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Found 6 results

  1. Morella gets up off the floor

    Things have been quite um... interesting for me over the past few years. I had a lot of hard work to do in 2017 and I got a couple breaks and got a little strategically important help last year. I have been having health issues for the past 4 years with a huge decline 2 years ago, but due to the nature of the symptoms it was really hard to know what was going on. I finally got some people to help me last year even if they didn't believe me. I have been going to a naturopath who diagnosed me with Lyme disease. The difference between this year and last is like day and night. I am not fully confident that I have things figured out as I have some doubt about the diagnosis, but the solution seems to be working even if accidentally. Going low carb seems to be a major part of the solution. So my challenge is to get back on track. I am working on getting my baseline activity level up. So my goal is to walk 6500 steps a day. I went off the keto diet for Christmas and haven't gone back on it. Partly because I am curious if symptoms will reappear, but I need to get back on it. I can play with seeing if symptoms come back more in a couple months. I will go off for my birthday though I haven't had ice cream in a long time and a short departure doesn't seem to have a major effect. Once I get on I have to evaluate my calorie intake. I have been at 2,000, but I am not loosing weight and I think I will have to up my intake. I want to finish the book on keto that I am reading. I started it then stopped reading it for a couple weeks. Clean up my back yard. Since it is "winter" I should be able to clear out the old weeds and trim the over-grown vegetation without fear of it coming back with a vengeance. I am a late start on here, but I have already started the challenge.
  2. Hello Fellow NF Rebels I'm Tateman. It's been awhile since my last challenge. November of 2016 to be exact, and it was a fail. That comeback was after another break where things got away from me. This time though, I have to get things done. Things got bad enough that my Doctor wants me to get weight loss surgery. This is my last attempt to avoid having to do that. A little back story: Taking the way back machine back to 2013. I started my NF Journey at 333lbs. (Highest ever was 388lbs recorded) My Rebel Intro and eventually My first Challenge May 30th, 2013 Things were going great. I had signed up to do a Spartan race down in Malibu, Ca. I had never done anything like that. September 11th, 2013 I made it under 300lbs. December of 2013 I completed the Spartan race with the help of my Brother-in-law. June 2014 I completed my first ever 5k race. I had never before in my life run that far. The most I was up to was about 2 miles in the C25k app. Then in August 2014, I completed the Spartan Stadium Sprint, in AT&T Park, with my Sister and Brother-in-law. In October of 2014, I was taken off my Metformin (diabetes medication) I got to my lowest weight in a very very long time. 260lbs. I had bounced around in weight in 2014, but still mostly tracked down. And then it all came crashing down. The mother of all snowball effects happened. I signed up to do a 15k race. Paid for, and never ran. I had already started tracking a bit higher in weight, then threw this failure on the fire. The mental depression had a grip, and would not let go. The fat me started winning more battles. By September of 2015, I was back up to almost my highest weight again. 384lbs. In 9 months, I had gained 124lbs. Of course during all this, I had quit Nerd Fitness. Many people were gone that I originally talked to then. On my birthday (November 2015), I decided to open up to those on Facebook. The thought was to get the help of my family and community to support me in the right path back. I was 382lbs that day. Nothing really stuck. It was ok for a bit, but even family close to you fail when they don't truly support what you are trying to do. I had to deal with it all back when I did lose all that weight though, and I will still have to deal with it all now. That is just how things will have to be. So over the past two years, not much has changed. Now to current day Eventually, my 44 year old body wasn't going to take this garbage anymore. Last summer I had an infection in a very bad place for a guy haha. I also hadn't done bloodwork in awhile. I finally did, and numbers were not good. My Doctor said enough was enough, and she thinks that I need to go in for weight loss surgery. That was in late July. I told her I really didn't want to go the Surgery route, because I don't believe it is a permanent solution. At least for me I don't think it would be. I know people that have failed. Even my wife had surgery, and is still heavy. It feels like I need to fix other things in my head, otherwise in 3-5 years I might just be back in the same spot. Surgery can do a lot to help me in the here and now, and it is very possible, that I can use it to learn to be eating the proper way. I just would hate to go though it, and fail still. That motivation was working for me, but I slipped back into the crud I have been in. So today I start at 367.6lbs. I am late getting my bloodwork again. So I am planning on going next Sunday. I'm hoping all is not lost for me. I want to lose this weight. I want to see my goal weight. I want to run again. Something my teenage self would have never believed I would say. I want to be strong. I want to do this, not only to inspire my kids, but to do this for myself. I feel like I need to once again start over. This time finding the things to keep me going, and squashing the bad mental junk that likes to try to creep in. So 2018, here we go. This challenge is meant to help rebuild me. Rebuild the habits that gave me success before Goal#1: Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on I want to get into Ketosis mode. The last couple of months I experimented with this a bit. For a few weeks I was really on it, and it was pretty great. Plenty of reading and being inspired by the keto community of Reddit. Now I need to establish it again, so I can continue on for the whole year. I know the start will be rough again. Much like when I did Whole30 eating, and the bit of Keto I had done already. Meals will be boring to start off. We got a Crockpot pressure cooker now though, so time to find stuff with that. Cookbooks incoming as well. I will be tracking my food intake at MyFitnessPal. Goal#2: Exercise beginner mode I need to get into Exercise again. Got my new Fitbit Blaze to try out Now to not overwhelm myself, I'm not going to try to go all balls out right away. Let's start off easy with Walking. 3 times a week to be specific. Then next move is walking each day. First I want to establish just doing it first! The plan is to go in the mornings. No set time, but 30 minutes is the goal to start. Hopefully by mid challenge, I will want to be walking more and more. I notice that walking does help clear my head, and makes me feel good. Eventually this walking may lead to running again, down the road Goal#3: The night Owl must become the early bird Ohh so many nights staying up till 3am, and getting garbage sleep. I'm done with it. I do have a CPAP machine now to help make sure Sleep Apnea won't get in my way. I need to get myself into a sleep routine again. I want to be in bed by 12:30am. I have tones of books to read. I bought the first 5 books of The Expanse So I'm thinking 11-11:30pm I turn off the computer, and settle down with some reading. Goal#4: Blog all the things So for fun, I finally setup my website as a blog. I've had for years, but always put off doing something with it. I still am working on it some, and have done some in general gaming blogging. Now to add to the "Health" section. I am going to attempt to blog every day about my health journey this year. I am going to try taking a picture each day of my face to see if I can track changes over the year. Also weekly body pictures to do the same. Next year, I hope to have a cool little project done. Part of this will be cross posting as updates each day in this thread. Grading: Goal#1 - 7 days, 14 points. 1 point for each day of tracking. 1 point for staying under 20 net carbs Goal#2 - 3 days, 1 point per day of walking. (hopefully, will increase during this challenge) Update for week 4, 5 days a week. 1 points for each walk. Goal#3 - 7 days, 7 points. 1 point for getting into bed by 12:30pm. Goal#4 - 7 days, 14 points. 1 point for each day I blog, 1 point for posting here Weekly Points: Week 1: 37/38 - 97% Week 2: 36.5/38 - 96% Week 3: 38/38 - 100% Week 4: Week 5: Measurements Start/Finish: Weight: 367.6lbs / Neck: 19.68 in / Chest: 55.90 in / Waist at bell button: 61.41 in / Bicep (L): 17.91 in / Bicep (R): 16.92 in / Forearm (L): 13.89 in / Forearm (R): 13.89 in / Thigh (L): 30.31 in / Thigh (R): 28.89 in /
  3. Starstuff Wars: Return of the Jedi

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode VI RETURN OF THE JEDI After many months away, Starstuff has returned to the planet of Challengeooine in an attempt to free herself from the clutches of the vile gangster Melancholia the Butt. Little does Starstuff know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new motivation-sapping space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Bleh Star. When completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of Rebels struggling to restore adventure, happiness, and improvement to the galaxy... This will be my first Challenge in a year. While I've been away from Challenges and the forums, I haven't been idle. I've been doing Rising Heroes missions (for anyone who might be thinking of joining, it's super fun), running virtual races for the Hogwarts Running Club (also super fun), teaching my pup to be a good running buddy (he is the best running buddy) and writing (started editing my novel and added almost 25k words to its sequel!). And, much to my delight and surprise, my husband has started exercising and cleaning up his diet (that setting an example thing? turns out it actually works). But things have been really rough the past month, and I could use some Rebel support to get back on track. Those of you who remember me might also remember that my husband and I have been trying to conceive for a couple years. After much poking and prodding, very few answers (according to all tests, there is nothing wrong with either of us, fertility-wise), and a number of "some studies suggest this might increase your chances" lifestyle changes, I finally got a positive pregnancy test at the beginning of December. And then I miscarried a week later. It sucked, you guys. On top of being physically and emotionally taxing, I wasn't allowed to run or take baths (my go-to stress relievers) for a couple weeks, and my hormones were a mess, putting me on this awful emotional rollercoaster. I was so stressed that I didn't really even enjoy The Last Jedi the first time I saw it (don't worry! this was rectified on repeat viewings). But I'm physically recovered now, my hormones are back to normal and I feel like myself again, and I'm ready to get back to actually, you know, living my life and being awesome. Goal 1: Escape the sail barge It's hard to escape a dangerous situation without strength and agility, which means I need to get back into my regular exercise routine, so my goal here is to walk or run every day, and complete a strength training workout 3x a week. Goal 2: Try a little help from your friends Sometimes, our friends have habits that we think are weird, but they turn out to be really effective. My husband has been doing keto for the past several months and having great success with it. I recently read a meta study showing that women eating low-carb diets tend to have an easier time conceiving and another study suggesting that moderate-to-high protein diets encourage increased ova quality in women. And I've read that some ultra-runners have had a lot of luck going low carb, too. That's enough to convince this carb-lover to at least give it a try for a few months, so my goal is to eat less than 40g of net carbs a day and get a minimum of 25% of my calories from protein. I still have some prepped meals that don't fit these guidelines, though, so my goal for the first day is to finish the last of my prepped meals, and then I can start with my new eating guidelines tomorrow. Goal 3: Reject the Dark Side With all the stress I've been under, I need to engage in some serious self-care so as not to slip into unhealthy coping habits. My goal is to practice yoga or meditate every day. Length doesn't matter, so long as I'm taking time to relax and center myself on a daily basis. Life Goal: Study the ancient Jedi texts That novel I started editing last year? Well, I need to finish it. One of my goals for the year is to edit a chapter a week (with breaks for Camp NaNoWriMo to work on drafting the sequel) until I've got a draft ready to send to beta readers, so my goal for this challenge is to edit five chapters of my novel. And because I like showing off pictures of my dog, here's Finn enjoying the new year at the dog park:
  4. Darkfoxx 43: 2018 Cycle 1

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. As requested, I'll post early and quit sitting on my challenge. Even though posting this ish means I actually have to live up to it, lest all my cool points be ganked. ;p --------- Doesn’t this happen to me every year? I’m sitting here, and my stomach feels like it has little daggers in it. From food. Some of it I know damn good and well I shouldn’t be eating from years of trial and error (much of that some of y’all have seen), and some of it I’m not sure if I’m 100% ready to give up (like bell pepper and if my gut tries to take broccoli from me it will have to pry it from my cold dead hands so help me jibbers). But really, with the cheese I FREAKING KNOW BETTER. I wanted to believe that I could magically handle dairy in the Middle East. Dairy is freaking everywhere, in everything, and it doesn’t *always* spell disaster where my stomach is concerned. Often, even, it does not. Just contributes some low level inflammation and mild bloating. Labneh is often a trade-off, and ordering milk with coffee while out feels like it has to happen usually. It totally doesn’t. I also don’t need to tempt fate as much as I do with goat dairy and soy. As for my other steady goal of working out 3-5 times a week (if you guys have come along in the last year or so (*cough* two *cough) when I’ve suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked at fitness, you may not know this, but my ass used to be known for consistency around here. For setting tons of X number of X goals, adding mini challenges and goals for myself mid-cycle, and 1000% sticking to all of that no matter what kind of ridiculous bullshit was happening in my day. Well, that shit has not happened in oh, 2 years? Are we admitting it’s been that long since I ran that metric asston of races?), well, my fitness goals have completely and utterly fallen by the wayside for way too long. LIKE WAY TOO LONG. LIKE I CAN’T HANDLE LIFE OR GO FREAKING GROCERY SHOPPING WITHOUT MY ARMS BEING TIRED AND MY HIPS HURTING FROM MARBLE FLOORS LONG. FOR SO LONG THAT WALKING MORE THAN A LITTLE BIT CAUSES MY BRAIN TO WANT TO HAIL ONE OF THOSE GOLF CARTS THAT ARE PERPETUALLY IN MY VICINITY TO FERRY LOCAL LADIES AROUND. Well that shit has got to stop. And I’ve got to do it without a full race schedule to keep me motivated, or classes I love that are hella convenient to keep my attention in one place. Or easy access to any damn thing I want (like my climbing gym, my building yoga, my archery place and a walking-friendly city that I happen to love). I don’t have much in the way of a ‘Come To Jesus’ at the moment, just a ‘quit acting like you don’t know better you dumbass; what’s next? Going to try not eating again?’ warning to self. Self, you’re an idiot. You know better. You know what works. You know how to freaking do it. You liked your home video programs. You liked home yoga FOR YEARS. You also quit eating dairy AND DID NOT MISS IT. YOU ALSO WILL NOT DIE IF YOU DRINK TEA OUT INSTEAD OF COFFEE. COFFEE IS ALSO JUST FLAVORED WATER. YOU WILL NOT GO BANKRUPT IF YOU SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT ON HOT WATER AND A TEA BAG THAT YOU WOULD ON COFFEE YOU GENERALLY DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT. QUIT BEING A DAMN NINNY. Also, keep with keto, self. Your ass doesn’t really need carbs to keep it warm in the “winter”. Less carbs is good for you. Maybe try smaller portions. Eat more veggies again. Cool it on the keto convenience foods - you can do both Paleo & keto. It’s super not hard - not even in the Sandpit. You will not die. Think vegan + fat out if you damn have to. Salad won’t immediately give you Hepatitis. Probably. Also, you have a puppy that loves people and animals and an overly-active social life with a modicum of responsibility to keep up. Aaaaaaaaaand you should totally bring your marketing knowledge to bear on your social media endeavors. Also consider using that expensive ass coding education you just finished - if only to dick around. Hellooooooooooo, building a freelance portfolio full of actual shit. Work and a direction also would not kill you, though I’m not pushing hard for Q1 or Q2 in 2018. Let’s work on fitness first. Get back to where you’re happy and where your routine is thriving and we’ll talk. This shit could all disappear tomorrow and you may have to *gasp* un-retire. It could happen. Let’s not think about it. Travel. That’s going to happen for you too a bit this year. It’s going to take planning. Planning and stepping yet again out of that non-existent comfort zone you still want to consider clinging to. Plus the DH. He’s working a lot more than he has in years and years. Plan some shit for him to do so he doesn’t feel the grind so much and can step away from that game you want to firebomb on the daily. Ok. Enough wingeing (damn Europeans). On To The Goals. Goal The First Macros. Oooh. Such a departure. My keto macros are thus: 1318 calories (I don’t judge here, lest it make me crazy) 70g protein (21%) 20g or less net carbs (6%) 106g fat (73%) Goal The Second Work out. I’ll be starting slow here with 2x a week at the gym doing the NF beginner gym track. Goal The Second.5 1 “fun” workout a cycle. Something like finding a climbing gym, stand up paddle boarding, swim classes, or some sort of other something until I find something I want to inconvenience myself to do regularly. Goal The Third Walk the dog every day. It’s nice outside at night. She has short legs and doesn’t need much exercise, but appreciates it greatly. Goal The Fourth Learn how to play the dulcimer DH got me for Christmas. Not sure what form this will end up taking, but strides need to be made here. OTHER LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE GOALS NO FREAKING DAIRY, DAMMIT Find puppy daycare and socialization groups for Freya Plan fun things on the weekend Continue with socialization Find a hobby group to get involved with Find a way to volunteer my skills to keep them fresh - or just practice them Keep up with my social media pursuits and act like I actually know what I’m doing Consider building a real and actual freelance portfolio to attract dolla dollars bills yo Vacation like a damn boss Remember you’re a minimalist while spending all your damn time in the mall Also remember that one of your social media pursuits is a freaking food blog Take your camera out and use it KEEP ENGAGED WITH MY COMMUNITY AND MY FRIENDS EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE 8 HOURS (+) BEHIND YOU IN TIME (and you tend to only forum once a day after DH has gone to bed and while you’re watching copious amounts of not-tv aka YouTube) Ahem. QUIT WATCHING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF NOT-TV GET ENOUGH WATER, YOU ARE NOT A JAWA Get a new Fitbit; let that little wrist demon shame your ass into action Learn Arabic, or at least try to do so According to my BuJo, this is what I have the mechanisms in place to track daily: Macros Calories Protein Net Carbs Fat Water Steps Workout Dog Walks Dulcimer (Lack of) Dairy Mood Stomach Mood Editorial Calendar Main Shit To Do/Done/Other Add-Ins The quantified life is not worth living, yo.
  5. Fonzico is not insane.

    What I have been doing is NOT working, so it's time to change it up. Every since I pledged to lose weight for our trip to Mexico (which is in THREE MONTHS!) I have only gained weight. That's sad. And between Darkfoxx, chatting with my cousin at Christmas dinner and a recipe book lounging on my parents' coffee table (despite the fact that they are not and have no intention of going keto)... the universe seems to be pointing me in a ketogenic direction. I've been collecting underpants for the last couple of weeks like crazy and I'm ready to commit to it. Hubs is also on board!? He has gained fat lately, and while historically he just has to think about losing weight for a day or two to see it drop off, he thinks this is a good idea. We'll see. Haha. Workout wise, my partner in crime (Seester dearest) has convinced me to do the crazy person excessive January workout goals thing. Sigh. It's probably not the best idea, but you know, obligatory support, and whatnot. We've signed up for a daily yoga challenge, and she wants to go to kettlebell class 3x per week. But we're just commiting to this insanity for a month, and then we'll go for 1x week KBs and start going to the gym again. I can definitely see the value in waiting until Feb to renew our gym memberships, so there's that. I'm still waffling about whether I want to set some kind of life goal as well. I feel like I'm going to have a ton on my plate with all of the above, and I don't really need additional obligations. But on the other hand, something that encourages self care/mental health will help me with all of that. I have a couple more days to ponder. So. Keto starts today, which hopefully will allow me to get over the carb-flu by the time I have to go back to work. The workouts start Jan 2nd. Goal One: Keto. All day, every day. I plan to get some ketostix so I know for sure, but my goal will be to hit the following macros: 60-100g protein A : 35days B : 32 days C : 29 days D : 26 days F : 25 days or less Goal Two: Daily Yoga I can make up a missed day by doubling up if needed. A : 30days B : 25 days C : 20 days D : 15 days F : 14 days or less Goal Three: Kettlebells A : 14 classes B : 12 classes C : 10 classes D : 8 classes F : 7 classes or less It's intense, but totally doable. And I often find that committing 100% to a nutritional goal helps be maintain discipline in other areas.... and frankly there's no point in doing keto half-assedly. DOING THE THING!
  6. Berserker log

    Hey all So after a fair amount of lurking the forum I've decided to try and keep up a log. So, I'm 31. Weigh 106kg and am looking to drop fat while maintaining (building if I'm extremely lucky) muscle. I have no idea of bodyfat % but I'll see how I go with posting and may throw up some progress shots. I'm sure someone will have a much better idea than I do. The backstory is I haven't lifted for 5-6 years, but when I did I was damn strong. Unless anyone is curious I don't think the numbers are that important, and besides that, they just make me sad to look at now. Current Program: 5/3/1 BBB Current Lifts (Haven't truly tested my 1RM): Squat: 95kg 130kg 135kg Deadlift: 110kg 140kg 150kg Bench: 75kg 95kg OH Press: 55kg 62.5kg 65kg Diet (As of 18/9/17) Ketogenic 2000-2200cals < 50g Carbs a day Goals: Drop 10kg by end of the year (ish. This can happen much sooner, or on the date. First goal is to weigh less than 100kg Feel free to drop a line and let me know what I'm doing wrong, or suggestions and such. I'm going to try and get in all my workouts and the odd random thought, rant about whatever I'm watching on TV, meme. We'll see how things go.