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Found 1 result

  1. DJtrippyT

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    Okay, so I had my reentry challenge which was just for fun, but now we’re gonna get in the ring and start swinging. My fitness level has improved quite a bit over the last couple of years - I can do things that would have been an absolute joke if you suggested them then, and I’m as strong as an ox, which is great, but I haven’t leaned out and I still think I’m lurching dangerously close to some health problems like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, coronary artery disease, arthritis, bubonic plague… Well maybe not that last one. So I’m going to spend this challenge working on my nutrition, and on getting my blood pressure and blood sugar in check. I’ve had some success getting my BP down but it’s still in the hypertension range, and while my fasting blood sugar (the test for diabetes) is just within range, I want to get it solidly into the normal zone. I’m hoping a positive side effect of fine tuning these things will be some fat loss, because I work too hard be not getting the physical results I want, and I have a big bike event at the end of the summer that would be vastly easier/faster if I can improve those biomarkers. Watching me poke my finger with a blood sugar monitor and stick my arm in a blood pressure cuff is not visually exciting, however, and everyone can use a little KUNG -FU NINJA WARRIOR WONDER WOMAN BADASSERY in their lives, so we’re going to have some fun and get inspired by some AWESOME FEMALE ATHLETES! While we watch stunt women, parkourists, aerialists, ninja warriors, crossfit champs, Olympians, and ballet dancers (HARDER THAN IT LOOKS, PEOPLE) storm across my thread like a hurricane of power and grace and much more competent coordination than I have, I will do the following not-nearly-as-exciting things: For my Blood Sugar, and avoidance of the diabeetus: Check my blood sugar every morning and track. Goal: under 95 for morning fasted blood sugar High protein, low carb breakfast No sugary beverages (soda, juice, etc) Do a brief movement session after meals, especially meals with carbs For my Blood Pressure, and avoidance of the brain exploding: Check my blood pressure once a week and track Eat soba noodles 3x weekly Drink 64 ounces of water daily Get 4700mg of Potassium daily (this is the USDA recommended level) Meditate daily The potassium is important because the newest info indicates that high blood pressure is more effected by a LACK of potassium rather than an excess of sodium (I believe Elastigirl turned me on to this), and the soba noodles have a flavonoid in them, rutin, that helps relax the blood vessels and thus lowers the blood pressure. Three servings a week seems to be the effective dose; daily consumption doesn’t make a larger difference. Weird. My current biomarkers are: Morning blood sugar: 98 (average) Blood pressure: 159/95 (average) Weight: 216 Waist circumference 45.5” , but it’s shark week so I’m calling bullshit for bloating. Because all work and no play makes Trippy a dull Amazon, I will reward myself with a small treat for each week I stay on track. Week Zero: new bike helmet Week One: afternoon at the Korean spa Week Two: uh…. I haven’t thought this out, to be honest And that’s it! LET'S DO THIS I HAVE WORLDS TO CONQUER AND LEATHER OUTFITS TO WEAR I’ll also bore you with my workouts. I apologize.