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Found 1 result

  1. SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO:  If last challenge was 'or how Rurik learned to stop worrying and took back his gigantic mirth,' this one is 'or how Rurik spat in luck's good eye and got his mojo back.' It's great to be back regularly participating on the forums again (and if I'm being honest, actually earning that Guild Leader title beneath my user name...) I really want to make 2019 something special after the rough-and-tumble rollercoaster of 2018 and I think I've laid a decent foundation. Gone is the fixation on melancholy and what I cannot control; new is a more optimistic mindset tempered by reality but a horizon full of solid potential. With that in mind... Starting weight baseline: 212 lbs [Dec 23/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels CRACKIN’ SKULLS & CHAININ’ COMBOS "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™: ___ / 2170 cals. MyFitnessPal tracking streak: ___ days 5 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐☐] I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING... "Dump Stat my Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Partake of 4 sessions of “Be Happy” per week: ☐☐☐☐ Social activity 2 times/week: ☐☐ Moment of Positivity shared (per update): ☐ ...I'M JUST HERE FOR THE VIOLENCE A Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 4 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] Kings of the Wyld, Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braid,You Are A Badass, Remember your N.U.T.S. ☐ Play: Game out! ☐ Play: Hit the slopes snowboarding! ☐ Write: Share one self-authored poem. ☐ Currency: [0g] Sell 250g worth of clutter. ☐ Currency: [Pending] 2-week shopping ban. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: I am whiskey, amber and leather – I am blood, sweat and tears - I am supplements and coping mechanisms and consequences; the barbarian who selfishly sold his soul as a mercenary, the mercenary who fell to the void and became a demon hunter, and the demon hunter who returned from the darkness to live like a scoundrel. A new year means fresh opportunity. Now I'll live a life AMAP (As Momoaly As Possible), perpetuate the charming rogue archetype, keep polishing my devil-may-care heart of gold, and just entirely strive to Live My Best Life. In 2019 I'll be a Magnificent Bastard or I'll die trying; it's a simple matter of adrenaline, new experiences, and living life in the fast lane! So let's dial this shit up to Mother Fucker once again, folks - I'm about to hemorrhage awesome all over the damn place.