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  1. I love Advent season. My family has lots of traditions and we try to make it a special time of year. Some of our traditions this year are not happening, though thankfully some still can. I will hopefully think of other things we can do to make this time of year a special time. I'm going to keep my goals simple. Goal 1 Ignite my Superpowers; My superpowers are the values I have pertaining to food and fitness (and other things too) I use them to help me make decisions. My superpowers are Joy, family, and self control. These are really helpful this time of year. Self control rem
  2. Part of me loves this time of year, and part of me dreads it. I love the cold, clear days, the colors of the leaves, and the crunching sound they make as I tromp on them. The shorter days, rainier weather, and the looming aspect of even shorter days tend to give me less energy, and tend to make me just want to hibernate. The best way I've found to conquer the hard part is to embrace it. I realize that in the spring and summer I have more energy, so I tend to stay up later ,and do more things in the evening. Fall is a time for coziness, reading,watching TV, gaming , or crafting in the evening.
  3. BODY I just realized how out-of-shape I am when I was out of breath I was while I was cutting weeds in the yard. I almost passed out from the heat after mowing the lawn the other day, and I have to deal with what reminds me of the beginnings of an asthma attack from my youth. This is bad. I also recently did blood tests, and I have a horrendous cholesterol profile (high LDL, low HDL), high liver enzymes, terrible kidney health, constant borderline hypertension, and total Testosterone of like 300. Though it's tempting to "hack" my T levels to get teh gainz, I'm thinking the best way wou
  4. Hiro, hero for hire. Ruthless, intelligent, efficient. You have an impossible problem, then he's the man to call. Slim, trim, cocky grin, completely self contained and self assured. He stays in peak physical condition through training and daily activity. His body looks like it was carved out of wood, strong and capable, lean and hard, without bulk, but flexible and defined. He has more than enough energy to run, jump, and play all day, with energy to burn, never stopping and never quitting until he is done. He has a warrior heart. Being a Warrio
  5. Hey, as my gym membership comes to an end in little more than a month I'm becoming more positive that it would be best to get some stuff and start lifting heavy, at home. Now, are there any specifics I have to pay attention to? I've been looking around on internet shops and found some nice gear but I'm not really sure what to look out for. The bench of my desire is adjustable in 3 different heights, 4 different positions (making it suitable for flat bench press, incline and even decline! ) with a max loadabilty of 250kg (conside my bw at roughly 80kg and that's more than enough for some time).
  6. . I got my ass whooped on the last challenge. But the good thing is that it's a video game, and we can always start over. It may not be where we left off, but you at least know where the traps are the second time around. What I've learned is that if I come home at night and it doesn't happen, it's probably not going to, especially if I have to cook dinner. So the goal is to get these Swings and Getups in early on during the day. WEEK 0 Sun - NO Mo - NO Tue - NO Wed - YES Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 1
  7. Hiro, hero for hire. Ruthless, intelligent, efficient. You have an impossible problem, then he's the man to call. Slim, trim, cocky grin, completely self contained and self assured. He stays in peak physical condition through training and daily activity. His body looks like it was carved out of wood, strong and capable, lean and hard, without bulk, but flexible and defined.  He has more than enough energy to run, jump, and play all day, with energy to burn, never stopping and never quitting until he is done.  ------------------------------ 
  8. This challenge is all about.... life after the kettlebell sport world championship. So while I'll be talking about that a lot, the main thing I want to do during this challenge is enjoying the freedom of not having an important competition to prep for! That means it's time to do some serious strength training AND lots of play I'm choosing a journaling theme because I want to reflect, practice my writing, practice sharing AND I'm just really enjoying my bullet journal.. it's been a bit life changing, so I want to share about that a bit too perhaps. G
  9. Right after this challenge is the kettlebell sport world championship. It's in a giant sport complex just outside of Dublin on 23-26th of may. I'll be competing in second division, which for women uses 2x16kg kettlebells. (First division is 2x20kg, Pro devision is 2x24kg). I'll also be playing representative to my national federation and coaching my team. There'll be around 18 people from the Netherlands, at least 10 from my gym/team. We have no Pro lifters yet, but I do have 2 lifters in first division this year. So... challenge; 1. Train - every week; sna
  10. This is the last challenge before the challenge that includes the kettlebell sport world championship.. and it's a busy challenge in it's own right, I've got our own annual competition coming up (april 6th) a training camp hosted by yours truly right after and a terribly timed weekend away with family before all that. What's kettlebell sport you ask? Well.. doing this (first jerk, then snatch) for 10 minutes, for as many reps as possible without putting the bell down. Or switching hands more than once on snatch. What needs to happen is making sure my head does
  11. Eddy Merckx and The Man With the Hammer by Jan Cleijne
  12. I try to start building each challenge with an eye on my great big life Quest, which is to lengthen and enjoy my time on Earth. I've been thinking that the way to accomplish this is through building healthful habits as both the means and the end. This challenge will be about the daily work of cementing these habits of self-improvement. So here we go. Food. I want to eat mindfully every day. At this point I have a number of tools in my kit for making this happen, I just have to build the habit of using them. Fitness. I want to exercise more days than not, so the go
  13. Hi guys. I'm just wondering If I should be doing the NF Kettlebell Routine on day A, and the Bodyweight Routine on day B. Repeat. Is that giving my muscles time to rest since they are body full body workouts?
  14. Local time is 11.13 pm. It's Sunday night. I should be asleep, but I'm not. I was in bed for an hour, wide awake. I finally got back up. This strategy often works for me. I'll go give it another try after I finish this post. Last challenge didn't go so well for me. I started pretty strong, but I lost all discipline in the middle. I became obsessed with one form of exercise, to the point of not wanting to do any other. Ironically, I had set out at the beginning of the challenge to avoid this very thing. In week four the obsession faded a bit, in part because my doctor and
  15. The Forced Evolutionary Virus is used by The Master (in the form of vats of green goo) to turn humans into super mutants. The results are significant increases in muscle mass, but usually accompanied by decline in cognitive ability. And sterility. This is a good thing. I overthink things instead of just lifting heavy, so I'm just following a program without analyzing all the variables. I'm married, so I don't have sex anyway. And drinking my Greens will be my own form of gross daily exposure to FEV. HRV, BP, and Weight will be monitored of course because we're scientists, not animals.
  16. I wanted to start on date but as always, Monday came and went... and here I am, at least not a week late xD! First of all, hope you're having a great start of the year. South here we were having great summer, beach days until a polar front passed over. So we went from over 30ºC to almost 10ºC. Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. – Bruce Lee My mantra this month. Losing weight. I can't count calories, I've tried... but I've failed. So I'm sticking with dish sizes, portion and not ha
  17. Hey All, I'm back. Last challenge went well, I didn't hit everything I wanted to, but life is a process. Big Picture *Current Weight: 240lbs *Goal Weight: 175lbs swinging for the fences here, I haven't seen this since high school 16 years ago *Short Term Goal: Weigh 235lbs by the end of the challenge. Adulting: *Two items from Flylady's detail cleaning per day *One more thing that is adultish here Movement: *Simple and Sinister 5 times a week *Fighter Pullup Program 5 times a week Eating: *Practice 16/8 Int
  18. We have done a good job of keeping our town safe.For now anyway, Metropolis is free from villains. Which is great. But also, well, truthfully, kind of boring.What's a super hero to do when she doesn't have any villains to fight? I was sitting in my easy chair, reading a book, sipping on some pumpkin spice tea, secretly hoping I would be called out on a mission. So when my secret superhero phone beeped, I quickly darted over to check it. Hmm, it was a text from Jessie Graff. She and I had become buddies one day after I had saved her from the evil Villain Giganta. I opened the text and read:
  19. Hi All, A long while back I started my NF journey with the Monks. I took some time off of the forums and have bounced around between the different guilds and have found my way back here. Originally the family and I were attending classes at a Kajukenbo dojo but ended up stopping because it didn't fit into our schedule (Getting off work, driving a half hour home, pick up the miniBrowncoat, half hour back to the dojo, hour for class, half hour home plus homework, cooking, household chores, led to burnout right quick). I do miss the activity though, and the miniBrowncoat has been asking if h
  20. WhitebeltBrowncoat Respawns Hi all, It's been a while since I have done one of these challenges, and the first time doing one with the Rangers. Here's a bit of background about me. I just turned 34, am married, and have an 8-year old Mini-Browncoat. The wife and I have decided that we need to get healthy. I did a handful of challenges with the Monks, did one with the Assassins, and now thought I would give the Rangers a try. Major Goal: Lose 60 Pounds Right now I'm tipping the scales at 245. Not the heaviest I've ever been, but getting close. My goal weight is 185. I was
  21. Hey Rangers! This month, I'm following up with last month's theme, but a little different. Same questline, with 2 award levels, just different tasks. 1. Walking: Distance/frequency TBD 2. Kettlebell/weight workout: Frequency TBD 3. Chores: TBD Loot: TBD, but completing the Weightlifting quest snags a bonus Tuff N Tiny "Squattle" Tank Top
  22. Excited to report that I survived the Newbie Training Ground with 42 days of consistent posts and am moving on to the next challenge as....RANGER!!! This is my class until I hit my 50lb weight loss goal and one more step closer to my goal of ultimate awesomeness. Full official Ranger challenge post here: On to the good stuff, getting this second challenge party started... Day 1: Weight: 213.4 lbs Sleep: 7 Hours Bed Time: 9:00pm Water: 1 Gallon Meditation: 10 min evening meditation Mood: Quite the weekend, feels like I need a w
  23. Excited to begin my first non-newbie challenge! There was definitely a lot of tweaking last time but feel like I learned a lot. Biggest challenge last time was either overdoing it or too much rest leading to tweaking an old back injury or just being very very grouchy. Main change is I’ve decided to hold off on running until i can lose some more weight. I was starting to hit some decent distances but my knees were definitely paying the price. There will be time enough for that later but for the time being kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, sleep and lots of water are going to be the
  24. New challenge. Starting Early. 1. Part-time Wasteland Walker Limiting my Fallout time. Fallout ends at noon. Even on weekends. Can't be babysitting settlements all day. 2. Quest Log part 2 Now that the whiteboard has been established, I'm incorporating Sunday chores in there, to include assignment list, meal prepping, training updates, and FB scheduled posts. 3. Atos I pretty much put the minimum in the Program Minimum (Simple & Sinister). Now I'll add another day, following Atos kettlebell complex from Hector's Kettlebell
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