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Found 4 results

  1. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I don't like eat, pray, love, or live, laugh, love, or any of that cheesy wall art stuff. The only acceptable version. However, during week 4 of the previous challenge I accepted that I am suffering from burnout. It has affected my nutrition and fitness. The burnout is professional, and it's seeping into other aspects of my life, as evidenced by my waistline, reduced cooking, and anemic workout patterns. That burnout is also exacerbated by perfectionism, which I'm also working through. Tova suggested a book I have purchased called The Gifts of Imperfection; finishing it is a priority this challenge. Self care is one of the important pieces of the puzzle in recovering from burnout, so I am choosing to view my goals as self care. Eat: In the words of Michael Pollan, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." That's nice and simple. Meat, fruit and vegetables are important. Bread and grains are ok. I'm an Intutive Eater, so I'm not eliminating anything. I want to focus on good, nutritious meals with plenty of good stuff. Move: I went for a while last challenge without any intentional exercise, and it hurt. Kettlebell workouts are good, body weight workouts are good, yoga is good. Walks are nice, and they take a while, so they might not happen as often. Rest: This originally started as an awareness of the importance of sleep. Part of the time with no workouts coincided with poor sleep, and not much of it. I was so tired I was almost crying. Sleep is good, and getting enough is a goal. In addition, recovery from burnout includes plenty of rest while awake. One of the things I'll be resting from is putting pressure on myself. Deciding not to pressure myself about stuff was as freeing as realizing I'm not going to restrict food when going through Intuitive Eating. I'm going to be deliberate instead of desperate. Also, it's helpful to accept my role on the forums has changed. Gone are the days when I can follow everyone. That happened at a time when I had no responsibilities with NF (2015), and I had very little going on in general. I was just out of a bad relationship, and had not yet begun to rebuild social networks. I had plenty of time, and the forums filled much of it for me. Now I'm responsible for not just a guild but all the forums, I'm married, a baby is on the way, and we are hoping to buy a house and move in the summer. Trying to follow people like I used to would keep me from doing my best work for NF, and hamper me in my recovery from burnout. I'm already following fewer threads than I used to. I may have to follow even less this time around. (English Majors who know the less/fewer rules, please assume I used the correct one in both instances). Doing my job well means trusting the awesome Guild Leaders to take care of people. Please don't read this and think you can't reach out to me, you still can. I just know what's going to help me recover, and I may not be able to follow some of you that I've been checking in on each challenge.
  2. Annyshay blinked in shock as the outline of the Old Man faded into blue flames that disappeared just as suddenly as he had done. Who on earth was this Old Man that had been guiding her around the Great Plateau? She shook her head, half expecting to hear an answer from the strange disembodied voice that had started her on this journey by urging her to pick up the Sheikah Slate that hung from her hip. No answer was forth coming, so she was left alone with her thoughts. The Old Man had told her to head to the point where lines through the shrines that she had found would intersect. Looking at the map on her Sheikah Slate, it was clear that he meant the old, broken temple close to the cave where she had awoken in nothing but her undergarments just a few short weeks ago. Annyshay could remember nothing prior to waking up in that cave. She couldn't remember anything about who she was or how she had found herself in this strange wilderness. She didn't know much, but she knew that she wanted to help the princess that was fighting that Beast called Calamity Ganon. To do that, she needed to get off of this Plateau and out into the wider world of Hyrule. The paraglider that the Old Man offered was the only way that she knew how to do that. Well, sitting around staring at the Sheikah Slate and ruminating on what had happened to her in the last few weeks wasn't moving her any closer to getting the paraglider from the Old Man. She returned the Sheikah Slate to her hip, and climbed a nearby wall. She would have to be careful not to get into too many more battles on the way back to the temple as she was running out of weapons.
  3. Not feeling much inspired on a theme. I've discovered some slowly building momentum with intuitive eating, and doing but not tracking workouts. So for this challenge I plan to: Cook and write about it (Don't read this thread hungry) Workout and write about it. Workouts will be: Nerd Fitness Beginner Kettle Bell Workouts Nerd Fitness Yoga Walks (Maybe) Anything Else that strikes my fancy The first two are the most likely. Since I've realized how beneficial KB workouts are for the cardiovascular system I've not worried about whether or not I go on walks. The routine that got started last challenge was KB workouts on Wed and Fri, With Yoga on Thursdays and maybe Saturdays. I'd like to expand into workouts on more days, but I'm not gonna try to do too much. I have discovered there is time for something on Sunday and Tuesday, but I don't typically feel like it. Here are some gifs because I like to put gifs in my initial posts.
  4. Hello again, does anyone remember me? I skipped the last challenge and wasn't that much online the last 2 months. Just needed some time off. There was a lot going on in my life and I needed a lot of time for RL. As you may remember I applied for Ninja Warrior Germany last year. After the first invitations went out at the beginning of Feb I thought that's it, just one casting and you are not invited. I was a bit sad but since I had a sports break for 2 months (elbow, psychological stuff*) and I gained some weight (7kgs, mostly fat) so I was good with it. Then I had an appointment for two new tattoos at then end of Feb and guess what? The evening before I got the invitation for the casting on 23 March. I needed to have a sports break again because of the tattoos (1,5 weeks) so I just started training for the casting last week. Friday the 8th. I had an appointment with a personal trainer in my bouldergym (where the casting will happen) and he told me what exercises would happen and we trained for an hour. After that I couldn't move for 4 days because I was so sore So I was in the gym on friday to train swinging on a bar (and landing 3m away), hangling and stuff like that. And some bouldering. It's really hard after that long break. Friday I was in the "JumpHouse", a trampoline park where you can also do a Ninja Warrior Parcour. That was fun but I am sore again So, long story short: What is this challenge about? It'a about the casting on Saturday. But not only this, it is also about having fun with doing sports again. I watched some docus about Crossfit and also Weightlifting and want to check out some new sports. In Germany (and parts of Europe) we have a so called "Urban Sports Club" where you can have a membership (S, M, L, XL) and with this can exercise and visit (in) alot of different places, like gyms, boulder gyms, swimming pools, yoga studios etc. I think I might check this out. Also I want to think about eating and that stuff. IE, what I think of my body, why I gained weight so quick etc.. Why I get these binges. I've learned a lot of stuff about myself during the past few weeks, like be myself and don't think too much about what otheres might think. Stuff like this. I questioned a lot of what I do at the moment (e.g. minimalism, eating, hobbies) and already changed some things. And last but not least I also registered a side business in Feb, so I have to work on that too (Positioning, what exactly do I want to offer etc). I am not sure, if I have smart goals for that, will think about that today. Because I know, goals can make me go crazy (psychologically). But maybe I just rename them. I read the book "mini habits" at the moment so maybe I will rename my goals to mini habits. We'll see. And now I will read aaaaaaaaall the posts and threads I missed out the last week. *sort of an eating disorder, binged sometimes, not good