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  1. This is a short cycle, but I’m determined to roll into this new year on track. At the start of this challenge, I’ll be on vacation celebrating my 40th(!!!) birthday with friends in a place I never imagined I’d actually get to visit. I plan to OD on junglescapes, Insta-worthy healthy food, yoga, boutique shopping and (hopefully) some culture. While I’m put, my goal is to maintain or increase my yoga schedule (a solid 2x a week - hoping for 3), and look into which other classes I might want to get into. Word around the campfire is that more friends are moving on, so I nee
  2. It's not about the fact that you stopped, but about starting again, as many times as you need to. Been thinking a lot about body image, mental health, and how exercise ties in so closely with both of those things. My story so far ... I joined Nerd Fitness and was successful in losing the 20lbs I'd wanted to lose for years. But I stopped working out nearly two years ago because my knee was hurting so much and my physiotherapist said she'd show me how to do squats properly. She never did. I went through a rough break up ~six months later and didn't have the me
  3. Despite being disappointed by my last challenge performance, overall I've made some great life changes, so I've decided this challenge is going to be more about setting myself up for success and holding on to the habits I've been developing thru the last couple challenges. Quest #1 - Food Avoid eating a giant bowl of carbs as a meal Vegetables or fruit with every meal Healthy snacks (yogurt, nuts) instead of garbage snacks (CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS) Quest #2 - Exercise Do physical activity at least once a week (gardening totally counts) Quest
  4. I had a pretty great challenge last round! I've made really great progress on getting good sleep on a regular basis. I'm stretching fairly regularly. I have an art project in mind and a due date (a gift for my parents' 40th anniversary in April). I have specific exercises I want to add back into my daily routine (i.e. desk pushups). So this challenge's goals are identical to the last one! I will keep logging in my paper logbook, and report my numbers on a weekly basis. Goals Sleep more than 7 hours 7x per week Stretch 3x per week Make art 1x per week Try som
  5. Happy New Year, Happy ZERO Week, Happy New Challenge! Right into things, then: 1. Use my fancy schmancy new spreadsheet to track ALL THE THINGS. Daily weight, daily calories. 2. Lift 3x per week, good ol' 5x5. Log here. 3. Find maintenance. I anticipate that will be 2380, but am still on the hunt. Once found, stay there through the end of this challenge. 4. LUYL: spread more positivity. This can be here, through positive posts to others, at work, to myself, or randomly at any other time. So...don't be Randal whe
  6. I tried to prioritize ukulele practice last challenge, but it just didn't happen. I'm not ready, and I've got too much else on my plate. I still want to learn, and my younger kid wants to learn, too, but I don't have the spoons. So I want to focus on how to replenish my spoons in a sustainable way. Partly inspired by this blog post, which says: "The painful self-care I am doing now is coming to terms with the fact that I have built my life around performing only the best parts of myself for other people, or performing for myself to project an image of who I would like to be." This
  7. So, clearly I took the red pill. Let's see about that rabbit hole! Alright then...the goals: 1. Stay within the weekly calorie goals until I hit maintenance. November 28 - Dec 4 - goal: 1880 daily calories Dec 5 - Dec 11 - goal 1980 daily calories Dec 12 - Dec 18 - 2080 daily calories Dec 19 - Dec 25 - 2180 daily calories (Allowable eat like a jerk day on Christmas - track but don't include in the average.) Dec 26 - Jan 1 - probably 2280 calories, although I reserve the right to change any of these if maintenance happens sooner tha
  8. Last challenge I actually managed to improve my sleep! WOO. I definitely noticed a difference. I need to keep working on that. I also started back on stretching and some fitness stuff, and that feels really good. I want to keep that going, too. Same goals, keep on going. This challenge I will: Get at least seven hours of sleep five nights per week Do something creative five times per week (ukulele, art, writing, photography, baking) Do something for my body five times per week (stretch, meditate, sledgehammer, hulahoop, walk home from the subway, get a massage, do
  9. Earlier this month I got to spend five days at a beach house in Grand Bend on Lake Huron. It felt like coming home. I've called myself a mermaid for years, and here was a whole community that felt like it was just for me. I loved the pace, sitting around flipping LPs on the record player, watching the waves, feeling the breeze, being myself with my friends, and enjoying everything about the aesthetics, too. I used to wear the kinds of clothes I ended up buying while I was there. I know fashions come and go, and it was great to get back into the things I was so comfortable in as a teenager. Com
  10. EG was a rather ordinary hobbit. She was short, with rather large hairy feet, and spent a good deal of time with her nose pressed into a book. Her favorite books were fantasies and adventures. She loved to read about heroes on dangerous quests, finding treasure and slaying dragons. Sometimes, she would even imagine that she was one of the heroes in the story. Of course, she knew that she never really would go on a quest. After all, she was a hobbit. Hobbits stayed home. Why else would they have such cozy homes? Let others do the adventuring, hobbits weren’t that sort. At least that
  11. Edited to add my disclaimer: I'm queer, genderqueer, poly, and kinky. I keep this pretty SFW, and anything otherwise will be tagged as such. The photos I share here are SFW, but if you go to my Instagram page, some are a little less so! Enjoy! It's time to switch things up. I'm maintaining well at just over 140lbs, even while I was eating whatever on vacation. I'm biking thanks to the nice weather, stretching every now and then, spending time with people who lift me up, and generally feeling pretty good. With that, I'm going to focus on two things from previous challen
  12. I dialed it waaaay back last challenge, and I did pretty well. I'm in a much better place now than I was four weeks ago. Keeping on keeping on. Rebuilding, making my life sustainable and happy. Challenge goals: Mind: be kind to myself, meditate, look after my emotions, ask for help when things are hard, share. Body: move my body, stretch, get outside, get in the pool. Work: write (fiction and cover letters), submit (manuscripts and resumes), learn (video editing software, website building). Content warning: I'm a tree-hugging queer nonbinary polyamorous
  13. Wow 4th challenge already this year! The first quarter went by fast. I just read Steven Pressfield's War of Art and I'm most enamored of his discussion of "territory". According to him our territories have 5 qualities "A territory provides sustenance, A territory sustains us without any external input, A territory can only be claimed alone, A territory can only be claimed by work, A territory returns exactly what you put in". I have some territory in my life. Dance has always been one. Strength training has been recently annexed. Sitting down to learn a new thing is
  14. Still figuring out specific goals for this next round. Please entertain yourself with this for now! NOW UPDATED! NOW WITH ACTUAL CHALLENGE GOALS!! It should be of little surprise to anyone who has followed me on here for any amount of time that I keep a full plate... PLATES!! of things to do at all times. Sometimes I end up feeling I have that one too many plates stacked and I get super stressed out and overwhelmed. An excellent example -- this week would have been nuts anyway, but then LIFE HAD TO GO AND HAPPEN and someone hit my parked car la
  15. Okay so pretty much a natural continuation of my last challenge but with a competition and holiday dropped in! The big things happening in April are: I compete again on Sunday 17th of April. It's a big one because I need to hit a qualifying total (525kg at 83kg) to qualify for the Scottish Classic this year I have two weeks off work from Monday 18th of April (SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS) I go on holiday to Spain for a week on Thursday 21st of April I should also break the 500 lb mark in the deadlift either tomorrow in or competition itself. I don't normally
  16. The last couple of challenges have been mainly about setting a good balance between life, work and the gym and lifting in competition for the first time in powerlifting. Now I want to start addressing more specific things to help set myself up properly for hopefully qualifying for the British Classic next year. 1. Maintain my weight I need to maintain my weight between 84kg-85kg to easily make weight for competition at 83kg without needing to do anything crazy. I'll record this through daily weigh-ins and will use weekly average to measure how things are going, since my weight is always
  17. This is sort of a maintenance challenge for me. I'm competing in powerlifting for the first time on Sunday so I'm pretty much fixed into a routine for the initial week. After that it's going to be about keeping up the good things from the last challenge and focusing on maintaining a good, stable balance between lifting, work and life stuff. Goals! 1. Compete! I am competing in powerlifting for the first time on Sunday 7th of February. IPF-affiliated 83kg class. Planned lifts are mainly submaximal as I'm aiming to go 9/9. 190kg squat, 100kg bench, 220kg deadlift. 2. Maintain! I starte
  18. The last few months have been HARD. Between preparing for a wedding and the subsequent comedown, work stress, trying to make progress in the gym and cutting weight, I managed to really wear myself down towards the end of 2015. I've had the Christmas and New Year break to recharge, reflect on the last few months and consider my priorities going forward. Some things have changed - I've decided I need a break from dieting and am looking to hold my weight steady for a couple of months before getting down to 83kg for a provisional competition in April. So I'm no longer working with a nutrition co
  19. So….it’s that time again, guys and gals. Fall is in the air, the holiday season is just around the corner, a new challenge is up and ready to roll...oh, what’s this? I’m not in the Assassin’s Den anymore, I’m standing in a strange...courtyard thing. Huh. Well, there’s that. I feel introductions are in order, as this is my first foray into the mist-shrouded lands of martial arts-dom. I am a 28 year old tiny tank who lifts like it’s going out fashion whilst dwelling with the Assassins and living the dream of being a true Warrior by way of the Monastery. Can a tank be a Monk
  20. MAIN QUEST: Continue self-improvement, become a Triple Threat (act, sing, and dance awesomely), and don't burn out! Every third challenge, I burn out, and I spend the challenge after that licking my wounds and trying to get back on the horse. Not this time! I will continue the hard work I’ve put in instead of taking a step back, because Reborn would expect no less from one who is to become head of the Vongola Family, so why should I expect any less from myself? QUEST 1: EAT TO SURVIVE REBORN’S TRAINING [+3 CON] Reborn’s training is brutal, and it’s impossible to survive without
  21. Survival of all or none My second challenge overall. I am not aiming to do any fancy leaps this 6WC - but still it seems I'm unable to slim down this huge list of mine. On top of that comes that I overdid things last challenge and had a painful experience with my shoulders, slowing me down on that end, which -in a way- is a blessing. QUEST#1 Do one thing at a time aka Hack down Ze List of Doom In August starts the new application phase for the 2016 apprenticeships. I have a heap of hurdles to clear until then so getting the list of doom under control is the major thing for this challen
  22. Nothing fancy this time around, the overall goal is to keep on keeping on. Silks 1st performance done! Had a blast and learned a lot. Video is exceptionally helpful in pointing out weak points on this apparatus. Current class session runs until the end of November, then it looks like some schedule funkiness at the circus gym and my teacher is going to be gone for most of the month of December (!?). I'll have to ask about that during next class. Goal: Do silks. Love it. Work on neatening up form (pointed toes; straight legs and arms, or purposeful bending; no extraneous movements; etc.) F
  23. So the last challenge went fairly well. I stuck to my training goal, I figured out that bulking is far too stressful for me at the moment and I tried to get the proper promotion, even if I failed at the first hurdle. I'm now looking at alternate routes to a smaller promotion and trying to work out what I want to do with my life. My unit head (manager's manager) asked me on Thursday what I saw myself doing in five years time and I just didn't have a clue. I really don't know what I want to do at all. I've just been stumbling along with no eye on the future because I was just happy to have a j
  24. So I'm back for the second challenge, even though I said I'd miss out on this one! In case you haven't seen me around before (I guess only the bunch of Adventurers in RPG Fanatics know me), here's my Intro post and first challenge thread. I have worked out almost daily since November last year when I began on my fitness journey. And since I'm having my finals right now and having completed the 6 week challenge, I've slacked up and stopped exercising to focus on studying. Sounds logical? Guess what, my body is feeling the effects of exercise withdrawal. My body is just restless all the
  25. I am 52. I am Paleo, however, I live with people who "don't believe in it." I gave them links to the Beginner's Guide so they could understand. The more aggressive roommate read a couple of sentences, pronounced it "Atkins" and told me I needed to eat grains and no diet that wouldn't let me have a little cheese when I wanted it was any good (She didn't have a response when I asked it it was heroin I wanted instead of cheese). Since then, she's taken over cooking for the group, mostly stir fried food with the rice already added. Then gets pissed when I won't eat it. I don't want to compromis
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