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Found 1 result

  1. jstanlick refines the process

    The last 2 challenges have been about me getting used to this whole diabetes idea and figuring out who to handle this sans medication. As a result, I've lowered my glucose numbers from the 200's down to around 105. I've also dropped 7 pounds after dropping 15 before getting this wonderful news exactly 2 months ago to the date. But, being a data guy, I've been tracking all of the data I can think of as well as reading every study I can find, watching tons of talks on diabetes and asking the nutritionist in my diabetes education classes a bunch of questions. I think I've got a pretty good idea at this point as to what works for me and what doesn't. I'm still open to other ideas and viewpoints and will still be trying some different things out, but I will mostly be zeroing in on what provides the best benefits to me. Why? Because, ultimately, life your life or mine is lived as n=1. Yes, there are tons of studies and stats suggesting one thing or another, but you have to live your own life. I had neighbor who was diagnosed with some kind of cancer in his nasal passages. The doctors told him that 95% of patients come through treatment with no more cancer found and go on to live many more years of life. Unfortunately for Jim, he was one of the 5%. Before he died he mentioned how he knows why doctors use statistics, but it doesn't really matter if the odds are 1 in 10,000,000 if you're the one. So, I've found what I think works and I'm building my challenge goals around that. Ultimately, I have new lab tests coming up in 1 month. I want to get my average blood glucose readings under 105. I'm not going to track that as a challenge goal. I've decided rather to track the process instead of the goal. I believe if I track the process the goal will take care of its self. Carbs under 100 g. I'm not going to concentrate on sugar this time around or even net carbs. Just carbs. My numbers get better the lower my carb intake goes. I'm also not going to use an average for the week. Each day that's under 100 get +1 points, between 100 and 150 is 0 points. Over 150 is -1 points. HIIT workouts 3x/week. These beat the crap out any high numbers I have. For example, on Tuesday before one of these workouts my glucose reading was 143 (highest reading in 2 weeks). Immediately after Tuesday's workout, it was 80. So, these certainly burn up a lot of excess sugar in the blood. The down side is that I'm completely spent afterwards and need some recovery time. So, only 3 per week. +1.5 pt for each workout completed. Fiber over 30 g/day. I'm upping the ante and probably getting into supplementing. Why? Well, first of all 30 g is getting closer to what most people should be consuming. But, someone who is not eating grains really needs to make sure they are getting enough fiber. Plus, on days when this is higher, my blood sugar is lower. So, +1 pt for over 30, 0 pts for 22 - 30 and -1 pt for under 22. Weightlifting 2x/week. These workouts seem to have a bigger impact on blood sugar than long runs or walking does. I'm much better at doing the long runs or walking. Hence, I have no goal for those things since I'm already doing a good job of those. +1.5 pt for each workout. That creates 86 possible points with almost a 2:1 ratio of nutrition to exercise. Nutrition plays the biggest part in this so that ratio feels about right. Grading of this challenge will be as follows: 77 - 86 is an A (this challenge ends on my birthday and includes Easter so there may be a few days of lost nutrition points) 68 - 76 is a B 59 - 67 is a C 52 - 58 is a D 51 or lower is a FAIL Additionally, there may or may not be extra credit granted to the overall score depending on how my A1C test turns out in a month. Let's see how this goes.