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Found 6 results

  1. EDIT: CHALLENGEME!!! I want to get going on Pullups, and i want others to join in cause a little competition works wonders for me! Real easy, pick a thing you want to get better in and do it in a GtG style of way throughout the challenge. Let me know (here on my thread or on your own) how many sets a day you did and we will get a little competition going. Okay some tips: Do half of what you are capable of at a time. I can do 2 consecutive pullups, so i'm gonna start with a set of one at a time. Try to get in as much "sets" as p
  2. Lose weight Pullup Lift Run
  3. 212. That's what the scale said this morning. I was over 220 pounds in January of 2016. So, I'm better off than a year ago. However, in my best estimation, I feel like my best weight would be in the low to mid 190's depending on the amount of lean mass I'm carrying. So, it's time to begin working on that while reminding myself to "Keep It Simple Stupid". I had my best results last year when I picked a plan and stuck to it. My ultimate goal is to finish 2017 in that weight range of 190-195. This is how I'm planning on starting the year to achieve it: Goal 1: Lift 3x/week - This is
  4. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Ok, so I was planning on a ludicrously complicated challenge this time round (which may be on the cards still in the future), but I realised a lot of my problems may have been caused by getting overwhelmed and trying to do to much, So this challenge I'm going to KISS. Stick to Workout Plan - 30XP What? Stick to my current workout plan Why? I'm training for an OCR. Warrior Run 2nd October. And I'm mildly terrified. How? Follow this weekly plan: M: Circuit training T: Run W: Legs/Shoulders
  5. No not this: This: Welcome to Challenge 16, wow where did all the time go?! I've been struggling lately with getting back on track after a few crazy months at the back end of last year so this challenge is all about getting my old habits back and keeping it simple and acheivable. Goal 1: Lift twice a week I was going to make this 3 times a week but I need to get a habit going so I will lift on Thursday and Saturday. Goal 2: No sugar Ah the sugar monster has crept back into my world and needs to be banished once again. Goal 3: Squash I need to get back to playing squash. I t
  6. Last challenge I found myself a little bit vague and wandering, lacking a sense of purpose. Without set restrictions on what I could and couldn't eat I found myself indulging more and eating more stuff I knew I shouldn't be. I still made improvements physically - running for longer and doing more push ups - but I know I can do so much better. So this challenge I'm going to be focussing on improving my physical form more then any higher consciousness type challenges typically found over at the Druids. Shape shifting as a druid requires a certain knowledge about one's true form… And mine has
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