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Found 3 results

  1. No, not that weird stuff! I'll dress this up later, but here's the basics for March: 1) Need more running. Find more running. Do more running. It's starting to warm up, the trees are turning red (which means the spring buds are coming already!) 2) Use the NerdFitness Yoga program like, at least 2x/week. More if possible. It's really quite manageable. I just need to do it. My flexibility is really lacking and I need to loosen up. 3) Lift more heavy things, at least 1x/week. 4) Write more than twice in the month. BONUS: I met up with my brother last night, who has been doing circus t
  2. Geez, it's February already eh? So much to do, and only 29 days to do it in. I'm going to keep this pretty simple this month. I'm going to be pushing myself though, which means I'm going to need to be careful not to overdo things. 1) Get out running at least 1x/week. 30 minutes minimum. 2) Do at least two weight sessions/week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are available days. They don't have to be long, just enough to do some basic sets. This means I'm going to have to start dragging myself out of bed earlier. This will be a good thing for me. 2a) Neither of the above will impact my
  3. Snow drifted gently from the heather-gray skies above, settling a blanket of white stillness around the courtyard. The priory was quiet on this early winter morning, the cold keeping everyone in their beds long past the sun's late rise. Kyellan swept the stones clear of the snowfall, though he knew he would be doing the same a mere hour later. The elder brothers could not traverse slick walks, and there was no sense inviting injury when it could so easily be avoided. The world seemed impossibly quiet, with all the animals in hibernation and the birds flown to warmer climes. A gentle chirp
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