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Found 1 result

  1. *emerges from a secretive cave beneath a mysterious mountain a week late, as is per the norm lately~* OHO~ Crap guys it sure has been a while huh. HELLO HI GREETINGS! Jeez, where do I even start now?? Okokok, TL;DR version RQ - Last August I uprooted my entire life in North Carolina to move back home to Massachusetts. It’s been a long and, at times, heavy adjustment period as Literally Every Aspect of My Life Was Different. It’s been almost a year since the move and I feel like I’m finally at a point where I’ve settled into a comfy work/life balance - I’ve been at my job for 6 months now and I ABSOLUTELY love it, like, I just, there are no words for how happy I am to work where I do. I love being back home in New England, my sleep schedule is FINALLY regulated so I’m not all strung out, I’m able to integrate my job and my commute with getting to the gym and getting outside and doing things and still being able to lead my XIV FC events and have fun and be social without stretching myself too thin and it’s just. GREAT. V. v. great. So this is the part where I try to slowly add one more plate to my balancing act, and it’s returning to have a presence here. While I won’t be nearly as active as I used to be - work is SUPER strict about internetting on the clock - which I don’t mind at all but it’s v. different from my previous job where I was Around All The Time. I want to do my best to post when I can on my lunchtimes and on weekends, so I guess I’ll just..... Do my best?? Very Simple Goals: Gym, 2-3 times a week. I’ve been doing this! Go team!! Planet Fitness is really my only option and I’m discovering it’s really not the worst, but there sure are some Characters up in there. Keep batch-cooking meals. I’ve been doing this too! It’s definitely made a difference nutritionally and also FINANCIALLY. My weight/comp sure isn’t where it was when I was powerlifting, but frankly I could give a fuck because I am actively living my best life right now so, YOLO~ Keep posting here, and tackle life as it comes. And start checking in on everyone else more too! I MISS Y’ALL!! I want to know what’s going on in your lives so I’m going to do my best to carve out time for posting. I have lots to talk about - buying a new car soon! - visiting the New England coast for a week before Halloween with The Boy! - finally getting the tattoo I’ve wanted for ages! - I’m growing tomatoes in the backyard! - Finnegan related shenanigans! - and of course, the 3976 video games I’m playing........ OKAY here's to keeping up and LIVING OUR BEST LIVES WOOOOOO PARTY TIME Y'ALL LET'SGO~ ~ ~ ~