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  1. Let's have a snowball fight! Tag someone you want to "throw" a snowball at, and they have to "dodge" it by doing one burpee for each snowball thrown at them! Everyone starts with two snowballs. Each snowball dodged = two snowballs to throw. Dodge as many snowballs as you can. If you can't do a burpee, feel free to sub squats or push-ups. You can "throw" a snowball at anyone you want by tagging them; not everyone will respond, and that's okay. If you're tagged but don't want to participate, simply don't respond to the mentions.
  2. The guild has been collecting dust over the past few months, and those cobwebs in the corner are getting a little too big for comfort. Or maybe it's the spider that's getting too big for comfort... And when was the last time anyone used that? It's time for a little Spring Cleaning!* (Or Fall Cleaning, depending on where you are.) This mini challenge has no spreadsheet. You can participate in all of it, or just part of it (or even none of it). It's all up to you. Complete the quests at your own pace. You can post your responses here, or just keep them saved somewhere for
  3. TIME REBELS The Dino Age! It sounded like easy money. The University needed to test something or other that sounded like it had every letter in the alphabet in its name. All you had to do was sign a release form, and then hang out in the room with the other participants. And not touch the device in the center of the room. And that was it. But when someone is offering you easy money, and a lot of it, there's always a catch isn't there? For a moment, things got weird. Like, really weird. And then everything was normal. And you would be tempted
  4. Hello scout mini challenge #1! 2018! What!? Oh it is on! We are gonna bring it 110%
  5. Ash Raine kicks open the door to reveal.... her first assassin's challenge. \o/\o/\o/ In true assassin style I'm aiming to start to transform my body into a lean, mean, sneak-from-the-shadows machine. Or at least a leaner, meaner, sneakier one I'd like to reduce my body fat percentage and increase my strength, and I'll be doing this through a focus on nutrition, body weight exercise, and walking. Oh, and handstands, because they make me happy. I'll be incorporating elements from my newbie challenge and changing up the scoring to make it more interesting. Quest 1:
  6. Fruit Toss (Rebel Mini-challenge) This mini-challenge is here to help ease you into the forums and give you some extra challenges along the way. This is by no means compulsory, but you may find it fun, or helpful, or a good way to meet fellow rebels. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here (if it's relevant to the mini challenge), to the Juice Bar, or message me directly. There you have it, enjoy the challenges to come! Week 1 : SMART Challenge Week 2 : Support a fellow Rebel Week 3 : Exercise Experiment Week
  7. Fruit Toss (Rebel Mini-challenge) You've just come onto the website and you've been bombarded by information from all sides. PvP, Accountability, Guilds, Challenges, People, Quests, ..... It's a lot of overwhelming information, but you have no need to worry. This mini-challenge is here to help ease you into the forums and give you some extra challenges along the way. This is by no means compulsory, but you may find it fun, or helpful, or a good way to meet fellow rebels. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here (if it's relevant to the mini cha
  8. Howdy everyone!! I'm coming in halfway for a mini challenge because I don't really feel like waiting for the next challenge before getting myself in gear (and writing it out with you guys always helps ) and because the goals I have planned for next challenge require a little prep work. 1: Rehab the Neck!!! A few weeks ago I started learning the Helicoptero move, and I'd like to finally land it after next challenge. However, this week, I slept like a moron on Saturday night and gave myself the worst crimp in my neck. I haven't been able to even turn my head let al
  9. WELCOME TO ASSASSIN SUPERPOWER TRAINING Sign-ups are now closed. >>>Team Roster<<< Welcome to Assassin Superpower Training! Over the course of the month of May, we're all going to be leveling up our superpowers of choice! We Assassins are a diverse bunch, but we do have the following in common: Most of us probably haven't been bitten by radioactive spiders. Most of us aren't genius billionaires. However, we also have the following t
  10. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY Welcome to the Challenge #48 Assassin Mini Challenge! The fate of all the worlds rests in your hands. Will you band together and emerge triumphant as heroes, or will the forces of Chaos tear the cosmos apart? The clock is ticking! BAND TOGETHER TO STOP THE FORCES OF CHAOS! How It Works: This mini is open to all who wish to participate, with a few restrictions: All Assassins of all levels are eligible to participate.
  11. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY BATTLE RULES Basic Rules: You may pick one class per battle. This means that if you start the battle as a Berserker, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE BATTLE AS A BERSERKER. No reclassing to White Mage or Black Mage mid-fight. Please do not hoard your reps. Make a reasonable attempt to keep a running tally. Once a day for updates would be a good cadence. Your team members can help you if you have an issue updating gdocs. Please make a NEW entry every time you add reps/sets/seconds. DO NOT update your pr
  12. The Final Battle You have prepared for this. You have trained yourself in the ways of the Force. Now it is time to decide once and for all which side will triumph. Are you ready to take up your lightsabers? Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to participate: Perform the same exercises you completed for your initiation to test your mettle against your rivals. HOW TO PLAY: Only those who have been previously assigned teams may participate. If you have not yet been assigned to a team, you must wait until Apr
  13. Assassin Force Academy An ominous shadow hangs over the galaxy, as Jedi Masters and Sith Lords both mysteriously disappear, leaving their orders in chaos. On a forgotten space station, an elite group gathers to answer the call of the Force, each sensing the approach of a great battle to decide the fate of the galaxy. All now seek training to prepare for the coming conflict, but only those willing to choose a side and fight for what they believe will have a chance to prevail... >>Choose Your Allegiance<< This mini challenge will last for 2 challenge cycles, completing on Ma
  14. Sith thrive on competition, understanding that only those who constantly test themselves can ever become the best. They rely on personal capability and seek out those with superior abilities to further challenge themselves. THE DARK SIDE DOES NOT TOLERATE SLACKERS.
  15. Jedi nurture teamwork and cooperation, knowing that a group is more than the sum of its parts. Through gentle encouragement, they surround themselves with like-minded, positive people. THE LIGHT SIDE WELCOMES ALL WHO DEDICATE THEMSELVES.
  16. Lightsaber Construction Proper alignment and connection of the components within a lightsaber are critical to its function. Only those with a clear and focused mind can direct the Force subtly enough to establish the pathways necessary for the weapon to operate correctly. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to construct their lightsaber may perform the task below: To perform final assembly of your lightsaber, you must perform 30 minutes of meditation. Any components not already completed will be provided to you for this task. Once construction has begun, you will be unable to continue work
  17. Bonus Challenge 4: Relic Hunt Lost temples, hidden fortresses, and forgotten tombs all hide artifacts of great power that can aid you, if you can navigate the treacherous passages and make your way past the traps that still guard them. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to participate: Find the list of yoga poses on the scoring sheet. Complete poses to avoid the defenses, but don’t get too far ahead of your teammates to avoid getting lost. HOW TO PLAY: If you have not already Chosen Your Allegiance, please use the link to do so. A Guild Leader will assign you a faction at their earli
  18. Lightsaber Components: Beam Emitter The beam emitter shapes the magnetic field, creating the lightsaber’s blade with the plasma stream from the focus crystal. By adjusting the beam emitter design, the final blade length may be determined. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to construct their own beam emitter may perform the task below to select their blade length: A standard lightsaber blade is approximately 1-meter long. A longer blade provides reach on an opponent, while a shorter blade allows faster reactions. However, the usefulness of each depends on the individual application and co
  19. Lightsaber Components: Power Cell Power cells are common throughout the galaxy, finding use in everything from weapons to appliances and droids to starships. While power cells can be charged quickly with a wall charger, a more personal connection is achieved if the Padawan or Acolyte carries it on their person and allows it to charge from the latent power of the Force around them. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to charge their own power cell may perform the task below: To properly charge your power cell, you must properly fuel your body. This requires forethought and planning prior to th
  20. Bonus Challenge 3: Finding Allies Staunch allies are one of the greatest advantages possible. The galaxy is populated by many peoples, from a wide variety of species and societies. Perhaps you can convince some of them to aid you in your cause. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to participate: Look around the forums for fellow rebels you haven’t met and introduce yourself. If you find a connection and commit to following them for the remainder of the March challenge, you may count them as one of the following allies. Each participant may earn up to 3 points for recruiting allies.
  21. Lightsaber Components: Saber Hilt The saber hilt contains and protects all other lightsaber components, while acting as a handle for the lightsaber blade. Many styles exist, some standard and some customized to their wielder. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to construct their own saber hilt may select one (and only one) of the styles below: Two-handed Hilt - The most basic style of lightsaber, a two-handed lightsaber provides the best grip and leverage, making it well suited to defensive fighting styles or those who wish to overpower their opponents. To construct a two-handed saber hilt,
  22. Initiation With their allegiance determined, the newest Padawans and Acolytes begin testing their new abilities. No progress can be made without first having a starting point... As a new Force User, your abilities will fall into one of four categories. In order to ensure that each trainee is properly challenged, you will need to complete a baseline in each area before proceeding. This is only required once during the challenge and may be completed at any point. HOW TO PLAY: If you have not already Chosen Your Allegiance, please use the link to do so. A Guild Leader will assign you a fa
  23. Lightsaber Components: Focus Crystal The focus crystal takes energy from the power cell and converts it to a stream of plasma that will create the lightsaber’s blade. The type of crystal also determines the color of the blade. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to obtain their own focus crystal may undertake one (and only one) of the quests below: Ilum - A barren, icy world, those who search Ilum for their crystal will brave fierce predators and fiercer snow storms, but those who exhibit LEG strength and dedication will be rewarded with a Blue Focus Crystal. Halm - A mining colony on a
  24. The time has come again Warriors, it's time to test our strength on the platform. All the workouts we put our bodies through, sometimes fun, sometimes painful, and sometimes monotonous, have all led up to this, showing what you've got and how you've progressed in those maximal displays of strength and power. Go dust off your armor, sharpen your blades, and prepare to grip it and rip it. Every 4 months, the Warriors come out to play and hold our virtual lifting competitions, which the whole forum is welcome to come participate in. When we start the actual Virtual Competition, a link will be p
  25. Bonus Challenge 2: Beast Taming Many wild beasts populate the galaxy, some more friendly than others. Their strength can aid you in the coming battle, but only if you can capture and tame them in time. Each Padawan or Acolyte who wishes to participate: Padawans and Acolytes should divide themselves into a search team and a strike team. Those on the Search Team will scour the galaxy for appropriate beasts by performing Mountain Climbers. Those on the Strike Team must subdue the beasts with Punches and Kicks before their training can begin. HOW TO PLAY: If you have not already Chosen Yo
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