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Found 22 results

  1. Hello Rangers! I have a new side kick! Q was born 5 weeks early, surprising the heck out of us, and spent 1 week in the NICU. Today's his actual due date. Pregnancy was absolutely miserable, and got worse as time passed, and I'm SO DAMN GLAD to not be pregnant anymore. Baby's been pretty darn good so far, and not nearly as troublesome as other Q's out there... And he's much cuter (obvi) Plan-- Body: Shower daily, plus Exercise, at least one of the following PT exercises at home, and at the office once we
  2. The last time I fell off the fitness wagon, I respawned, started a challenge, and promptly found out I was pregnant. The goals from that challenge did not line up with expecting, so I abandoned it to focus on my pregnancy. My daughter is approaching her sixth month, and I finally feel ready to get back on the sleigh! I’ve been doing sporadic core work with her, and a post partum exercise class now and then, but it’s time to get organized and commit! Quest 1: Go to the dentist. I have a mortal fear of the dentist, and most visits are torturous enough that I never want to retur
  3. Feels a bit abrupt to drop back into the NF forums after being away so long, like :poof: I’m baaaack! I’m hanging out with the Adventurers for awhile (my previous couple years’ worth of challenges were done as a Ranger). It has been so long since I’ve been active, and my entire life/routine/body has changed so much in the past two years, that I have no idea what type of activity/lifestyle I’m into now. So, for now, I walk, I hike, I eat a mostly healthy diet that doesn’t fit into any particular category (mostly working on dialing down my sugar consumption without reawakening my disordered
  4. - Recent words of wisdom from a good friend. Introduction: Last month, a nuclear bomb went off in my life—I gave birth to my son. We’ve survived the first four weeks, but I’m struggling with creating new balance in my life especially after my husband has returned to work. So for this challenge, I’ve left my adventuring pack behind, and wandered into the druid’s grove, to focus on being, (un)becoming, and the transition into fallout. Around the time I gave birth, a blog post appeared that really spoke to me—it’s about Being—being who you are rather than alway
  5. Hello! I am a gym owner and have been in and around CrossFit since 2008. Over the last 9 years, I have helped empower individuals to redefine their definition of health and fitness. One of my favorite moments is watching women find confidence, beauty and liberation in discovering themselves to be strong and capable in ways they had never before imagined. Over time, something started to happen: a lot of these empowered women began to get pregnant. In the beginning I was happy to refer them to CrossFit MOM and work with the information provided their to create a program that worked f
  6. Alrighty, so I am back once again, trying to get any kind of momemtum going. #1 Food: Paleo, no added sugar #2 Lifting: 2x Week, Continue NRoLfW plan #3 Walking/Hiking: 2x Week minimum Starting Stats Weight: 163.3 lbs Body Fat % (per scale): 42% Waist: 35/40 Hips 42 Thighs 37 Neck 13 Calf 14 Bicep 10 Bust 40/36
  7. About me: Hokay… so I have been a part of Nerdfitness for almost 5 years (!!!). I have mostly been a lifter and paleo person, but since my move to Alaska and pregnancy and new motherhood all really threw off my routines and habits. I haven’t been around as much this past year, but I’m determined to change that. I’ve been in Alaska for 3 years, my husband is military. But we are fortunate enough to be staying here for another 5 years! I love to hike year round, so this place is perfect for me. My kiddo is almost 11 months old, and a little hellion! I also have a german shepherd who
  8. 2016 has been a crazy year for me. Not only did I manage to do a lot of prenatal workouts during my second trimester (which I loved), I also went past my due date and wound up having a c-section. But I have semi-completed 2 postpartum challenges. I say "semi" because I forgot to update them or complete the last week. At the beginning of 2016, I had plans to workout to keep myself healthy and to buy new gear to help accomplish that goal. Then I went over 38 weeks and was too exhausted to workout anymore. By the time I had my daughter at 42 weeks, I found myself unable to workout. I
  9. Phoenix is probably my favorite character, so Imma channel her this round. Strength 2 NFA workouts + warmup/cooldown per week. I am still level 1, but I am going to bump up the difficulty of a few of the exercises as I can for this challenge. At 2 weeks, I'm going to try to beat General DOMS again. Total 8pts Cardio/Toning 2 classes per week - preferably 1 Zumba and 1 Pound, however that will depend on babysitter availability. I love having an excuse to get out of the house and get moving doing someting *other* than go for a walk. Total 8pts
  10. Time for postpartum challenge #2! I'm still getting used to working out after having a c-section, but I'm able to do more with each month... just as long as I don't try to do a crazy core workout like I did last month. I'm also currently battling postpartum depression. I feel my best when I've exercised and been outside. So here's to starting another challenge with the awesome community here to keep me accountable! Move, Keep Walkin' (This is one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and they constantly get stuck in my head. Lol.) I need to exe
  11. I haven't been on the forums here in over 5 months. And I'm going to be honest: posting a new thread on here is terrifying. I'm not sure why, but it just is. I had a baby 3 months ago and used NF to help keep me in shape during my pregnancy. I gave birth to a healthy baby via c-section. I had to wait until my body healed enough for me to work out again. I was given the ok to exercise 6 weeks postpartum but I haven't felt like I was capable of completing a workout until recently. I'm out of shape and have to take things slow. So here's to getting back into the swing of things! 1. Ge
  12. Baby Steps! I’m going to reiterate a bit of what I wrote in my wrap up from last challenge to start this off. I am finally starting to (physically) feel like a human being again. I can easily squat down, I can get back off the ground with minimal issues (wrists are still a little temperamental), and I can walk at a reasonable pace. When I remind myself of this, I feel relieved. (It sucks feeling like a weak mushmellow.) I am finding that I struggle with the whole “you need to exercise, so do this boring stuff! It’s good for you!” The stuff that I find enjoya
  13. FROLICKING IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE! I need to frolic. Dance. Move. Become strong. To that end, I will continue with “moving” in my challenge. I am leaving it open - telling myself to walk 5 times a week when I do something like gardening and then not counting that workout kind of makes me feel unmotivated. So, this round, moving is pretty much anything that I can do that gets me off my butt and isn’t typical day-to-day stuff. Some examples, going out and walking, yoga (if I can get my wrists to allow it), Just Dance, serious deep cleaning of the house, or gardening. I
  14. Brief Background 3 Years and two pregnancies can do a lot to breakdown a persons fitness level. So I've gone from being able to do 100 consecutive push ups to barely being able to do 3. I want to come back stronger and fitter than ever. I've currently got about an extra 10 pounds of fat, that I want to be rid of, but I know if I just focus on building strength and stamina, it'll go away without me focusing too much on it. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding, so while I'll be trying to make the best food choices I can, my diet for the most part won't change. Game Plan
  15. Well, now that baby’s almost 2 months, it’s time for me to get cracking. Recovering from a c-section is a pain (ha!), but I’m past the recovery stuff and need to get moving. My main, overarching goal for this round is to work on being able to sit on the ground with my new babe without falling over or backwards or landing with a thump. Some of this is related to my current lack of flexibility and stability and some (a lot) of it is related to my physical shape after baby. My second main goal is to prepare for the Insane Inflatable 5k coming up in June. It’s probably unreasonable, bu
  16. It's been almost a year since I've been on nerdfitness. So where have I been? Incubating a baby. And then birthing a baby. And then keeping said baby alive while going slowly insane. (FYI - the term "Baby Blues" really doesn't do it justice). Now I've come out of the fog and am ready to shed some of this baby weight and start feeling a bit more like myself again. I want to get back into dance and start repairing my body. I've been swing dancing for a number of years and continued to do so until a couple weeks before I gave birth, which kept me in de
  17. Introduction: Hi, I'm phosphorus and this is my first NF post (though I've been receiving the emails for a while). I'm 40/F, a mother of five, and I've never quite gotten back to where I was before my last pregnancy. Baby is 15m old now, so it's high time I admitted that it's not happening all by itself. I like to run and swim, but it's been tough getting to the Y regularly (oh, for about the last 15 months I'd say). I need a kick in the pants because I don't really have that far to go, and yet I've been stuck for a while! Main quest: Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, solidly, by t
  18. In May of last year, I was feeling good. I had run a marathon, increased my deadlift to 145, and had a handle on my depression. My husband and I decided to level up our lives: time to reproduce! Nine months later on an extremely snowy February morning, our son was born. He's lovely and sweet and all, but what I spent the last month of pregnancy anticipating was my return to exercise. Weightlifting was the first to go - I was off balance and dizzy, and I stopped in July. I haven't run since September (the Beat the Blerch 10K, which was awesome in spite of being four months pregnant). I manag
  19. As posted in my last challenge, I am getting ready to do my first CrossFit competition!!! Also, the weekend after that, I'm running a 5k leg of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with my family! And then, 3 weeks, later, I'm doing my first Spartan! And it's a Super!!! Gulp. I, um, may have bitten off a lot here. Good thing I've already registered so I can't back out. So! This challenge is going to have to be about the training!!! The competition and the Spartan are going to really push me to the limits of my ability. My goal for both of them is completion and to not be last (altho
  20. 2013 was a pretty good year for me in a lot of ways. It was my first full year of CrossFit, I managed to have a wonderfully fit pregnancy, to have a VBA2C, and to get back to working out fairly quickly after having a baby. But due to having a stress fracture in March and having a baby in October, 2013 was not terribly consistent in terms of fitness. I can do better! My Main Quest: I want to be in good enough shape to enter at least one local CrossFit competition this year. It may just end up being one put on by my box, depending on finances and how packed the local comps are (there are usu
  21. This is my first challenge and I plan to crush it( always easy to say the first day lol)! Background: I have always been active and competed at some level in sports but after high school I had more trouble staying fit because I didn't have any competitions I could really compete in now that I'm an adult(see the thread running quandary for why). On top of that I was diagnosed with a neurological problem that essentially means anything my body regulates on is own has the potential to be out of whack(for me it's been blood pressure, and heart rate along with other things) . My symptoms have becom
  22. Hello Rebels! I'm a long-timer lurker and I'm about to pull out all these damn (awesome) underpants I've been gathering from Steve and start wearing them. My name is Erin and I'm 28. I live in Indianapolis, IN (originally from Muncie). About me: I had lap-band surgery in May 2011. I lost 97 lbs in 18 months and then got knocked up (on purpose). I just had my baby boy (Xander) this past May. I am now 4 months postpartum and only 20 lbs down from the 60 I gained during pregnancy. (I had some of the restriction removed from my band in order to increase my calories for pregnancy. I haven't gon
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