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Found 4 results

  1. Hammi fights back

    I finally got a new laptop. It's been 2 years. So, hello, forums. You look different! Jumping back in with a super basic 4 week challenge. 1. Orangetheory workouts- 5 to 6 a week, with one designated a green day. Track on activity app on watch 2. Keto (20-30 g carbs) 6 days a week at least Track on MFP 3. Water - 100 oz a day Track on MFP 4. Six Sigma - Complete Data Analytics for Six Sigma on Coursera by end of challenge
  2. Tateman - Zero in on TwoTopia

    It is finally that time, that I can see the edges of twotopia land. It has been a few years since my last visit. This time, I don't plan to turn back. I'll stay awhile, then take off for an area called Onderland. I may not be able to hit this during the challenge, but I am sure going to try! So far since coming back to Nerdfitness, things have been going well. The last couple of challenges were not 100%, but I learned from them. I continued on. The real hero of my challenges has been Keto. In the past, Whole30 was great for me, but I just was never able to stay with it. Years ago, I had started with a "low carb" approach. This was still tons of carbs per day, but it was working. Keto has been the only thing that has really been sticking with me. 3 times I have been off it since the first. And emergency family trip down sound' That was like a 4 day eat fest with landed me with 10 pound for those 4 days. The 2nd time was a party at my wife's work. Though, it was just that night, and I was back on it. Didn't feel any major effect. The last time was during this last challenge. We headed to New York. About 9 days total of me eating whatever. That gave me a 14.5 pound gain. This one was the harder one to bounce back from. Almost like starting over from scratch. Cravings were so bad one night, I almost gave in. Then two days later, and I was fat adapted again. At least I assume so, because all those candy/chip cravings vanished. There is still my brain saying "oh, that woudl be good", but it is easy to dismiss it as just a little impulse. I think this is why Keto has worked for me. I haven't had these super cravings, and my appetite has been suppressed. I don't always have that constant need to be snacking on food. Maybe that is just me though. So my goals will try to continue to build on the success I am having, and what I want for future goals. Goal#1 - Continue to Keto and IF tracking plus let's add water I think for the most part, I have the Keto/IF/Tracking part down now. Well enough anyway. I want to add a little extra this challenge though. Time to track my water. I know there are some days that I don't drink enough water. I don't have a specific spot I want to hit, I just want to track it. If I am tracking it, then I might be more mindful about drinking too. All tracking will be done in MFP except the IF part. That is will be manually tracked. Scoring: 1 point for tracking Keto/IF and 1 point for tracking Water in MFP each day. 14 points per week total. Goal#2 - Return of the sleep goal I have to have this back again. I have been really off lately. Time to get this back on track. Computer off at 11 pm, then reading until Midnight. Then hit the bed. Hopefully, if I can get this back on track, my body will respond with giving me better sleep overall. I have an alarm set for 11:55 pm. Just to let me know it is time to wrap it up in my book. If I am reading in a chapter, I will let myself finish it off. No "Hey, I read a word on this next chapter, guess I have to stay up to read it" haha. Scoring: 1 point for getting off the computer on time. 1 point for reading, and getting off to bed by midnight. 14 points per week total. Goal#3 - Get up, and Get Going You know, I have these goals in mind, and they aren't all going to happen magically because I am eating Keto. This will probably be the hardest for me this challenge. Every challenge this year, exercise has been the thing to fail on me. I want to do C25k again. So I can run again. I want to do body weight workouts to start building that muscle back up. I even like to get out and walk, because I do enjoy it. I just can't seem to get the walking habit going. I want try getting C25k this challenge. If I can do it, then I will continue going with it. If not, then I need to add in Body weight workouts. Hopefully, I can get in C25k, and start doing body weight workouts as well. That's the hope any how. If I am doing this, then I will have Sunday as rest day. For this challenge, I am going to try to get all of this in. Just building up to each step. Since I know it is easiest to get stuff done in the morning, that will be part of it. Get up, and get going. Week 1 - Hit 6,000 steps a day. (decided to C25k this week, adding in scoring) Week 2 - Hit 7,000 steps a day. (continue C25k here) Week 3 - Hit 8,000 steps a day, plus add in M/W/F C25k or Bodyweight workouts Week 4 - Hit 9,000 steps a day, plus continue M/W/F workout Scoring: 2 points for hitting the step goal. 2 points per run or workout. Total points per week 18 points Goal#4 - Check in, check in, check in Last challenge, I stopped checking in each day. I felt bad for it, and I wasn't out there supporting others like I should be. I was better on my blog, but not where i was earlier. So this challenge is for me to check in each day. I also need to visit others here to see how they are. Plus, I need to get that blog post done each day. Scoring: 0.5 for NF check in, 0.5 for blog post each day. 7 points total per week. Measurements - Week 1 / End of Challenge Neck - 19.29 in / Chest - 51.96 in / Waist at belly button - 56.22 in / Bicep (L) - 16.77 in / Bicep (R) - 16.65 in / Forearm (L) - 13.26 in / Forearm (R) - 13.26 in / Thigh (L) - 27.99 in / Thigh (R) - 27.00 in / Weight - 317.1 lbs / Weekly points Week 1 - 48/53 - 90.5% Week 2 - 35/41 - 85% Week 3 - 0/ Week 4 - 0/ Challenge total = 0/
  3. Fonzico Battles On

    In an attempt to learn from last year, where I "failed" (aka dropped out of) challenge after challenge, and proceeded to put ON weight over the summer, I am changing my approach! While it's not summer yet, the busyness is already starting for me, and I find trying to build 4 week challenges that work around all the stuff I have going on is a recipe for failure. Instead, I will be making some longer term goals, trying to check in here fairly regularly, and work more on my over-arching plan! I'm going to go with a 12-week goal format for now. I'll be formally tracking these from April 9th until July 1st, but I'm working on them all now anyways. Goal #1: Stay Keto. This way of eating is REALLY working for me, but I know my biggest struggle will be keeping it up while we're disc golfing/camping most weekends over the summer. I'm going to allow some flexibility while I'm in Mexico (we leave in 9 days!), but after that, it's aiming for <20g of carbs per day, with one higher carb (<30g) day allowed per week. I do have targets for other macros, but in a effort to keep things simple, I'm just going to report my averages each week, reflect on it, and decide what, if any, changes need to be made. Goal#2: Kettlebells I'm hoping to average 2x classes per week. I'm mostly making 3 right now, but it's unsustainable over the summer. With disc golf league night once a week, and the fact that we're going to be gone about 1/2 of the Fridays, I'm down to 1 free evening per week, on a good week. Trying not to make myself crazy. Goal #3: Practice disc golf! My competitive spirit really wants to get better at this... but I can't expect that to happen without putting in the work! Goal is to attend league night (1x week), do field work at least 1x week, and get in 3 additional practice rounds in on non-tournament weeks, 2 on tournament weeks (including the usual Friday night practice on the tourney course) Goal #4: Nourish my marriage I don't want to lose sight of the most important person in my life in the midst of all this self-improvement! I'm going to pick on thing to focus on each week, work on it, and reflect. I have some ideas in the back of my mind, but open to suggestion! Goal #5: Grow our business. With the focus being on the disc golf apparel side of things. This is kind of a monster goal. It involves some one-time things that need to happen, some habits we need to get in to, and some long term goals to achieve... I'm going to make a spreadsheet, and I'll post that when I'm done. I think between all of this, I've got a pretty holistic grasp on the important aspects of my life. The only thing not addressed at this point is the bike commuting that I intend to take up starting in May... I'm going to see how that goes, and maybe add it as a goal later on. I'm also okay with the fact that these are going to ebb and flow as my schedule shifts and changes and fills... and I'm okay with that! The important part is ensuring that I keep my priorities at the forefront, and don't fall back into bad habits. I'm not grading myself, per se, on any of this, but I want to make sure I'm thinking about it, reporting/recording it, and using that data to make decisions about how I spend my time and energy.
  4. Berserker log

    Hey all So after a fair amount of lurking the forum I've decided to try and keep up a log. So, I'm 31. Weigh 106kg and am looking to drop fat while maintaining (building if I'm extremely lucky) muscle. I have no idea of bodyfat % but I'll see how I go with posting and may throw up some progress shots. I'm sure someone will have a much better idea than I do. The backstory is I haven't lifted for 5-6 years, but when I did I was damn strong. Unless anyone is curious I don't think the numbers are that important, and besides that, they just make me sad to look at now. Current Program: 5/3/1 BBB Current Lifts (Haven't truly tested my 1RM): Squat: 95kg 130kg 135kg Deadlift: 110kg 140kg 150kg Bench: 75kg 95kg OH Press: 55kg 62.5kg 65kg Diet (As of 18/9/17) Ketogenic 2000-2200cals < 50g Carbs a day Goals: Drop 10kg by end of the year (ish. This can happen much sooner, or on the date. First goal is to weigh less than 100kg Feel free to drop a line and let me know what I'm doing wrong, or suggestions and such. I'm going to try and get in all my workouts and the odd random thought, rant about whatever I'm watching on TV, meme. We'll see how things go.