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Found 5 results

  1. This "little guy" sums up what December is going to be like for me, to some degree. I am however, going to add some play time by training for the Muddy Princess and more next year. Health: Water: 1-2x bottles a day >>> 25 days to pass Sleep: At least 7hrs a night >>> 25 days to pass Food: Go light on chocolates (sugar), and starch. Eat gluten-free >>> 25 days to pass Bible Study: Mornings at least 5 days a week >>> 25 days to pass Exercise: Cardio: Walking or mowing >>> 2x a week = 10 to pass
  2. 31 I'm 31 today. The last year has been really interesting and I'm hoping to continue the fun this next year while still focusing on being a productive, good human being. This is a pretty simply formatted list but I'm excited to start checking things off. I may add some goals if I think of a good one. Fitness Run a 20 minute 5K Run Bloomsday in less than 1:12:00 Run a half-marathon 20 consecutive pullups Outdoor Climb Mt. Rainier Climb a technical rock peak in the local mountains Climb a technical ice/snow peak Two multi-day kayak themed trips Two backpacking trips Marriage Dates - Go on on
  3. The mountains constantly call to me. The quotes people post from John Muir make me long to wander the untouched ridges and meadows of the high-country. And yet, I also love the company of friends and the comfort of a good meal and the dogs laying around the house. After a few months of adventures, my mind drifts toward the projects I have left unfinished and the holidays to come. This has been a summer of dreams, I've climbed in the alpine wilderness, kayaked in canyons few have seen, and slept under the stars miles from the nearest road. But the chill in the air reminds me of the winter to
  4. These are my fingers after rock climbing today. Blood blisters from slipping off of a tiny, sharp hold. Typing isn't really fun at the moment. I'll be out of town for the weekend (hopefully) so I want to get this posted this week. I'm at a bit of a tricky spot where my fitness goals are really to put my training to work. I want to continue working out but I'm really more excited for some activities instead of more workouts. I've been really enjoying tracking things over that last few months and look forward to more of that. The attribute points aren't really doing much for me so I am going
  5. So, challenge 3. I think I'm getting the hang of making good goals. Before my 1st challenge, I was jazzed. Before my second, I was excited and scared. Now as I start this one, I'm moderately jazzed and excited, and very determined! This is what I want and I'm done putting everyone ahead of me at the expense of my health and happiness. No more. I'm a Nerd Fitness Rebel now. There is no try, there is only do. HA! Here we go…. Good luck to all. GOAL #1 – Increase Lung Capacity (+ 3 STA) I run, jog, and briskly wa
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