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Found 3 results

  1. Over the last couple years my goals and challenges and whatnot have bounced around like crazy, focusing on speed and strength and flexibility and weight and diet and balance and all sorts of things (generally whatever’s pissing me off that week). I set lofty goals that I stick with for, like... a week? Sometimes two or three weeks. Four, tops. I might stick with one or two of the easier challenges for the entire six weeks, but I somehow declare that a victory while leaving the other ones behind. I think that, at the moment, a lot of those issues are now considered ‘good enough’. I
  2. Born in the Earth Kingdoms in a time of peace and prosperity, Avatar Kyellan never had a reason to awaken to his calling and master the four elements. The world seemed to have no need for the Avatar in his time, and the elite of the Earthbending masters did nothing to search for him. In fact, Avatar Kyellan only had the faintest idea that he was even a bender at all until he reached his twenty-ninth birthday. He awoke on that day, and with a strange sense of clarity, suddenly began to understand his role in the world. Still with no idea that he was in fact the Avatar, Kyellan realized--in wh
  3. Goals: 1) Stay healthy 2) Play more music 3) get fitter/faster/stronger So, goal 1 = food and handwashing. I've had this one for a few challenges - but I'm keeping it, cause if I eat any gluten, then that is pretty much me gone for 6 weeks. No gluten containing food, read labels, don't take food risks. Wash my hands whenever I'm in doubt about what I've recently touched. All of this is starting to feel more like routine behaviour, but I want to consolidate it. To make this more fun I'm also going to try new recipes - not as fixed this time as a compulsory recipe a week, but I still hav
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