionally dropping by to read about how everyone else has been getting on. As the next challenge starts tomorrow, I thought I'd better get my goals sorted out. Many are similar to my previous goals, though I'm ditching the food diary this time, and shifting sketching to the bonus section, otherwise it feels forced and stifles my desire to do it! I'm also swapping out appreciation f
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