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  1. Hi 😁 I'm back... again! The forums have changed a lot in my absence, it seems! My life has had a couple changes as well: - I've decided to switch from a PhD to a Master's, since I realized I wasn't enjoying myself very much, and - I finished all my coursework for said Master's and just have my final project left! I'll be starting that quite soon. It's just a paper, so hopefully nothing too stressful! (*knocks on every piece of wood in the house*) I've been on a Lord of the Rings kick lately, so in keeping with that and also my previous challenges' goals of
  2. (With apologies to @oromendur) I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and a first time mother. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I've been spending a lot of time with the Rangers Guild of late, but as @Sciread77 says--once an Adventurer, always an Adventurer. A
  3. Hello! I'm 32, a mom, a nurse, an aspiring yogini, a podcast junkie among other things. I've been searching around for something like Nerd Fitness for some time! I love the community aspect, I'm looking forward to accountability. I love quests of all kinds. It just makes sense. I'm a harpist. I love fantasy novels. Hobbiton is my goal lifestyle-- well, plus fitness- hobbits aren't really known for being fit, I suppose. I'm fascinated by ancient history, archeology, permaculture, natural beauty recipes, holistic health, hiking and camping. Also, yurts- I LOVE yurts. Right no
  4. "Lady Anny of the Shire, they called me once", Annyshay extended her hand to the young but unnaturally tall Brandybuck covered in strange regalia, "before all this nasty business. I hear we owe you a great debt for leading the militia, Master Meriadoc. You have my thanks." "And you have mine, Lady," Master Brandybuck returned the compliment. "I know what it takes to hold a people strong through a seige. You remind me of dear friends I have left in the world of the Big People." "I wish them well. I suppose we are all rebuilding after this Great War of the Ring. The Battl
  5. I'm tired and need a breather, y'all. I've been adding new habits and goals and things to my life at a terrific rate, and they have all been positive changes and I'm super happy about them and all, but now I feel like it is the part of the story where I need to slow the pace, consider some backstory and character motivations, heal (!!!!), and get myself into a better place, head-and-bodywise, before charging off wildly on my next adventure so carelessly that I forget my pocket-handkerchief. Heal From My Injuries: Today marks the three-mo
  6. Hi folks! Ann of Vries signing in, a returning Adventurer I’m a hiker/rambler (urban and wild), traveler, fantasy, and RPG geek who moved to London 2 years ago from Seattle. This has been an excellent opportunity to explore and have new experiences, but in between I tend to become a hermit for weeks (*cough-or-months-cough*) at a time and leave the house as little as possible unless my husband drags me out on a new adventure (thank goodness for him), and I’m looking to change that. Especially now that I’m 33 weeks pregnant, and I know how easy it could be to lock myself
  7. Don't Turn to Stone I have all the mobility stuff ... foam rollers, lacrosse ball, miracle ball. Do I use it? Nope. Never even think about it. I'm pretty flexi-bendy for my age, years of dance, martial arts, and forced yoga marches had a lasting effect. Still, though, I am older than I was, and I do have aches and pains and stiffnesses. Challenge Goal: Work on mobility, mostly cervical spine but other areas as needed, at least 5 min/night at least 5 nights/week. 25 points possible Enjoy Second Breakfast Challenge Goal: T
  8. Hello! I'm Kareesh! I'm respawning (again...) and I decided that I just needed to start a new battle log. I've learned through previous experiences on here, and I think I'm finally starting to realize what works and what doesn't for me. I say that now..... I need to start small. I'm too late for the current challenge, but that doesn't mean I can't do my own challenge. I have a few short term goals and a few long term. So, let's start with the short term goal: Get below 200 pounds before my brother's wedding on February 18, 2017. When I weighed myself this pa
  9. Hail, Fellow Adventurers! So far, I've had a pretty charmed 2016 (*knocks on wood*): I moved overseas from Seattle (where I had lived all of my 36 years) to London, UK in early spring, married the most remarkable man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, we recently honeymooned (hiking in the Scottish Highlands!), and now we're all settled in and getting on with things. Alas, such magic came at a cost (and not just financially!). 2015 was a Blighted Year, and as a result, I also arrived in London at my heaviest in over a decade and with far less endurance for hiking/l
  10. Hello Assassins, I'm back!!! Well, actually... I'm in Uganda... But I think I've emerged from my recent rage stress spiral. Also, my internet access is surprisingly good (except apparently, I'm unable to post gifs.... Grrrrrr)? So, it's time to resume my badassery... And who better to learn from than the Dragon of the West? Uncle Iroh and his wisdom will be my guide! Main Quest - Resilient and Radiant "No! Zuko! You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you
  11. Hi all! I'm Greif (not to be confused with "grief"!). I'm 24 years old, recently graduated college with a degree in art and have not the foggiest idea what I'm doing with my life right now. Well, okay, that's a lie. I kinda do. But it all feels rather confusing and slightly terrifying right now. :'D A few fitness-related facts about me: - I probably fall more into the "average height" category at 5'4", but I have always identified heavily with hobbits. I am hypoglycemic (in my case not linked to diabetes) and have been for as long as I can remember. So that whol
  12. I'm going to join the challenge from now until 3/27. Better late than never! I've been quite busy with various adventures lately, however, I'm back. I've been spinning my wheels in terms of my health making small tweaks to my movement, eating, and relating habits. It's not addressing my underlying apathy. Some times, I get so sick of the "effort" and willpower it takes to make healthy choices. I've let this slump last too long, since it turns out the "effort" is worth it. I feel, look, work, and play better when I make consistent investments in myself - regardless of how busy I am. Actu
  13. ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION**** MAIN QUEST Strengthen the Body, Mind and Soul Start to get stuff in order and become a proper adult Hobbit. "Slow down, Short One. Take a deep breath and relax. Too hasty, young hobbit." Treebeard laughed a deep belly laugh. Kay knew he was right though. She had been training so hard and working so long, she had stressed herself out to the point of collapse. Wrangling 2 little hobbits could be work enough! She was also training for her epic adventure and still working to put food on the table and keep house. All of these had suffered recently and she knew she need
  14. This Quest My topic title comes from the second chapter of The Hobbit. I plan to do each challenge as a chapter of The Hobbit (and then LotR I imagine) one of my goals will relate to the chapter title. These goals are done in conjunction to my previous challenges goals, excluding the chapter title related goal. 1. Walk around outside once a day 2. Complete or mend my 5 camicia's for Festival. 3. One weight lifting session a week. Roast Mutton A Hobbit should really have more variety in their diet than just eating roast mutton all the time. I should make some new dishes.
  15. I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge....well it all counts in this PvP!!! This is a walking PvP that will be running during the current 4 week challenge from Jan 4 to Jan 31 2016 5 levels: Titanium - 128 km's (80 miles) Gold - 96 km's (60 miles) Silver - 64 km's (40 miles) Bronze - 32 km's (20 miles) Copper - 19 km's (12 miles) PVP Rules 1. Pick a level above that will stretch you but you think you can make. During the challenge walk that many km's in 4 weeks. 2. Sign up in this sheet and track your km/miles during the 4 week challenge. 3. Specify after your n
  16. Annyshay was raised on stories that her Gaffer told. Folks in those stories had plenty of opportunities of turning back, only they didn’t. Annyshay wants to be like the characters in her Gaffer’s stories. Her own story started a few years ago as detailed in her Quest. She wants to be strong, wise, and compassionate. Luckily, she joined the Rebellion and is working to become the hobbit she knows she can be. For this challenge, she will focus on nourishing herself with the healthful habits that she continues to build and refine. Goal The First = Nourishing Eating 5 experiments from E
  17. Me over the holidays: Me in my head, going forward: I'm so lazy that I am a week late to a 4 week challenge. But at least I'm here at last! Goal One: Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Create good habits.Make it easier to make healthy choices.Track all food. Goal Two: Be More Active Get back to twice weekly gym visitsGo hiking every weekendPersonal Goal: Read constantly. My goal for the year is 50 books. I intend to surpass my goal. Right now I am re-reading the Anita Blake series. While I was off work after Christmas, I read a book per day. Now that I am back to work, it takes me about 3
  18. So I just completed my entry for yesterday in My Fitness Pal, and it gave me an error message that said 'You are likely not eating enough'. When an program that is clearly designed to help people lose weight tells you that you aren't eating enough, LISTEN! (In my defense, I've been feeling like I'm getting a cold, which kills my appetite. But still. I really need to eat more than 1,000 calories a day.) Okay, so I'm ElvenEngineer. I'm a 22 year old female grad student in civil/structural engineering. Contrary to the above, I am not trying to lose weight. I am quite comfortable at 135#, size
  19. Hey kids, I'm back! Challenge: Train for 5k (or 10k) Night Race on Sept 25! To complete this, I must: 1) Run at least once a week 2) Do 2 other cardio exercises a week (This can be any cardio I like, including running.) 3) Buy new running shoes by the end of the challenge! (Which will give me 2 weeks to break in the shoes before the race). I'm totally going to keep up with the strength n stuff, which I have been....which is why I am still posting in Rangers. I'll assign points n stuff later. K Bye
  20. Hi! My name is Cheyanna Miller and I'm 18 years old. I'm a hobbit, it's as simple as that. I'm 5'3 and 245. I love food. My goal is to lose 100 pounds overall, but my short term goal is to lose 15 pounds in the next six week challenge. Another goal is to cut out all soda and sweets from my diet. I am going to be starting the Paleo diet to help put my diet on track. I want to be an Assassin. It's going to be a lot of hard work and dedication, but I am ready for the challenge! 👊
  21. Yay this is my first challenge! I have no idea what I am doing but here it goes… Please let me know if I am doing this right… especially with the points! Goal 1: Create healthy habits While my overall goal is fat loss, I cannot at this point reasonably expect that I will lose a certain amount by the end of six weeks especially since I have not even settled on a diet plan that fits me yet. That is why my first goal is to discover and create healthy habits to base future fat loss on. I may (this would be ideal) lose fat during this challenge but it cannot be my focus if I do not have
  22. S I D E _Q U E S T _I V C R E A T E _Y O U R _O W N _F O R C E _F I E L D This week we will be taking lessons from The White Council of Middle Earth. No, not that lesson. The Strength of The Elves and The Maia comes from their Wisdom. The Wiser they are the stronger they become. Even Melkor was considered the wisest among the Valar before he became Morgoth. This week we will work on creating our own force field of peace, calm, mindfulness and wisdom; and use it to defeat The Necromancer. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched The Hobbit trilogy — what’s wrong with you? â€
  23. Main Quest: Fit into size 7 jeans by Nov 27, 2015 I'm pretty proud of myself that I have managed to develop a consistent exercise regime over these past few months! I've noticed changes in my body and people have commented on how great I am looking. I feel stronger, happier, and more confident (WAY more confident) about myself. There IS such a thing as an Amazonian Hobbit, I am sure of it! SO! Develop excellent exercise habits and build a bunch of muscle? Check! Drop body fat so that I can actually SEE those muscles? Ummm............ I'm still in size 12 jeans, though they are loose eno
  24. The first part of the Top Secret Mission I was working on last challenge was completed successfully. Operation Birthday Adventure for my Hobbit was a success! He had no idea about the adventure, nor did he know anything about part 2 of the Mission: We are going to New Zealand! (Yes, I am just a little excited) Because our trip will be happening right in the middle of this challenge, I am going to alter the challenge format to fit my life circumstances. Part 1 (Weeks 1 & 2): Prepare for the trip Part 2 (Weeks 3 & 4): Enjoy the trip Part 3 (Weeks 5 & 6): Recover an
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