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  1. It's been a minute, and the world has changed quite a bit in 2020. I'm here and I'm well. Numbtongue's Language Lessons I'm in an odd place with linguistics, between covid stealing some of my spoons and me being happy in an unprecedented way, language study fell in my priority list over the last 4 months. This challenge is part of finishing 2020 with a daily German news and duolingo habit. 2021 has me adding French again, and slowly working on my Icelandic vocab, but for now this challenge is about daily success with my old workhorse friend, Deutsch. Grimalkin's C
  2. Hello Friends and Nerds! I'm annyshay. I'm an adventurer at heart, and I'm going to spend this challenge with the druids. I'm finally starting to see the end of a long, deep depression, so I am prioritizing my mental health. I'm working to maintain my current habits and expand the last one. Mindset Pack - every morning - meditate - joy journaling - intention mantra Compassion - at least once per day show compassion to my inner child Drop into Body - every evening Allons-y!
  3. Last challenge got a little derailed by some rather intense fatigue issues, among other things, so this challenge is essentially going to be something of a repeat now that those fatigue issues are being dealt with and my life is somewhat more stable. I'm not aiming for the stars, not even close, I'm aiming for the second rung of the ladder. One step at a time and all that. In a way I'm quite lucky, this challenge will officially kick off right when I get a week off of work, so I'll have time and space to implement these changes and enough time to build up some momentum to carry it
  4. Some days are difficult, everything is a fight and no win feels like a victory. Some days are easy, everything flows and smiling is no effort. Some days are empty, I don’t know where those ones go or how time manages to melt into the abyss unnoticed. Some days are full, a frantic maelstrom of stuff and things that don’t mean anything alone but add up to exhaustion together. And some days don’t pass at all, they linger in awful silence, stretching across weeks until the clouds finally move on and emotions creep back in. Healing is not an easy or linear process, it’s an active proces
  5. Deep, deep in the darkest and most overgrown part of the forest, where fallen logs created elaborate spiral staircases and hollow riverbeds formed meandering paths into unseen gathering places, I sat quietly on a flat stone, for once not caring as the damp air froze into a lightly drifting snow around me. Even when I was alone with Soji in my cottage, I felt the need to suppress Eldarwen, to keep my moods under control as best I could. But out here, where no one but squirrels and birds could see, I was simply myself, not thinking or processing, just being. The humid air froze around me, a ligh
  6. I don't know what's going on. That's a staple in my life right now, it seems. It does bother me, but ultimately it's beyond my control. Instead I need to focus on the things that I can control and stop causing myself unneeded stress by worrying about what I can't. Sounds simple, but I haven't quite managed that little trick properly in almost three decades of life. I worry about the things beyond my control plunging me back into darker moments, and maybe that's something I'll never be rid of. But I have found something that gives me some comfort, something I read online a while bac
  7. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    A deep, comfortable silence had settled over the world after the passing of the late spring storm, and I pushed the windows open to let the cool, damp breeze wash into the house. Just past the edge of the clouds, a spray of stars glittered in the deep black sky. There was no hint of frost in the air for the first time that year and I drank in the fresh warmth of approaching summer. My world, like so many others', had become very, very small in the weeks of quarantine. No longer the energetic, confident Ranger who crossed land and sea without fear, I had shrunk too, pummeled and bru
  8. To say this year has not gone to plan would be a colossal understatement. There have been many unexpected turns, and yet somehow things have found a kind of balance. Yes, I've suffered through less than ideal circumstances, but the good that's happened has been equal to that. Life, however, continues to be unpredictable, and that's why I've come creeping back to the Rangers. I spent a lot of time hiding out with the Druids and the Assassins, and that's done me good, but my current direction calls for another change. ... what that direction is however, I do not know. Wh
  9. Last challenge went pretty well, mostly. I gotta work on chilling out. I’ve been somewhere between frustrated. And raging mad with work stuff. I have been cranky with everyone around me and that’s not cool. It’s gotta change. Goals: 1. Sleep 2. Manage anxiety and mental health. This has been going through the roof. Largely due to overwork; I took my first days off since the beginning of March and they weren’t even PTO. I just didn’t work from wake to sleep over the weekend. 3. Stay home and social distance but work outside on my suburban homestead developing m
  10. Hi, fellow Druids, I am fearless, a long time German member (f.52)who has missed a lot at NF during the last years. I used to be a Scout (running and hiking) and have been heavily into CrossFit for some years. After knee surgery I have been sedentary for 2 years. Result: a slipped disc in my lower back, muscular dysbalance and a lot of pain since the beginning of lockdown in march. I choose the Druids for this challenge because I want to do a mix of yoga, physical therapy exercises and meditation as well. Today at my PT I presented her my "routine" which is about 30 min
  11. An unbidden smile leapt to my face as I padded quickly down the stairs, every texture and grain a delight to my bare feet, and flew to the window to throw it open and greedily drink in the rush of warm, damp morning air. Spring had finally burst into life in my village, and I thirstily welcomed the bright, soft greeting of the sun on my face and the breeze on my bare shoulders and arms. Life was uncertain, but this - the renewal of life and warmth and happiness that returned every year - was as certain as the sunrise. Things were different, there was no denying that, I thought as
  12. I have gone back and forth probably about a million times on whether or not I wanted to do this challenge; obviously you can see which side won. Content Warning for depression and anxiety. Last challenge did not go well. Near the end of December, depression and anxiety hit me hard. Within a few weeks, insomnia set in and progressively got worse. By mid-March, I was so sleep-deprived I often felt sick and dizzy and was often terrified to drive because I could not see or react properly. I have dealt with anxiety for all of my life, and depression for about half of it, so
  13. Hey, maybe back after some life changes, enjoy pink pokemon n such. Make art like Wigglytuff! This means getting up early enough to practice trumpet on the daily, and keep a daily word count of 200 for writing. This also means keep my fucking german up, on duolingo for now. Make healthy like Blissey! This means getting 7 hours of sleep every night, and meditating on the daily. Shitpost like Clefable!
  14. Everything has a tendency to feel fresh and new and exciting when a new year dawns, more so when a new decade comes upon us. The temptation to throw every hoarded goal out there for people to see is overwhelming. ...but I picked this year to be very, very quiet. Recovery is first and foremost in my mind, both physical and mental. Admittedly the latter more than the former, but the former does help massively with the latter. the goals [opening tasks] Some things need to be done no matter how much I dislike the idea, and that is to figure out
  15. Hello nerds! I'm annyshay! Here are my goals for the next 6 weeks... Pass my boards Win NaNoWriMo Go Deeper with Health Coaching There's been a lot of upheaval in my life in the recent past from moving across country to the death of my Grandpa to a lot of traveling, but things are starting to mellow out just in time for... my boards and NaNoWriMo. Hehe. That's right, within the span of this challenge, I will be taking two sets of medical boards and trying to write 50,000 words in one month. So, I want to try to lean on my community here a little bit hard
  16. metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life Or all of the above. It’s another step along the way to become the person I want to be, the kind of person I know I can be, if I give myself a chance and enough support to grow. A large chunk of this journey has been moved to my battle log as it’s more a day-to-day, goalless kind of thing. Though that does technically mean I have to find myself some goals for these challenges. Like so: Goal One: The Pistol I used to be able to do pistol squats. Only a couple on each side,
  17. It often seems like we have to fight for everything we get in life, and once we have it, something tries to take it away. Not that that’s always a bad thing, sometimes what we have is less than we deserve, dangerous, perhaps, or maybe something we’re better off leaving behind but have become attached to instead. But it isn’t personal. Chances are there isn’t any kind of something doing any kind of taking. It’s just a thing that happens. We assign meaning to it all by ourselves. I used to believe that everything happened for a reason, that the bad was always a lesson and the good was always a r
  18. I am back for another round with the Rangers. A little late to the party...but at least here, nonetheless. My last challenge kind of fell apart and went in a lot of different directions, but eventually evolved into a journey of self-reflection and discovery. I became a lot more aware of what I really wanted to prioritize and, perhaps more importantly, how that differed from how I actually spend my time every day. So my goal for this challenge is to start implementing that in a realistic manner. As much as I want to have a fiery intro to this challenge, as much as I wa
  19. I learned a lot last challenge, and not all of it was good. The goal I've had for over fifteen years, the one of being 'fixed', of being free of mental illness, is more likely than not something that I will never see accomplished. More than that, at the moment it's a desperate and damaging dream that's been causing me more harm than good to hold on to. So I need to let go. There are more important things to focus on, things more realistically achievable, things that will be good for me mentally and physically, and hey, maybe even spiritually. And to work towards those things, I need to let go
  20. Hi everybody! I missed you <3 So, I've been away for a bit because I've fallen off the wagon. Big time. I started dieting again: counting kcal, fasting, over exercising. Just pushing myself way too hard. *actual footage of my feelings On top of that life happened (details on why my life sucked really hard 1,5 weeks ago in the spoiler) So anyways I started skipping dance lessons. I stopped practicing dance at home. And I spent way too much time playing the sims and not so much doing chores and work. I had to quit dancing early yesterday beca
  21. Okay, a big part of the reason I've not been around for a couple of challenges is because it's been filling me with quite a bit of stress and anxiety to explain everything that is going on with me right now. Things have progressed to a point that is no longer the case but quite a lot has happened so I'm going to just dump it all out there. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Physical Ups and downs happening in the physical department. I've gotten really frickin strong! My bench press has gone over 200lbs (92kg) and my deadlift PR currently sits at 190kg (approx 419lbs). Kind of
  22. Tzippi Tastes the Vinegar If you've read the Tao of Pooh (and if you haven't, consider it!), you might remember the allegorical image referenced at the beginning of the Vinegar Tasters, in which three men taste from the same vat of vinegar, one tasting sourness, one bitterness, and one sweetness. These three are representations of the three major religions/philosophies of China, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The vinegar is life, and the men each taste it differently. Tai Chi, which I have begun studying and is a hugely positive practice in my life, is largely based on Taoist
  23. I think I might battle-log it up this round. I’d like to go rock climbing more, or do some other intentional physical activity besides softball, maybe once a week or so; but, who knows. My mental health is on a downswing, so everything is hard right now. But I still want to try and be here, even if it’s sporadic. I kinda love you guys.
  24. I'm learning an uncomfortable truth: though my mood is loads better, all the other symptoms of depression still remain. Low energy, difficulty focusing, little interest in things. My improved mood is a godsend, cos I would not survive if I still felt as bad as last fall. But now, among other things, I need to cultivate some self-discipline, cos I've never really learned to do that... And now is the time when I really need it, while I'm trying to succeed in school instead of just scraping by AND trying to put some distance between myself and that terrifying darkness. So, no matter
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