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Found 2 results

  1. Michi Hibernates

    How auspicious that @Sylvaa poked me the same day the new challenge starts! I will be back later to actually post my challenge.
  2. Damn, what a handsome bunch of assholes you are. Hold on, let me capture this wonderful Kodak moment. Beautiful. That one’s going in the spank-bank folder. Now, down to business. You losers know why I called you all here. You invaded my fucking universe and all claimed to be the one true Deadpool. You've been involved in all kinds of fucked up shit and I'm the one getting the blame for all of it. This bullshit ends now. We're going to have a little competition to determine who is the best and the one and only Deadpool. Whoa whoa, hold your horses guys and gals, it's not going to be a fight. We all have the same super power and if we start slicing each other up, it'll go on forever, and I'm gonna be left sweeping up a huge fucking pile of severed limbs. We're going to settle this like little kids and have a race. Only in this race, the fastest one doesn't win. You have four weeks to get as far away from here as possible. The Deadpool that's the furthest away in 4 weeks time wins. Oh and one more thing. Attempting to screw over your competition is wrong and will not be tolerated…. Nah! I'm just fucking with ya! Be the deplorable bunch of ugly ass mercenaries that you are! You wanna hack of someone's leg so they have to hop for the next 3 miles until it grows back, go for it. Actually, do that, record it and share it to the Facebook group, it'll be fucking hilarious. I wish you all the worst of luck and I hope you all fucking kill each other. Now you all wait here while I….. head out this back door……… for no reason whatsoever...... Later, dickwads! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the same as the previous "how far can you go" PvP that we ran a few months ago. Except this time, you get to be Deadpool! Select your Deadpool variant by putting your name under your selected character on the sheet. Put your name and character selection on the logging page Character & Logging Sheet The Rules This is for running and walking only, no cycling! Running / walking can be outdoors or on a treadmill The challenge is for any miles that are additional to any "regular" miles you may do. So, for example, a daily walk to work or walking around a grocery store this doesn't count. Log all runs / walks on the spreadsheet. It doesn't have to be full miles, part miles are allowed. The person with the most amount of miles at the end of the challenge wins! This challenge is open to all. There are 15 characters on the sheet, so if more than 15 people want to join in, you can either add your own DP variant or let me know and I'll add some more Good running everyone! And remember to run like the taco truck is pulling away!