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Found 1 result

  1. Let's try this again. So.... I tried on the last challenge, and I mostly achieved what little goals I had but now I actually want to document that success (and keep up with you guys because I miss you all). So here is round 2 or the remix. I'm doing PT for my back finally so I'll be back into tip top shape soon! My PT is awesome (and a sexy, silver fox Scottish man which always makes things more fun) and is really going into detail to finally FIX the issue instead of just masking it, so I'm super stoked. I also really miss running and since my back is feeling better I'm going to try to put that back into my routine. I think it will also help my anxiety a ton. I'm also trying to convince my mother to join a gym, so if I can I'll throw swimming in too. Finally - eating better needs to get in there and law school stuff should probs be included somewhere too. Goal 1: Physical Therapy - 2 times a week. - Don't Cancel - Do the homework Goal 2: Cardio (is hardio) (*On hold pending approval from my PT*) - Run or other cardio workout 2 times a week - If back is painful - don't do. Goal 3: Eat a vegetable twice a day - Start drinking smoothies for breakfast again - Keep up the good dinner work Goal 4: Law School - Write EVERYTHING down - Get Outlines completed - Purchase study aids - Start studying for finals