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Found 1 result

  1. Dollism

    Dollism Pursues Fluidity

    HELLO; Dollism again and I am here for my third challenge. Just to recap, my goals are directed toward getting over my over-burdensome fears of everything (effects of PTSD). I would also like to develop a fluid motion in my body mechanics. While it is true I would like to lose weight, I am more focused on not being too scared to jump from one log to the next when I go to the beach or thinking everything is unsafe. I don't want to be without a healthy amount of fear but I do want to feel as though I am fearless. To accomplish this my goals will be focused on learning Poi Spinning, Ballet, and Parkour. NOW THEN; Sadly, during the last five-week challenge I fell down a couple of stairs and broke my finger (spiral fracture). Thankfully it was just a finger but it still affects and limits my exercise choices. To head in the right direction my goals for this 5 Week Challenge (that I am starting in the midst of) will be: Diet/Fitness Quest(s): 1. Attempt to do as many reps in the following routine as I can possibly do (Maximum of 10); And do it at least twice a week (prefer every other day). Bodyweight Squats Leg Lifts ( On Back; Both Legs) 10 Reps Each; 2 Sets 2. 30-60 Minutes Jogging or Biking at least three times per week. 3. Yoga at least four times per week. Work toward daily. Avoid poses that stress hands. 4. Drink ten cups of water per day, at least. Push or sixteen for BONUS. Level Up Life Quest(s): 5. Finish the book "Fit For Life" that I just started. BONUS: Purchase Kitchen Scale. If anyone has any exercise ideas that avoid hand use but still will help with building the skills I need for parkour, let me know. For those of you who are curious about how I broke my finger (of all things) when I fell down just three stairs or how I even managed that: I shall share the story to satisfy curiosity. I was at my friend's house and it was dark out. I am night blind and can't see at all in the dark. I had told my friend several times he needed to install railing or at least a porch light but he never got around to it. It started raining and I love the rain so I decided to go outside and step into the rain so I could feel it. Bad idea. I couldn't see anything, so when I went to take a step down the stairs I missed one step and toppled down them. I landed directly on my ring finger. On top of that, to hide my shame, I pushed myself and rolled a few feet and pretended I did it on purpose so I could "lay in the rain" which I often do. My friend knows I like to lay in the grass when it's raining so I figured it was a good cover story. Sadly rolling is probably what turned the break into a spiral fracture. THE END.