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Found 5 results

  1. AriatikStarr hunkers down on habits

    I’m going to do this right now, before I get swept away with my week and forget about it. Over the last year, I’ve been working on meal prep (and eating it), stretching more, and trying to maintain my outdoor activities. This year I’d like to really nail down these habits. With this, I ultimately want to work on cutting some excess weight. I don’t really know exactly where to put my goal, but I plan to chunk it out 10 pounds at a time to make it seem attainable. As far as life goals, I officially hit my first savings goal. My main focus in 2018 will be turned to paying off as much of my student loans as possible. I also would like to be conversational in Spanish, and keep reading through the books I have (it’s like meditation, so not necessarily for learning purposes). so for challenge #1 Fun story, I’m actually out of town starting January 31st until February 15th. Lifting: lower the weight being used for Wendler’s and work on the Boring But Big program for added volume. For this challenge, I’m just looking at completing 1 cycle. Stretching: Make this part of the morning routine somehow, whether it’s after the gym or while coffee is brewing. Should be every day. Ideally I’ll also foam roll 2-3x per week. Food: No takeout at all. I’ll start here. January is cold so the threat of physically going out to eat is pretty low, but I’ll allow it on occasion for social purposes. Weight: I’ll weigh in on my first Gym morning next week. From there, I’d like to lose 5+ pounds during this challenge. Duolingo: 30 minutes per day. Ive been enjoying reading and doing it regularly, but if I find that I haven’t in the first week I’ll adjust to add that goal as well. I just don’t want to get carried away. Same with bikes, although I suspect with walking dogs and the cold I won’t really have the capacity for a consistent 2 fun rides per week.
  2. Hi all, Below you can see my post of about 1 year ago regarding the fat losing problem of my (now recently) wife Sally Past year she adjusted her week plan to more powerlifting and cardio oriented since we read a lot about the benefits of lifting and eating protein rich food for fat-loss. But this hasn't resulted in any fat-loss whatsoever But Sally can't seem to lose her belly/hip-fat, whatever sport or diet she's doing. We tried Paleo, Crossfit, lifting, no sugars, ... for periods of 3 months each. Without any result. This all began after her miscarriage + surgery to her ovaries 4 years ago. Let me give you some background: Body: Sally Female 28 years old 155cm height (5 feet 1 inches) 54kg (124 pounds) Brown hair Small feet Relevant history: Had an eating disorder when she was 20-22 which damaged her intestines during that time Is gluten intolerant (she can eat gluten but when overdoing she feels really constipated) Had surgery to her uterus/oviduct after a miscarriage resulting in increase in menstruation problems (more headaches, more cramps, ...). This could have messed up her hormones? Current lifestyle (for past 5-6 months): wakes up at around 6:30am Go's to work by bicycle (10-20min ride) Office job for 8 hours a day Smokes 3-8 cigarettes a day (quit smoking and starting vaping with nicotine) Goes to bed at around 22:30-23:30 Enjoys reading Harry Potter books (like the whole series each year!) Food-Drinks 2 years: Breakfast: yoghurt, blueberries, nuts (cashew, hazelnuts, Brazilian, ..) Lunch: Salad = cucumber, paprika, spinach, cherry tomatoes, beans/chickpeas/rice/..., sausage/ham/salmon/Mozzarella/... Leftover from diner day before (see below) Snack: smoothie = avocado, spinach, banana, ... Banana pancakes Diner = Paleo Chicken, pork, beef, salmon, ... Lot's of veggies (paprika, tomatoes, zucchini, egg plant, ...) Rice/potatoes/ or no carbs 1 plate of 500-600gram Exercise 6 months: Monday-Wednesday-Friday = Crossfit Powerlifting Tuesday-Thursday = Running Saturday/Sunday = Crossfit or Swimming Results after 2 years of mixture of crossfit, lifting, running, cycling, swimming, ... She gains muscles (as her weights during Powerlifting increase) She gains overall fitness (her WOD times decrease) Her weight (54kg) is an all time high (probably due to muscle increase) She doesn't lose fat (+- 22-25% body fat) Goal: Be happy Working out Eat healthy Lose body fat Increase strength (she loves the looks of Crossfit athlete Lauren Fisher) Original post Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the long post
  3. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    This battle log is currently for: posting my workouts posting my weekly calorie/weight charts and monthly measurements posting ongoing thoughts on my dietary and supplement experiments I have an instagram for NF stuff, and if you message me, I will more than likely add you. 2018 Goals: 1) Fitness Honesty (food, tracking, workouts) 2) Develop work leadership skills (read books, listen to podcasts, implement ideas) May 2017 PRs: Squat: 135, Bench: 82, Deadlift: 195, Trap Bar Deadlift: 225 Sept 6 2017 PRs: Squat: 140, Bench: 80, Deadlift: 196, Trap Bar: 205 (different trap bar) Oct 23 2017 PRs: Squat: 155, Bench: 85, Deadlift: 205, Trap Bar Deadlift: 220 Lifting Notes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated Note, Stardate, February 6, 2017 Identified my two main goals for 2017, which will be the focus of my challenges: 1. Be more on top of my game at work - be the person that people say gets her shit done 2. Body re-composition, get to 183# and stay there while building strength (do the program) 2017 Epic Quest of: 1) Be Awesome at My Job - Get Shit Done 2) Body Re-Composition January 1 2017 | February 1 2017 | March 1 2017 | April 1 2017 | May - surgery/ illness break | June 1 2017 | July 2017 - medical break | September 2017 | October 2017 | Nov/Dec Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable 2017
  4. Ranger Up!

    So i have just completed my first ever OCR. My training leading up to the event, plus post-race analysis, is detailed in my Barbarian Challenge training log. This log will pick up where that race ended. i do hope to do more of these events in the future, plus a smattering of 5 and 10ks, some powerlifting meets, some shooting comps, and whatever other epic adventures i may come across. So, here we go!
  5. Welcome to the Nerd Fitness Squat Leaderboard. Below you will find the top Squat lifts (that have been reported) on the Nerd Fitness forum organized by Wilkes Points. For more information about the Wilkes Coefficient, go here. The following are the rules for using the Nerd Fitness Leaderboards. You must have at least 50 posts - We don't want random people just showing up and posting just to be on the Leaderboards. If you don't have 50 posts yet, be an active member and come back when you do. You must have been active in the last 6 months - This is meant to be for active members. If you are not active for 6 months, you will be removed. If you once again become active, you are more than welcome to post your new PRs and join back up! Your lifts must be current - No posting 'This was my lift 2 years ago'. All lifts must have been completed since joining NF. You must update your lift at least once every 2 years to stay on the Leaderboards. - Similar to the previous point, we want the Leaderboards to be current. Therefore, entries that are older then 2 years old will be pruned. Weights should be reported in KG, not pounds. - This is the weight system power lifting competitions use. If pounds are your mass measurement of choice, just multiply your total by 0.454 to find the equivalent mass in kilograms. Yes, I know pounds are a unit of force, but you know we use it like mass when it comes to body weight. You can report a weight in a set that you've done. - You will only be given credit for the weight you lifted in terms of the leaderboard (i.e. if you did 100kg for 5 reps, you'd only be given credit for 100kg on the leadreboard). That said, if you provide a set with reps, I will calculate the an estimated 1RM for you. Just check out that column after I get the entry updated. If you'd like to be put on the Leaderboards, please reply this this thread with the following information: Gender Bodyweight Weight Lifted and number of reps (typically your 1RM) Also, if you enter any of the NF Virtual Lifting Competitions, entries for those will be migrated to the Leaderboards (only if it improves your Wilkes score). I will try to update the Leaderboard after each challenge and/or virtual lifting competition. If things haven't updated in awhile, harass me via PM (profile can be found here). Note: leaderboard only shows in your web browser and not on tapatalk