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Found 8 results

  1. *plunks* well, THAT was the most fun year I never want to have again. 2018 was... a rough, gross, terrible year for me, even apart from the general chaos that seems to have sprung forth the last few years in everyone's collective lives. It started out with losing my grandpa suddenly to massive heart failure the day I got back home from family holidays that he and Grandma didn't make it down for, and I wound up unemployed due to budget cuts at my local school district (I didn't get laid off, but it was a situation where I felt like if I didn't take the buyout offer I was looking at
  2. Hi again, my lovely monks. It's been a weird few months. Back in November, my wife and I went to Hawaii for an old friend's wedding and our own wedding anniversary. While we were there, my company decided to lay off me and 950 of my closest friends. It was one hell of a wacky prank, those mischievous scamps! For those keeping track, this is my scorecard for SUDDEN UNPLANNED JOB LOSS BINGO: ✔️ 2014 ✔️ 2015 FREE ✔️ 2016 ✔️ 2017 ANYWAY. The good news: I'm an expert at getting laid off now My fre
  3. If this past year has taught me nothing, it's that the more things change the more they stay the same. As we start this next Cycle, I find myself *still* struggling to get back on track fitness-wise and *still* learning to adapt to having a wildly variable schedule. You'd think by now I'd have figured this shit out On the workout front, I think my issue stems from a: not having a set schedule, and b: not having a "real" (i.e. specific date or cash related) goal in mind. When I was in training for 90-gillion races and mud runs and had a set time to work out that was immovable, I d
  4. Who is looking for a job? Who is hiring? I'm going to graduate May 2016 from my MBA program (master of business administration). One of my professors made a point today about leveraging your circles of influence. Obvious interests: nerd-dom and fitness. Less obvious interests: human trafficking prevention/rescue/awareness. Mostly, anything helping people (MBAs are flexable). I have experience with Event coordinating/planning, volunteer coordinating, organization creation (I've been a part of 3 creations), Microsoft office, spreadsheets, etc. If any one is hiring or knows an organization w
  5. Happy new year everyone!! This is my 4th official challenge and my first one with the rangers *waves* I hung out with the adventurers June through October last year and had great success with getting fitter and healthier. Then there was a huge gap due to a bad cold, a bad challenge concept and a resulting lack of motivation. Then christmas happened. Now I'm back and I plan on rocking it! I decided to join the rangers since the new adventurers description doesn't fit me anymore and I thought it's time for something new. My quests this challenge sound a lot like jack-of-all-trades so I hope I'll
  6. I'm an adult child of 1) an alcoholic and 2) a chronic over-eater. This has left me with no real idea of how to handle stress (and I'm under ALOT of it right now ... see prior threads .....) other than by using alcohol or food as self-soothers. My upbringing left me with this BIG self-destruct button that is ALWAYS waiting to be pushed when things get rough. This challenge is going to focus on taking apart that self-destruct mechanism. Realistically, I won't be able to completely trust that it is gone for good. But I can at least pack it off again for a while so it is not RIGHT THERE
  7. jaex

    I am Jaex: Witcher

    I am Jaex, a witcher. After years of training and body mutations, I am now free to journey outside the walls of the keep that served as my witcher school. I travel northward toward the city of Feladelphos, stopping along the way at various towns for rest and supplies. And for the right price, I slay monsters. For now, my travels have led me to Dicatter, a small town surrounded by many miles of forest. By design the city is isolated with little contact with the world outside the forest. The people of Dicatter, while not as spiritual about it as elves are, care deeply for their fores
  8. Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). My most recent victory was the 5k race that I ran in May and I hope to get a <30 min time on that soon. Nerd Life Intro: I recently graduated as a Java Developer, but still taking on extra courses like Android. Programming is computers + puzzles and therefor awesome. I love
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