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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all!Long story short I have ulcerative colitis that is in remission now, but I have been training for almost 3 years and think to myself, what am I to do?I barely advance and can't seem to anymore than what I am at the moment! Does anyone have any nutrition tips?I really am in the dark with this thing and I finally ask for help since I don't know what to do anymore
  2. Hi people. I'm new to this community, my presentation thread here: Looking to get some help to get fit and improve my physical appearance, strenght and health So, me: Age: 30 Gender: Male Height: 1.69 Meter Weight: 70 Kg, not evenly distributed Other measures: Abdomen: 91 Cm - Chest (no air): 88 Cm - Biceps: 30 Cm, relaxed - Thigh: 61 cm Country and etnicithy: Mexico, Mexican Occupation: Biology teacher, Highschool (full time) Body type: Skinny fat T.T Health conditions: Shoulder bursitis, from a previous shoulder injury. has now healed, but every now and then, when I carry more weight than I should, causing my arm to be pulled down, the bursitis comes back (not severe). Doctor says I can continue to do stuff and I can indeed lift heavier objects, as long as it doesn't cause my arm to be pulled down, he has also mentioned that the best way to solve this issue is to actually increase my back and shoulder muscle strenght. Observations: Don't drink nor smoke, rather sedentary lifestyle My problem: For the most of my life I have been a lean, fit person without without effort, due to my increased metabolic rate an active lifestyle during college. However, with age and lifestyle changes, I got an awful belly wich rendered most of my clothing useless and honestly is just damn awful to look at. I have tried quite a few things and spent quite some money, but without much success. I have also noticed my strenght has reduced, wich lead to a shoulder injury (due to me being stubborn), wich is a problem, since it's just me and my girl and I'm supposed to do the manly things. Main Objective: Loose the belly Secondary Objective: Regain my strenght Bonus Objective: regain my relatively pleasant physical appearance The story so far: (more in the presentation thread) During my younger (early 20ths) years, I remained lean and reasonably fit without any effort at all, due to my increased metabolic rate and active lifestyle, related to my college studies (biology). not so much now. I'm still relatively thin in several parts of my body, however, I have an awful belly like those you see on people who drink too much (but I dont drink at all) As both me and my GF noticed the alarming changes in our bodies we took the decision to change it and improve, so we took steps towards it, the first step being to improve our diet, from the hand of our trusty doctor, we have a more healthy diet, without being too restrictive (because, as our doctor says, improving your diet is about improving your life, not making it misserable), we eat 4-5 times a day try to preserve the appropiate balance in the meals and avoid the big baddies (ex, soft drinks) while still having our little guilty pleasures every now and then. Then we started with the physical activity. My girl did her homework, got one of those weird hybrid exercise machines they sell on TV (one called body crunch) and is doing a awesome job, the improvements are very evident. Me, on the other hand, I'm in a bit of a loss. first I tried the Gym solution, went, paid, got advice from the guys there and then got abandoned. whille I did see some results after 3 months, honestly is not what I expected, the attention I received was pretty generic and not focused on what I really wanted, and the only size loss I got was on my wallet. Then I decided to try a more strategical approach and went to an actual fitness clinic, there, the doctor did the whole doctor thing, reviewed extensively everything I do (I was glad to be told that my dietary habits were pertty much OK) then he prescribed a home routine, however I had to buy a bunch of gear and a dietary supplement. did that for another 3 months, and while I did perceived a increase in my muscular mass and strenght, the thing I wanted the most, the belly gone, actually got worse. so, went back, his answers were not very convincing so I kinda gave up for a while. then I suffered a shoulder injury and had to come to full stop for 2 months. Now that I recovered I really want this to work. Observations: Because of my bursitis, I should avoid exercises that require me to hold weight with my arms extended downwards. I can hold weight in any other position, no problem (for instance, for weighted squats, instead of holding 2 dumbells with my arms along the body, I can keep that same weight above shoulder) Besides the gear I bought, I have most usual household items and furniture, but nothing that can be used as press bench (really), except for my bed, sadly. I will also include a picture of my current gear, for exercise purposes (basically, dumbells, weighs and an EZ curlbar) and my current body, for shame purposes I really hope you guys can give a hand and I thank you all in advance for the time and effort.
  3. Hello everyone, I've tried 4-5 different workout plans but actually none of them satisfied me ! I need to build a semi-professional -fitness- workout routine and for that I need your help. I'm 23 years old, 122.5 pounds, and 173 tall, I can work 6 days a week , each day up to 2 hours, but I prefer it to be 4 days a week (not necessary), and bellow is the shape of my body right now : ( more pics here : can anybody help me build this, or at least give me some clues ? I've got to mention I don't take supplements (I only take vitamin pills), I can get some dietary advice too. I'll appreciate your help, Regards.