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Found 2 results

  1. LittleTurtle

    LittleTurtle: Goldilocks Challenge

    I have discovered my two biggest obstacles that I face when I want to exercise: 1. "If I would have just started exercising when I started thinking about exercising; I'd be done by now." 2. "OH! A little bit feels good, so I bet a shit ton more must feel better!!!" (Me after not exercising AT ALL for a couple of months) Not too little. Not too much. Just right. For 4 weeks, I will do no more and no less than the following: Walk: 20 minutes/3 times per week Yoga: 20 minutes/3 times per week I feel like this will help get me back into the habit without over doing it and burning out. Accountability Chart As a side challenge (that has no real plan of action as of yet) - I am going to try to incorporate more positivity into my life and become more centered.
  2. Rurik Harrgath

    Cry Havoc X: Sweet Child of Chaos

    SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO: From [REDACTED], unknown date and era. This challenge shall also be known as 'or how Rurik learned to stop worrying and took his gigantic mirth back,' because I've been focused for too long on my gigantic melancholies and things around here feel and look too goddamn grim. As they say, and by they I mean me just this moment, in a room full of the sane, it's the insane man who is truly free... and my freedom means everything to me. Plus this challenge will take us up to the release of Aquaman, and Jason Momoa should be an inspiration for us all! Starting weight baseline: 220 lbs [Aug 12/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels I DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING: "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™ 6 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐☐☐ 4 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] I’M JUST HERE FOR THE VIOLENCE: "Dump Stat my Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Partake of 3 sessions of “Be Happy” per week: ☐☐☐ Social activity 1 time/week: ☐ Moment of Frivolity shared (per update): ☐ OH, AND STOP AND PET THE POKEMON: A Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 3 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] ☐ Play: [In Progress] Get a Wii and play the shit out of some Mario Kart. ☐ Write: Thoughts & Ponderings in ColorNote/OneNote app. ☐ Build: [In Progress] Accent Wall ☐ Minimalize: [In Progress] Return unused trade goods to Home Depot. ☐ Other: [In Progress] Dump run. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: There's no theme in particular here, just #Momoa365 and as much geekery and frivolity as possible. Mostly I just want to live this challenge as if I were a Borderlands character (even though I've never played the game).