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Found 1 result

  1. Mr_Willes

    MR_Willes is not sure yet

    I think i will go a bit @Cheetah and change my topic title to something when i figured out what i want to do this challenge. But i also had this idea of making it a bit interactive. So i want to try this thing: I talk a little about what goes on nowadays in my life You people help me figure out what goals i need We're in the last month of Winter, and weather isn't all that good. Last weeks has been relatively cold compared to other years, last couple of weeks have also been pretty wet. Let's just say bad days look like this: And good days look like this Therefore i'm thankful my workout program consists of 3 days working out in my home gym/garage. It's cold there, but at least it's dry. I have been working out there pretty consistently (in the last 5 weeks i missed one day which i made up for the next day) all of that cause there is a beginners-powerlifting-meet coming up (last weekend of May, 15 weeks out): Name/Sex/Weightclass/Squat/BenchPress/Deadlift/Total So there are a total of 14 people in my weight class. And the weights you are seeing here "should" be everybody's openers. This means that if everyone keeps consistent in this way that i will come in 11th. I had to guesstimate my first lifts, when i entered them, they weren't even my estimated maxes. They are now. So with 15 weeks on the clock i hope i can do much better than this. But i realize everyone has their openers here, so they will also probably do much better than these. Not that it's important where i will be at the end of the day, the most important thing is, I will have fun competing I could give it my all It all helped me stick to the plan these upcoming 15 weeks. I'm using a program from Barbell Medicine known as The Bridge 3.0. This is an 8 week program for people who have done Linear Progression in the past (Starting Strength / Strong Lifts). At this moment (0-week of this challenge) i'm on Week 6 of that program. This means that halfway this challenge i will start my new program which will be the "12 Week Strength Template" I really hope this will give me the glorious gains i have been searching for!!! It's a 4days/week template. And actually i'm really looking forward to upping the training pace. Next to this lifting, life is always pretty busy in Q2 of the year. This year it even starts a bit earlier it seems. Last 2 sundays i have been away to follow a course which should made me a dutch official motorbike tour guide. This sunday i offered to help out with the Tourguide-organisation, they will be present at the season opener of the dutch biggest motorbike dealer. Next sunday, there is the biggest bike fair of the year where i'm expected to help out a day. The last weekend of February we will be celebrating my son's birthday, we invited family on saturday and friends on sunday. First saturday of March we will be over at the inlaws as my FIL will celebrate his birthday, and as things usually go, we will get there early in the afternoon and will probably be on of the last to leave. Which leaves me with one completely unplanned weekend this challenge. Though we are still a few weeks out, it can (and probably will) be filled in with something. Safe to say next to me working 4, 9 hour days, a week i don't have all that much free "free-time" left. Now something that might pop in any of these weeks too might be the new solar panel installation i'm about to order. Last year in September i changed work. I now work at a distributor of solar panels and inverters. One of the benefits of working here is that i can get a complete system, for very cheap! Seeing it really could save a lot on my electric bill and i really do like the green aspect, and being a good step in the direction of being selfsustainable i have decided i need me a system. While i'm just still in the planning stage if things go a bit fast i could have this system installed in the next couple of weeks. I want to compete in the -83 KG class, but for the last 2-3 weeks i'm hovering between 84 and 85 KG's. Now a little more dedication in the weekend should help with that, otherwise when i start the next challenge (probably when i start the next lifting program) i will become a bit more rigid. So i will slowly creep down to -83. It's not a huge gap, and i'm weighing every day so i will not be surprised. In my last challenge i focused on this stuff: lifting 3x a week extra workout once a week eat good breakfast eat good lunch sleep check in at NF track my weight To be fair the next things won't be much of a goal as i will (probably) do them anyway: lifting 3x a week eat good breakfast eat good lunch sleep track my weight So, i'm feeling bit lost for inspiration, but seeing that you guys always seem to deliver, i think we can make this a fun challenge. Just thinking out of the box, maybe i don't even need goals. If you check the list of things i will do anyway, that might just be enough to keep me going the next couple of weeks. At least i have a challenge thread up, and i will report in here daily how things are going. Puppy eyes always seem to do the trick...