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  1. Hi all, I'm a young kid (22) and literally my life has turned for the worst and I need help mentally. About 2 months ago in feb I injured my lower back deadlifting with poor form. Went to the doctors and I don't have any herniations or slipped disc thankfully. It's just a muscle strain but a stubborn one at that. In the beginning I was okay knowing that It would heal but now as time has gone and with slow progress I'm literally in the ruts feeling like it will never heal. Its been 2 and bit months now and it's still hasn't fully healed. I haven't returned to the gym because
  2. recrudescence breaking out afresh or into renewed activity; revival or reappearance in active existence. I'm back! It's been a couple of years since I've been active on Nerd Fitness. I went back to work in 2017 after 16 years as a SAHM and every spare moment has gone into my re-education and re-acclimation to the working world. Now I'm in a place where I'm looking to return to a life of balance. Work at work, home at home, self-care prioritized. Until the start of the next 4-week challenge, I'll check in daily on this battle log thread to report where I'm at. What I'm eating a
  3. Hello, I am new to Nerd Fitness, but not new to fitness itself. I am 29 years old and have recently been diagnosed with an ankle impingement. Sadly this is something that can only be truly fixed with surgery but it is early enough that there is only soft tissue damage and no excess bone causing the issue. Funny enough I have only just recovered from the same thing after having surgery on my shoulder. Currently I am seeing a physiotherapist for it and do have a personal trainer at the gym. I workout with him once a week and we have been focused on MMA training, which keeps getting h
  4. Hello whoever is reading this, thank you for taking the time! I'm a 31yo woman and new to the world of Nerd Fitness, however not new to nutrition/dieting/etc Brief backstory - I suffered a catastrophic work injury in 2012 and another in 2015 (I've since left that workplace!) - The first was to my back, and the second to my right knee, requiring surgery. The cumulative effect over the past two years has led to a very significant increase in weight, and I've been doing what I can to manage my diet (I have self-assessed myself at somewhere between Level 6 and Level 7) to
  5. Hello, all! I just stumbled across this illustrious assemblage and decided to come in. Almost any pursuit is improved by nerdy company, imo. After a pretty serious knee injury at work early last year (I’m a stagehand, professionally), the rehab process has been slow and annoying. My mobility severely reduced and living at the top of lots of stairs until recently, I gained back part of the weight I’d taken off in previous years owing to inactivity and less than stellar food choices. Seamless was both my salvation and the bane of the width of my backside. Currently, I l
  6. Friends, you may recall a morose, anxious Traaki from last challenge, committed to getting a few job applications done and maybe doing some meditation. Since last we spoke, I've: Been hit by a car on my bicycle (I'm okay, just have a badly bruised hand. It was the first time that's happened to me in over 12 years of bike commuting!) Fallen down some stairs for the worst ankle sprain of my life, [can't find a gif of Laura Dern limping] and... [Giant life news redacted until the appropriate parties are informed] Due to giant life news (update tomorrow aft
  7. With my injury, I wasn't sure of what to do for this challenge. The official diagnosis after what my primary predicted, my MRI confirmed, and my orthopedist also confirmed is that I have a torn posterior crucial ligament or PCL. I'm waiting on a my referral to an orthopedic surgeon to confirm that I won't need surgery. I may opt for surgery if my insurance covers it because I've been dealing with this for a few years and just re-injured it. Anyway, I thought of some challenges that I could do: 1. Take notes in class. I've read about the benefits of taking notes d
  8. So I've had a weird bumpy thing just above my stomach since December, and I finally went to an internal medicine specialist to get it checked out. While I'm still waiting for final test results, the doctor is 90% sure it's a hernia from lifting (I deadlift and squat at least once a week at my community center, in addition to doing kung fu). Have any of you experienced anything like this? The doc said while it doesn't hurt and it's coming and going, I should just take it easy and wait to see if it goes away on its own, but if it does start to hurt (which it doesn't at all right now, it's just a
  9. Goals: - No Alcohol - 1 hour walk or 1 hour gym every day - Track Calories - "Never 2 in a row" Big shift in my training this challenge, I got injured (again) and decided I am no longer doing Crossfit training with a Personal Trainer. I'll be going to F45 classes instead and training weights at home. I have signed up for the Crossfit Open but I'm not sure at this stage whether I will take part because I'm carrying a bicep tendon impingement injury which prevents me from doing any overhead or bicep work. The overall goal at the moment is body composi
  10. The beginning of this year has been rough. We moved to North Carolina, which is not a nice place to live. It has work and schools (an hour drive away), so there's that. Hopefully I can make the end a lot better, because I'm getting married in October! I'm not certain that I do a lot of Druidy stuff, but I plan on using yoga to attempt to rehab my shoulder. It's not that physical therapy doesn't work. I'm going to school to be a therapist, so I obviously believe in it. However, the VA will only pay for a couple months of therapy, and it takes more time that that to even get an
  11. Adding rep cycling to my program hasn't burned me so far, so I'm going to keep doing that and keep trying to be conservative. I'm not going to make a goal for it this time, though. The main thing getting in the way of my lifts right now is some nagging lower back pain when I squat and do a few other things, so I'm going to try to fix that. Going light didn't seem to work, and taking a break from lifting didn't either, so I think my next step should be seeing a doctor. Goals See a physical therapist. I'm aware of one nearby with a sports medicine focus, or I think just any old
  12. Hey guys about 2 years ago I was in a car accident and I've had back pain since then. We recently found out it was an "extruding disc" that has become large and inflamed. I'm taking cortisone shots to help it out but I need some advise on exercising. I have been given a list of some stretches to help out but I also really want and need to lose wight to help with my GERD and hopefully any other issues I may be having. I noticed that walking (or being on my feet for extended periods in general), lifting, and bending over cause some pain. I have one of those stationary bikes that work
  13. HAHAHAHAHA. It was worth tendonitis just to get that challenge title. So, for those folks who’ve lost track at home, I’ve been having some tendonitis issues in my left knee for a few months, and mid-August I tweaked it really badly and I think it’s developed into ITB syndrome, so I’m spending this challenge doing rehab work and not inflicting any more damage. While I’m at the knee rehab, I have a couple of other nagging issues that need fixing, so I’m going to go for the three-pointer and include those in THE REHAB CHALLENGE. My twelve-step program:
  14. Joining the rebels this challenge from spending the last year+ with the monks. Trying to keep things simple, and just stick around for the full challenge. I've been rehab-ing a knee injury since March with very slow progress. Will probably gif this later... 1- move 5 days a week. No particular days, no particular activities. walking, swim and yoga will be my 3 go to's. A sub goal of doing yoga at least once a week. 2- Do PT rehab- stretching daily, exercises min 3 days a week Stretch hamstrings at least 2 times a day (3 preferred) C
  15. Hello, rebels. I'm 27, and up until the last year or so, I've been in pretty bad shape. I had mild exertion asthma, which limited my participation in sports and other physical activities - there was too much coughing and gasping for air for it to be any fun. Due to my sedentary lifestyle, I've always been relatively weak, but I'm working on changing that. About a year ago, I started biking to work. I live three miles away, and I took it slow, so it was very gentle exercise. After a year of this, I was surprised to find out that I was actually capable of running three miles without
  16. Hi all. I started NF 2 weeks ago and am loving the various quests. I am a fairly fit 51 year old who enjoys various challenges. However, like many, I am want to be more fit/flexible/athletic than I currently am. I teach (or at least try to) grades 9-12 so being an active role model is important to me. I also have two sons (ages 11 and 13). Being able to keep up with them (and my husband) is a constant challenge. My question today is about a gluteal injury. My left buttock is quite sore (last 6 weeks; think I may have overstretched in pigeon pose). It does n
  17. Anyone have experience with the Quell Pain Relief Device? I happened upon it when I was looking for replacement adhesive gel pads for my Advil Backpain Electric Stim. I'd go out on a limb and try it out, but the price point is a little more than i want to spend on something I've never heard of before. Mike
  18. Does anyone have a good plan for returning to running after an injury? I have been down with a stress fracture for the past month. Going for an MRI tomorrow to tell if it's healed yet. Once I am cleared to run again I need to ease back into training for the fall marathons, without reinjury. Has anyone done a "return to running" plan that worked well for them?
  19. Hi all. So I sprained my knee (grade 1 MCL sprain) last week doing some sight-seeing while on a work trip in Europe. Basically I tripped on a thing and my foot/ankle went one way and my knee went the other as I fell awkwardly and my MCL was what gave. The good news is that it's a very mild knee sprain as far as knee sprains go. The bad news is that I have to stay off my feet as much as possible for 2 weeks and then phase stuff in "as pain allows". I am very bad at "as pain allows". My pattern, when I'm injured, is either do nothing* or "tough it out" by out-stubborning anythi
  20. I've been deadlifting for a couple of months now and recently I decided to push myself a little harder than usual. I was struggling a bit with 70kg deadlifts, but my form was good so I progressed up to 72.5kg, then 75kg the week afterwards. It was exhausting and barely had energy left to do my other weightlifting. Gradually over the next few days my right foot succumbed to aching pain. The bone(s) under my big toe hurts like crazy, even if I don't stand on it. I can barely limp and can't put shoes on without it being excruciatingly painful. Did this happen because I deadlifted too
  21. I'm going through a really difficult time right now, and I need to do everything I can to keep my sanity and recover. Long story short, last week I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I have a couple of fractures - my left fibula and my pelvic bone of the right - which makes getting around nearly impossible. I'm a very independent person, so being stuck in bed and needing help for almost everything has been hard. It's also been hard to not beat myself up over how I initially handled the accident. The driver did stop, but I insisted I was okay. So after he droppe
  22. I just found out I have a pelvic stress fracture from running. I've also been doing StrongLifts. All upper body exercises are fine, but squats and deadlifts are out. Anyone have suggestions of what extra upper body exercises I can do in the meanwhile? Any good programs specifically for lower body injuries?
  23. I'M ALIVE Friends, I fell off the bandwagon preeeeeetty badly last challenge. The main issue is that I just couldn't get myself to log onto NF! No accountability = FAILURE. for me. So this challenge I'm working on maintaining the ground I've fought for in previous challenges, and pushing through some new ones. Sorry for being late late late. But I wanted to start on Nov 1st, and for all intents and purposes I did. Except for logging on here. MAINTAIN: Meal prep habit Spin class 2-3x weekly Lift / Gym 2-3x weekly Simpli
  24. r7rok

    The Big Reset.

    Hey Rebels - Long time no see! I found this community at the start of the year and was a great help in getting me moving and active and as part of it all I was doing really well, losing weight, feeling more active, eating better, and generally getting stuff done. Then after my first couple of sucessful challenges I really got derailed quite a bit by a leg injury which was initially thought to be calcified muscle tissue as a result of a tear in my quad muscle. Buuuuuut, after X-ray, MRI, and meetings with orthopaedic surgeons it turned out that I did not infact have calcified tissue
  25. Somehow I have managed to anger my right wrist. It started in yoga the week before camp. During camp it didn't bother me, but I came home, went to yoga again and it blew up at me. Initially it was the heel of my hand hurting (pinky side), but then the pain moved to my wrist, pinky side still. It didn't want to be bent in a push up like position and bear weight. It also got very offended at the idea of false grip on the rings. Then it started hurting while using my mouse at work. I've got it in a brace now, I've been icing it, and just took some ibuprofen. But ton