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Found 1 result

  1. therealkat

    therealkat :: Monster Hunter

    So I've been obsessively playing Monster Hunter to the point that when I see a Unique Mushroom Colony in real life, I want to collect it. MUST SCAVENGE ALL THE THINGS! So this challenge is two fold. I want to get better at life and better at Monster Hunter. I had a bit of a meltdown the other night crying on my couch about how much better everyone in our Squad is than me... and the guy I'm seeing (GIS) and I agreed that we'll watch a bunch of beginner tutorials together so I can #getgood. Only kind of embarrassed about crying over a video game... ANYWAY I also was gifted a race in Canada in September, so running and cross training are also a focus. And my food, man. Gonna be a new 'fun' food challenge... If I unlock enough points, I can kill me a Zorah Magdaros. I won't pretend I could take on and elder dragon on my own... So let's just assume my team and all our Palicos are there, too. Or Zorah gonna fry my butt. Stamina Running 3x Per Week - changing up from the RFW app back to Zombies, Run. I am WAY more into ZR and the last two times I did RFW my heart rate went insane. I tend to interval with ZR, so this should work for me for now. Run for a song, walk during the mission, repeat. Gotta out run some of the bigger monsters... 3 points per week, 15 points total Week 0 :: 2/3 Week 1 :: 0/3 Week 2 :: 0/3 Week 3 :: 0/3 Week 4 :: 0/3 Passive Goal: Lose 5 pounds during this challenge In Game Goal: Get 10 runs, Slay a Great Jagaras Weapons Training Cross Training 4x Per Week - NEW (kinda). I have access to LIIFT4 on Beachbody, which is a lifting and HIIT program. It's only 30 min 4x per week... so I want to try this out badly. I need more weights in my program and I think I can handle this. I have to be strong enough to carry and swing my weapon of choice, so all this muscle work will help. 4 points per week, 16 points total Week 0 :: 3/4 Week 1 :: 3/4 Week 2 :: 2/4 Week 3 :: 0/4 Week 4 :: 0/4 Passive Goal: Fit back into my size 8 jeans. In Game Goal: Do 3 weeks of LIIFT4 in a row, Slay a Barroth Foraging The house still need cleaning, and digging through that mess often feels like foraging. And just like in MHW, I need to learn how to keep what I need and toss what I don't. So the goal here is to pick a project a week to keep the house up. 1 point per week, 5 points total Week 0 :: 1/1 Week 1 :: 1/1 Week 2 :: 0/1 Week 3 :: 0/1 Week 4 :: 0/1 Passive Goal: Find some kind of way to manage this all on my own... In Game Goal: Get 3 house projects done, Slay a Paolumu (cause he looks like a flying dust ball... get it?) Canteen You've gotta eat before you go off to slay monsters. The Felynes that cook do so to keep me healthy... So maybe I should do the same for myself? Probably. This is a meal prep quest. If I prep my meals for the week, I get the point. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner -- only one night eating out per week. SIDE QUEST here is to keep my food bill under $75 each week. This has been a problem since I'm learning how to cook for one and it's been... hard. 7 points per week, 35 points total Week 0 :: 5/7 Week 1 :: 3/7 Week 2 :: 4/7 Week 3 :: 0/7 Week 4 :: 0/7 Passive Goal: Getting into the habit of buying what I need and taking time to cook. In Game Goal: Successfully only spend $75 two out of four weeks, slay a Kulu-Ya-Ku Investigations Read and watch Monster Hunter: World tutorials. Easy, right? Nawh. Then you have to apply what you learn. I'll probably come back here and talk about what I am learning, since repetition in various ways makes me learn... So read, write, try out in game. Then get good. 1 point per week, 5 points total Week 0 :: 1/1 Week 1 :: 1/1 Week 2 :: 1/1 Week 3 :: 0/1 Week 4 :: 0/1 Passive Goal: Figuring out which weapon to use, being able to forage on my own, not dying constantly... In Game Goal: #GetGood and slay your very own Anjanth Total Challenge Success Rate of 80% SLAY A MOTHER FREAKING ZORAH MAGDAROS Progress: 28/76 (36% out of 100%) anyone know how to code progress bars?...