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Found 8 results

  1. The last challenge—well, the last couple of months, really—have been ones of new challenges. Too many challenges. Challenge 1: Lockdown restrictions. Needed, necessary and I support them 100%. But being restricted to one outing a day and all of the myriad complications around having a toddler when everything is canceled and you have to keep them distanced as well... it’s not easy, you guys. Challenge 2: Enting. There’s all that Lockdown stuff, and then there’s the issue where the toddler has also gone through some kind of developmental change which has caused severe sep
  2. I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and mother of a young toddler. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I long to live in the English countryside, in a stone house with a large garden that grows most of our herbs, vegetables, and fruit. But that time is out in the future—for
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and I was wondering if there's any Rebel Londoner in here. It would be cool to organize something together, like a run or anything else. Cheers
  4. Hey there fellow Rebels! My first challenge, so let me know if I'm doing it wrong. My introduction thread In brief: horror/zombie fan, goals: lose body fat, improve flexibility, master my own bodyweight! Challenge 1 (fitness): Complete strength training (either bodyweight or weight based) 3 x weekly. I'm starting from a relatively good position of having done this either 2 or 3 x weekly for the last 3 weeks... but before then... NOTHING for the last 2 years! So I'm hoping to instill some good habits and hopefully progress my workout a little so I can s
  5. After a few weeks of browsing, I've finally decided to sign up and make an introduction post! I'm a 30-something lawyer living in London who wants to take back control of her life. Specifically, I want to survive the apocalypse (hence the username). I've been a lifetime fan of horror movies, post-apocalyptic fiction, and stories of lone wilderness survival: last year I spent a fascinating and very very fun few months as a cast member in a popular zombie immersive theatre event, running around and throwing myself against walls (and audience members). However, when Secret
  6. Hey European NF folks! The wife and I are heading to the UK for a trip in the coming month or so and won't mind meeting a few like minded folks. We're heading to London for a few days then taking the train to Edinburgh for a while before heading back to London then home. We know we'll be going to Draughts in London as it seems to be semi-near our hotel and looks like a nifty place to spend some time. Even if you're not in London/ Edinburgh if you've been and have suggestions for to-dos we'll take those too!
  7. This is my first challenge with NF, and I'm really excited to get stuck in. This challenge coincides with a big change in my life too - I'll have just moved to London to start a PhD, so I'm looking at this as a new start or a blank slate, and a chance to move away from all the bad habits and routines I've gotten into whilst I've been at home over the summer. Logically, my challenge will focus on establishing patterns, routines, and a healthy outlook which I think will be easier to stick to if I make it part of my 'London experience' to begin with, rather than later adapting my life to fit arou
  8. I am an American law student who was accepted to study in Switzerland this coming semester. Classes ended here in December, and start there in mid-February. I'm using my extended break (we usually restart in mid-January here) to fit in some traveling. The best deal I could get on a ticket has me landing at Heathrow at 0600-something on 21 January, and departing at 0700ish on 1 February, which thrills me no end. I've always wanted to explore the U.K. Of course, the rub is that I don't know anyone outside the U.S., and I'm not terribly good at striking up random friendships with people (Mo
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