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Found 1 result

  1. The focus of this challenge (and most of the following ones) will be of course press to handstand! At least, how I get started with Kirsty's programme. I wish I could click & load “press to HS” but it does not happen that way I have several HS spirit animals accompanying me on this journey. The rabbit The furious spastic rabbit.... it's a dangerous spirit, with a very unique attack (slow death by failed handstand kick-up). But HS training does require some obsessive-compulsive features. You can't just throw your rabbit away. I have started taming it a little bit with a lot of kick-up consistency work. But its rawness still comes up every so often in moments of existential HS despair: The donkey The donkey is strong, kicks hard and loves planching it, because, you know, mobility and flexibility are not his strongest features. He is however very persistent, some might say obtuse. Blunt strength is definitely a plus but it can get in the way sometimes. The banana fish It's legit: Flopping about, very slippery and feeling somewhat boneless (until landing). Its main issues are a very inconsistent relationship with the body parts known as shoulders and a fuzzy sense of alignment. Sometimes it also doesn't know how to breath. It's otherwise a very creative spirit and it enjoys impromptu performances. And NOW, in this challenge I will try to summon the handstand PUPPY! Light, gentle and cute, what's not to like? Brief schedule outline: Week 0 => complete my last cycle of P2 phase 3 => do pressToHS assessments which also include little workouts (x3) Week 1 => P2 deload: evaluate drills I will keep working on without overwhelming myself (bent arm work) => Press to HS starts, first week is focused on HS line (2 workouts) Weeks 2-3-4 => Settle into my new combo of P2+pressToHS Now for the goals: ~ Practice ~ Core work: PressToHS - 2x/week (except assessment week) P2 - 1x/week HS - 3x/week (consistency x2, endurance x1) Stretching (hips, back bends, some of PressToHS flexibility drills will go here as well as needed) – 2x/week PressToHS doesn't seem to have a deload programmed in, I will tweak HS/P2 workouts to make them a bit lighter every 3 weeks. Complementary work (usually spread out before/after core sessions): Cirque Physio – 18 drills /week (deload: 12 drills /week) Legs – 2 drills /week (I bike as well ) Flexed feet work – 4 drills /week Pull – my rig is up and functional again after the move break. I won't evaluate this section but start pulling more regularly focusing on alignment and conditioning work at first. I will just track the number of sessions where I do some pull. It will likely remain complementary work while I get on with PressToHS. ~ Light study ~ Interview prep 10x/week (reading / coding / Java quizzes / industry research) I'm job hunting, that will apply until I find something. ~ Bonus creative goal ~ I'd like to keep some drawing/painting practice and I also have an on-going cardboard project that needs finishing because it's currently standing in the middle of the living room I will just track this to encourage it but not evaluate.