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Found 2 results

  1. Fonzico

    Fonzico manages her brain.

    So for any of you who haven't been following along with the sad saga of Fonzico, I'll recap. I'm stressed AF. My job is a gong show. I am on a year long temporary contract in a position that I really thought I wanted... until I found out that my boss was awful (just constant belittling and microaggression, but never to the point that it sounded like anything if you were to try to bring a complaint forward.) And then the forces that be laid her off... which was good in the sense that I don't cry about work anymore. But bad in the sense that as much as she was a terrible boss, she did actually get work done, and in no way has that man power been replaced. There's a number of other issues with the changes that have been made in my department, but the primary concern is too much work and not enough staff. Also a boss who was saddled with us, who has no idea what we do. Then my contract got extended, so now I'm in this boat until December. Instead of slightly less that 2 weeks from now. When it's up, I get to go back to my old job, which has its pro and cons versus this one, but ultimately will be WAY less stressful and most importantly, can be left at work. Also, my coworker quit, so I also have to train someone new and do all of the work she was doing. Which isn't really possible, so I'll inevitably feel inadequate in the interim. Anyways. That's my major angst right now. It's taking a toll on my mental well-being, so this challenge is all about staying sane. I'll just have 2 weeks left to go by the time this challenge is over! Goal number one: Keep up on the domestic rangering. I absolutely feel the most calm at home when it's tidy. I admit, I'm still trying to fully formulate this goal, but the crux is that if I can keep on top of the kitchen, the living room and the laundry, I will be so much less stressed, and actually able to relax. Neither my hubby nor I are naturally tidy people. We've been living together for roughly 14 years and I AM very proud of how far we've come in our baseline level of cleanliness. So really, the extra steps necessary to keep it just a little bit better are really not that much to ask. For this week, I'm going to try to at least work on one of the three areas each evening, and we'll see how that goes. Goal number two: Workout. Yeah. Get those endorphins going! Minimum goal is 1x per week - I'm back in kettlebell classes, so that's doable. I'm still travelling a lot for work, so it's not really reasonable to demand more than that, but bonus point if I can make a 2nd class in a week, and another bonus point if I do some other kind of workout. Goal number three: Take your damn vitamins. Especially with the early winter we've gotten here, I NEED to be taking vitamin d, and I also try to take magnesium. No excuses for not doing this daily. Come on. Goal number four: Mental Health Goal of the Week. Every week I'm going to set a new goal for this, try it out, see if I like it, see what sticks. I have a list of possible ideas. Bonus efforts: Anything else that I do that contributes to my mental wellbeing gets a bonus point. I have another list for this (which has some cross over with the previous list), but I just want to reward myself for any small steps. In addition to all of the above, I'm still trying to follow a keto diet plan, and lose some weight. My primary focus is on mental health though. MENTAL HEALTH GOAL OF THE WEEK #1: Try to follow an evening routine. I'm less concerned with this being the same thing every day, and more so with trying to make a conscious effort to end my day mindfully and in a way that promotes good sleep. My thoughts to start are: tea and BuJo, mediate, and then read (from an actual book - I usually read books on my phone before bed, which I KNOW is a deplorable habit.). We'll see how it goes and adjust as needed.
  2. annyshay

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    Hello everybody. My name is Shannon, and I've been a rebel for many years and an adventurer for quite a while. Feel free to look through my battle log if you'd like more backstory. I go by Annyshay around these parts as well as at 4thewords,com, which is a website that gameifies writing using a typical hero's journey RPG with monster battles in the world of Oge Mai. I stumbled across this website a little less than a year ago, and it has been a great addition to my routine. I figured that it would be a good time to play around with a challenge theme from it because I'm going to attempt my first real NaNoWriMo come November. That means that I'm going to be battling quite a few monsters. So, I figure that I will update with my writing progress as well as the mental health goals that I keep going. I may put more structure into the challenge going forward or I may not because it's my challenge and I do what I want.