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  1. Hey New Friends - My name is Joe! I found NF about a week ago when I stumbled across an amazing article on intermittent fasting. I read through some more content and was totally hooked. Signed up for the NFA that night and I've spend a few days tinkering around with my profile working through the mindset module. A big part of what I was most excited about with NF was the community/accountability aspect so I'm excited to be part of my first challenge. I LOVE to workout. Going to the gym is one of my favorite parts of the day. But over the last 4 years my nutrition has be
  2. Ohai! My name is Haze and I'm from a tiny island most people can't find on a map... in Canada.. where it's cold... But I'm not currently living there, and am in China where I'm currently making a living teaching English! Not what I expected to be doing with a bachelor of psychology, but meh. I'm a new teacher so still learning the ropes but that's one thing I really love to do: Learn! I've never been a very fit or active person. I was a chubby kid, bullied for being chubby even though there were other kids in my grade bigger than me. I did become quite smal
  3. So, here we go! I'm going to commit to my first challenge. I'm posting here in the Rebels forum because I'm not entirely sure of what guild I fit in - although I have some hunches. My background and what I do most often would put me on the fence of Monk and Druid. I could probably lean toward one or the other depending on the goals I plan out but for now I'll stay neutral. I also found that awesome character/guild generator quiz and plan on using it to help sway me and it's just really fun. I was always an RPG fan. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5 minutes a day to medit
  4. Brand new to NF and asking for a hand. I am so old that I pre-date video games, but I don't think there is any doubt that I am a nerd. I worked at the first game shop in my home town (still have my first edition Player's Handbook), got in trouble for reading in class, and was captain of the debate team. My Epic Quest is to become a level 50 Beach Bum. I want to be able to have no physical limitations on the things that I already do: beach-combing, snorkeling, scuba, spear-fishing, kayaking, beach soccer, beach volleyball. And I want to try out some things that my size would mak
  5. Hi, my name is Ryan and it's all biscuitey. Whatever that means, but I do know thats biscuits are tastey. Anyways, enough of that. I'm here because I finally have the perfect excuse to do what I've always wanted to do. What is I want to do? Well lots of stuff. What's my excuse? My soon to be born daughter of course! So as you can see I finally have the motivation I need. I want to be alive as long as I can for her. I want to learn as much as I can for her so I can teach her. I have my hobbies of course and a great many other things I want to pass to her. But the most i
  6. This is my first 4 week challenge, so I'm going to keep it simple for my sanity. I'm a rebel that will probably fit in the Rangers...not sure yet. Saorsa thought university was hard, now this? Her degree didn't prepare her for the end of the world. Graduation day ended with monster attacks and Saorsa learning how to escape a city without dying. The world as she knew it was gone. Everything was different now. Sure, she could cry about it all day, but she had to survive. Already, she was surprised with what she could do - navigating the wilderness or wrecked cities, learning new weap
  7. Hello all! My name is Blake I am 26 years old, 6'3" currently around 245 pounds. I started my weight loss journey about 18 months ago after I hit an all time high of 340 pounds! I began by cutting out my sodas and slowly phasing out the bread. Then incorporating and increasing different exercises. I did well for the first 6-9 months losing 70+ pounds before hitting a serious plateau. I followed some bad advise and changed my tactics to strictly maintaining and reincorporating all of the foods I love (pizza, cupcakes, etc.). I did maintain but eventually I realized I had to this was not wo
  8. LEVEL 1 REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet Eat a vegetable with two meals every day Eat at least 3 times a day Fitness Walk every day (15 minutes) Level Up Your Life (Pick One) Have a 5 minute dance party each day
  9. So I've recently joined the Rebellion, and figured I should identify where I'm at, what I'm doing, and what I want to improve. Any input is welcome, of course Where I'm at I'm 39, 6ft tall, and am currently sitting at about 86kg (190lbs), down from a starting point a couple of years ago of 95kg (209lbs), putting me in the overweight BMI category. Visually, you can see that I'm carrying too much weight around my torso - too much gut, and I have man-boobs (I never feel comfortable with my shirt off). I'm making an effort to improve my diet, but chocolate is my downfall. I find it really diffi
  10. So a buddy of mine invited me to go climbing with him this Friday, and I'm pumped; however, I've been doing the beginner body weight workout religiously every other day for about 2 weeks now and this Friday is supposed to be a rest day. My question is do I skip my Thursday workout and possibly through off my rhythm or do I do my workout, go climbing (really want to go climbing) and take a couple of days off afterward. Keeping in mind that while the BBW workout is still challenging, I don't feel nearly as sore the next day. Any advice is appreciated Cheers and on to Victory Tag
  11. Hello Everyone, I've been reading NFs Blog for around a year now, and since I need my first respawn since I started exercising I'm here now. I hope to find new nice contacts here, also maybe a group to motivate me and to keep the goals I'm aiming for more binding. So about me: My Name is Schaengel and I'm living in Koblenz, Germany (that's around 1h away from Bonn (former German capitol) and 1h away from Frankfurt). I'm doing sports all my live but since you can't outrun your fork I always have had some pounds more than I like. Last year I turned my eating upside down and lost around 65
  12. Challenge 1: Cop Conditioning INTRO: Hi, I’m Sythez. I used to be on quite a bit. This is not my first challenge, but it’s been over a year. I’m starting again from the ground up. For my year out of the loop, I had an emotional breakup which threw me off track of life for a few months. I’ve leveled up my mental life 3 fold since then. I have a tight group of friends, I track my food, I work out three times a week, and I prioritize university. I also have a part time job arresting people (Loss prevention). All in all, I’ve found quite a bit of success. It’s time to continue
  13. Where to begin? I'll start by saying I am a 24 year-old Canadian girl. I'm 5'3", weighing ????? pounds (I'll get to that later), looking to really commit to getting my butt in shape!! Literally and figuratively speaking. I need to go back a bit to explain. A long time ago, in a city far far away.... For the longest time I was kept in decent shape by a physically demanding job, but then I was promoted to an office job. A financial "Yay!" but a physical "Oh no". I quickly went from weighing about 115lbs to 150lbs. Ouch. Over and over again I told myself I would get in shape, but I could never
  14. So, as I said in my introduction (found here) I work part-time as a Loss Prevention Officer. What that means is that I'm licensed by the Province of Alberta to carry handcuffs and work as a security official in plain clothes. Basically, I'm like an undercover cop without any cop powers, weapons, or cool nicknames. But I do get to arrest people, provided I can watch them commit the crime from start to finish, and catch them afterwards without getting myself killed. Hence, I figured I probably should do something about my lack of running endurance, increase my strength a bit so people comply
  15. Woof to all you great people from the Rebellion! I'm so happy I found this website, I have tried getting healthy in the past, but I had so little in common with the people who usually frequent fora on health/sports sites. So here's to hoping we all will get along better, because I love nerding things up! Okay, so more about the person behind the name. I'm a 22 year old girl (pretty old for a dog, huh?), I love gaming (RPGs and point and click games all the way!), boardgames, watching movies and series and drawing. I'm also learning how to play guitar. I'm a total Potterhead and The Elder
  16. Total n00b here, on my second day of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. I loved it the first day, but I got through two cycles and was so physically tired I had trouble going down stairs because my quads were so tired. So I let it rest for a few days and then started again today. About halfway through the first set of lunges, my right quad felt like it seized up and went OW OW OW OW. Is that a cramp? I stretched it out and that seemed to help, but I can definitely still feel it being kind of tight and painful and not wanting to do anything. Did I grievously harm myself? Do I need to return t
  17. In January, at my yearly checkup, my doctor and I had a heart to heart. As in she told me it was going to break her heart when my heart gave out and I died. At that point I was age 39, 5’9â€, 240lbs, resting heart rate of 90 with a 10-12 hour a day desk job. Bad cholesterol was… High. I don’t remember the exact number, but somewhere plus 450. My eating habits were 50/50. By that I mean my wife is a health nut (I say it with love) and feeds us pretty healthy at dinners, but lunch… I love me a Whopper. Nuff said. =D Doc wanted to immediately put me on meds to bring stuff in lin
  18. Hi all! My name is Morgan, known as mindelann online. (What up all you Tortallans out there!) I'm a cis female, 22, 5'5", and overweight. I'm a Gryffindor and ESFJ. I'm dealing with depression, finishing up university, and moving out to NYC from MN. I keep meaning to "try" to get healthy, but as Master Yoda says "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." (I know, I know, we've all heard that a million times, but hey, I'm re-watching Star Wars right now so shush. ) I want to be a knight, be it medieval or Jedi, but I believe a knight must be able to be flexible, so I plan on joining t
  19. Main quest I just got my very first pokémon. But we've got much training to do before we're ready for the road ahead. So lets get ready! To become all-around healthier so that I can direct my focus towards something more specific next time Quest 1; Feeding my new Fennekin Drink 2L of water daily A. Average of 7 days a week (by end of challenge) B. Average of 6 days a week C. Average of 5 days a week Quest 2; Winding down after a hard day of training Yoga 6 times a week A. Average of 6+ times a week B. Average of 5 times a week C Average of 4 times a week Quest 3; Pokémon league, here w
  20. Hello All, Im Tkbird45. Im just recently graduated from High School. Im 18, and im ready to finally shed those baby pounds so im below the Freshman 15 for college. Anyway. Im Male From California, San Diego Im 6'2" I am a bit chubby in the midsection and thighs and would concider my "race" to be either Human or Half-Giant. Weigh 236 lbs as of today. I go to the gym once a day. Im currently transitioning into the Paleo diet. And i take protein powder and creatine. My ultimate goal is lose my gut and go down to 175 lbs, i weighed about that much about 2 years ago and was in much better condition
  21. Hello All, Im Tkbird45. Im just recently graduated from High School. Im 18, and im ready to finally shed those baby pounds so im below the Freshman 15 for college. Anyway. Im Male From California, San Diego Im 6'2" I am a bit chubby in the midsection and thighs and would concider my "race" to be either Human or Half-Giant. Weigh 236 lbs as of today. I go to the gym once a day. Im currently transitioning into the Paleo diet. And i take protein powder and creatine. My ultimate goal is lose my gut and go down to 175 lbs, i weighed about that much about 2 years ago and was in much better condition
  22. What a great site. My first challenge but I found the site 6 months ago and read some of the articles and even put the beginner body weight excercise routine on my BR mirror with a dry erase pen. A little about me. 35, married, 2 kids (7&8). I'm in real estate, which means I'm either driving or checking email, but does allow me a flexible schedule. I'm 5'8" and weigh 207. Ultimate goal: weigh a healthy 180. About 5 years ago I weighed 190 which is only 10 pounds heavier than I weighed when I graduated high school. But I had a completely different shape. While I know I can't reverse the cl
  23. Late again! I promised myself I'd start this thing on time! Anyway, My goals remain mostly unchanged from my last challenge. 1) Main Quest- Weight loss: I'm cutting down to 1200-1400 calories a day along with keeping track, and on track, on Weight Watchers. I'm also exercising whenever and wherever I can, as well as playing DDR and working in the Hot Foods kitchen for schooling. Two pounds a week, here I come! 2) Life- School: I'm going to finish Hot Foods by doing everything I need to do. Furthermore, I will go a bit ahead in my workbooks so I can work on that research paper on Food Su
  24. Noob with a Late start... I went gluten free in December 2012 and felt awesome. So many problems I was having dissappeared. I went Primal/paleo after that and have mostly stayed that way, but I've drifted more to 50/50 than 80/20. Gluten-free junk food is still junk food! I initially lost 30lbs going primal/paleo but I've been stuck a year and half with about 20 more lbs to go. MAIN QUEST: Lose 20lbs or thereabouts. I'm not set on the number but I want visible fat rolls to go away. Side Quests: 1 - Do beginner workout 3 times a week 2 - Refocus diet to primal 80/20 goal. 3 - Take
  25. So I somehow missed this area where I was supposed to introduce myself. I did that in my challenge post, so I'll link that. My main goals are weight loss and strength. I want to be able to see the muscles I build, not just know that they're there. Here's the link to my "introduction"
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