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Found 6 results

  1. Original post: Challenge goals: 1. Minimize room. 2. Stretch every morning. 3. Exercise every day. 4. Serve less food at mealtimes. Details: 1. Let go of excess clothing, books, papers, miscellany, mementos, etc. Marie Kondo-style. Except she gives clients 6 months and I'm going to do it in four weeks (or five if I spill over a bit into zero week) because challenge timeframe. And because I still basically live like a college student with all my life possessions stored in a single room, so I don't have to do the whole house. 2. Greet
  2. I suppose you could say I'm here as a mentor? (If that doesn't sound too pretentious or anything...) I've done a good number of challenges, not always successful, not always at my best, and rarely in one guild for too long. A bit of an introduction would probably be good... (It's spoilered because it's long and a bit of a brain dump, and some people already know a lot of it.) So I've narrowed it down to four goals to focus on this time around. I'm also grading this challenge, which I haven't done in awhile. Hydrate Drink at least two liters of fluid f
  3. This may seem kind of nerdy, but hey, this is nerd fitness so what the heck. I myself am not a big fan of superheroes (sorry) so when I read about these things like “be like Captain Americaâ€, although I understand, it’s not really my thing. So I was struggling with the notion of channeling a ‘super’ version of myself in order to get hyped. I realized that maybe it wasn’t my way of doing things. I felt like didn’t have any powers, any abilities, I was just a simple girl, but I could feel the potential. What I needed was someone who believed in me and could tap into that poten
  4. Hello, fellow Rebels! I've already made an intro ( Don't Slay This Dragon! ) to myself, but I'll describe my body type to help set some background- Petite- 4 foot 9 inches tall Bone Structure- Small. Delicate. (Have been 'tiny' all my life). Fast metabolism. Ectomorph. Cons: Too much muscle gives a bulky appearance; I've been there. I end up looking more 'boxy' and get a thick waist. Dietary Restrictions: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Cannot digest dairy. Currently plant based, but have been incorporating animal foods a few times week for dinner for the past few months. Goals: Body Scu
  5. If you answered 'Yes!' to the above question, then I need you to fix me and you need me to let you fix me! I'm a 21 year old gal originally from Toronto, but kind of hopping around the world. Went to college in England, volunteered in Moscow for a year and just got back from a year in California. I'm a travel junkie wannabe and love going anywhere! I'm into entrepreneurship (started my first retail business in 10th grade) and I'm currently working on www.ProjectSWAG.org, an educator's core method to inspiring self esteem, self confidence and character building in students. I hope to make
  6. Hi! My name is Alan, and I'm currently looking for someone to train with me to get a handstand done for more than one second! I was wondering if there's anyone nearby that would like to train with me/coach me if they already dominate the handstand? I spend most of my time near Scott Carpenter Park (I work at CU Boulder) so we could meet there? I can always sneak out of work for good thirty minutes if needed be. Thanks!
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