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Found 10 results

  1. I am wondering if anyone is out in the area near Groton CT? I am presently trying to train for the tough mudder i signed up for and needless to say the only shape i am in is round... so i am looking for other like minded people intrested in getting into shape to contact me and we can work something out to keep us all on track and postive and not to lose motivation.
  2. Dundundun... I have a girlfriend! I met her on Tinder, and we went out several times and have been texting in between. After our 4th date, we agreed to drop the number from the front and add 'ing' to the end. She is totally awesome, very funny, sweet, loves her nephews and mine. She wants to come with me to the gym starting in a few days. We are going to get hot together!
  3. I fell off my workout horse months ago and just cannot seem to get back into the groove of things, so I figured I'd try to find someone near me who can help keep me accountable to myself and to them. Not sure what my odds are of succeeding in this as the NF forums seem somewhat small compared to others, but it never hurts to try. I would like to meet a fellow rebel who is at any stage of their workout goals, whether that be just starting or well established with years of steady habit building success under their belt. I just need someone to meet with two or three times a week for a run, or som
  4. If you're in Utah and need a Ranger buddy (pun intended) I'm looking for 1+ people to form a group of motivation and support to reach our fitness and life goals. I'm willing to travel, video conference etc to assist with out of town members!
  5. Hey Lincolnites! Anyone here workout @ Prairie Life Fitness on P St? Looking for a old blind lady to my Deadpool.
  6. Hello! I am looking for a partner(s) that can join me with on my Epic Quest to slay an Archdemon (aka my bad eating habits) for this challenge and many more challenges to come! Age/gender doesn't matter, just as long as you are an active rebel in the forums and someone that needs a companion or accountability partner in return. I am struggling with food addiction, binge eating, overeating, depression, sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc, and lack of motivation. I also lack accountability and consequences (aside from that dinner binge that will pile up on my butt). Most details about
  7. Hello, My boyfriend is running his first marathon in a few months... as someone who dislikes running and has no ambition to ever do the same, I'm more than slightly ignorant on the subject. What can I do to support him during his training and the race itself? What did you partner do for you that was (a) awesome or ( sucked? Apart from waiting at the finish line with a blanket and some beer, that is
  8. Hey all, I'm looking for a person (or people) to keep accountable with, online only works as well. I do a lot of exercise classes and am now trying to get into weightlifting, body weight exercises, and so on. I find that with weights I'm very ignorant, though I am trying to rectify that, and am worried about hurting myself. I also get tired really easily or get caught up with other things (I'm a husband and a father, my time isn't as free as I'd like) and tend to make excuses for myself about why I can't exercise. So if you'd like to exercise and have someone help you keep accountable as
  9. Dear Monks, I am currently participating in my first six week challenge with all you most excellent nerd fitness folks. I'm a ranger with Monk inclinations and our next mini challenge is to reach out and find an accountability buddy within another guild with a common goal. I am in most desperate need of yoga to center myself, calm my raging anxiety, and stretch out all of my muscles from weight lifting and the pavement pounding of a good run. Won't you be my neighbor in this endeavor? My goal is to spend a minimum of one hour this week practicing yoga. We can break it down into whate
  10. Hi there! Sooooo it sounds cool when I say, "I live in Dubai and work as a freelance photographer and yoga instructor." Life here can be pretty difficult, though, and I've been developing a lot of bad habits here. What really sucks is that before I moved here last fall I was in the best shape of my life. I was lifting, running to train for marathons, eating a very careful diet, playing on volleyball and dodgeball rec leagues, hitting the gym, and had a boyfriend that was an athlete, too. And now I find myself surrounded by mega-brunches (these are no joke, they cost up to $170 and have u
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