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Found 1 result

  1. Miaulin

    Miaulin looks for space

    Last Challenge started off with me in a deep deep low and, despite a weird mental episode and bout of sickness, toward the end i had one of those spells where everything suddenly makes sense and i was motivated to clean and organize everything and try to become all sunshine and sparkles that's worn off for the most part and i'm back to feeling 'locked out' of my thinks and without much of a clue where to begin with anything, but it's not a low, and it's workable. Unlike the beginning of last challenge, there is much less going on all at once this time around. The only really huge thing is that, come April, i'll be starting a course to finally get my high school diploma...after years of no formal schooling. Which is really exciting for me! And also a little bit scary. Between my personal history (or lack thereof) and ongoing issues with feels and focus, that's all going to be challenging enough, so this challenge is about setting things up to be easier by getting prepared and Looking For Space! In more ways than one. My goals fit three categories (though the second and third kind of blend together a little bit) and are mostly just some little 'rules' i'm setting for myself. Studyspace/Workspace/Livingspace - clean! all! the things! and keep them clean! Big Clean! Give the rooms i have access to each a thorough cleaning to the extent that i can, and ask the fam to pitch in where necessary. Little Cleans! Once a room is clean, make sure to keep it that way by tidying up each night before bed. Dishes - wash whatever i use immediately afterward instead of waiting and forgetting. Laundry - fold and put away immediately instead of waiting and forgetting. Keep my room conducive to use as a schoolroom, make my bed each morning, so on so forth Headspace - focus on positivity! Find and use a Bible Reading Plan Use positive language wherever possible Surround myself with positive content and stay away from things i know will get me down Avoid self harm, in every form it takes for me. Unapologetically enjoy things without trying to justify it Follow through on my stance of not worrying about things i can't control Follow through on being selective about what affects me Stop holding back from giving people compliments or saying "i love you" If there's something good i can do for someone, do it. Start thinking about my daily routines like they're some kind of montage out of an adorable animation or something Do my Duolingo and Memrise, watch educational videos, learn something every day, so on Personal Space - take care of my transportation basically drink the water! i usually have 64oz or more when i'm doing right, and need to stay on it. do the exercise and the stretching each day. eat the foods and don't stress about it. do my skincare deploy bath bombs at will, just, sling some bathbombs around. make some time and get it done. One Off 'Jobs' - Get my ID updated The Big Clean Pick up School Supplies (pencils/notebooks) Set up a Schedule - this is pretty much as simple as writing things down again These are all a bit scattered and the Headspace section i know makes it look like a LOT, but that's just some of the stuff i've been thinking about recently. Part of the 'unapologetically enjoy things' has been really recent- i'm normally pretty shy to enthuse about anything, especially to my family even though they've never given me a reason to feel ashamed. I've been trying to take some little steps there ( like the other day when i joked-but-meant-it to my mom that the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron has 'two of the greatest moments in cinematic history' ) but it also extends to my appearance somewhat- i'm 22 years old and only within the past year or so have felt comfortable wearing a tanktop, or doing my hair in a braid or a bun. So that's part of what i'm working on with the positivity is to just, be me, like the things i like, and not worry about it.