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Found 2 results

  1. Hi rebel friends! Starting my first challenge a bit late, but here goes! I'm a 30 y.o. woman living in the Midwest. I love hiking, camping, road trips, and travel. I live with my husband, who's super supportive and trying to get healthy as well. Our ultimate goal is to travel the world together over the next four decades or so, and the healthier we are, the longer we can enjoy it. On Monday, I'm starting a new job earning over twice what I earned at my old job, and the first thing I want to invest in is food that makes me feel good. I know from past experience that eating paleo(ish) totally eliminates my stomach issues, but I just couldn't afford it. It would be super cool if I could lose the twenty pounds I've gained in the last ten years, but I'd settle for not having a bloated, upset stomach every night. So here's the plan - I'm keeping it as simple as possible: Stop eating grains. They hurt my stomach. Stop eating legumes. They really hurt. Even my beloved peanut butter. Cut the sugar. I'm addicted guys. Other than a bit of fruit and occasional raw honey, it's gotta go. And that's it. I don't really have an exercise goal this time around. Best of luck to everyone in their goals, and thanks in advance for your support!
  2. AThousandWords goes to the Beach

    Water... Earth... Fire... Air. Long ago, AThousandWords lived in good health and fitness. Then everything changed when a new baby arrived. Only good eating habits and occasional exercise could have saved her waistline. But when her world needed these habits the most, they vanished. A an entire year passed and she discovered new motivation: an awesome Avatar themed challenge. But although her gif skills are great, she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to call herself healthy again. But I believe... AThousandWords can save the world. AThousandWords : Ember Island Interlude I'm getting a late start on this challenge - Memorial Day threw me off; we went out of town for our anniversary and I've been a little resistant to get back into my diet since getting back. But we leave for Hawaii in just three weeks and I want to do my best to feel confident in a bathing suit, so here I am! This will be a short challenge for me: I'll be leaving June 22, so my challenge will only run 3 weeks. So instead of starting "Earth" this challenge, I'm going to treat it like an interlude. I'm drawing on "The Beach" episode for inspiration. Ember Island tends to cause its visitors to go into a sort of self-discovery - likewise, for this challenge I'll be focusing on refining what worked/didn't work from the last challenge, creating new habits, and trying to set myself up for success for my two week trip. ALSO - I'm trying out Habitica for this challenge! I'm still trying to figure out how to convert my NF goals to Habitica and how to track Habitica goals here... so this challenge will be about figuring out what works there, too. I'm going to use Habitica to replace my spreadsheet for this challenge and see how that goes. BANT, BANT, BABY The Banting diet worked really well for me last challenge, so I'm keeping it up. To recap - Here's the Banting Lists and I am loosely following the Transformation phase. I've assigned each list a point value, and I can have up to 3 points a day. In addition, I get an extra 5 points per week, if I want something from the red lists or more from the orange lists. Green List: 0 points Orange List A: 1 point Orange List B: 2 points Red Lists: 5 points Here's how I'm tracking this in Habitica: DON'T BREAK-FAST At the end of the last challenge I mentioned that I was dipping my toe into IF and that so far I really didn't like it. But since then it's sort of growing on me - I think because most mornings I'm just too lazy to eat breakfast. So I'm going to give it a try and fast until noon 4x a week. I don't usually eat after 8pm, so this will be a 16/8 protocol. COMPLETE DAILIES I've defined a few daily tasks in addition to the ones above - like check in on Habitica every day. My goal is to have a 21-day streak for all of these dailies at the end of the challenge. And.... that's it for this challenge. I have a few other habits defined in Habitica, but I don't really want to commit to more than what I have here. So we'll see how it goes! In the meantime, if anyone is super familiar with Habitica and wants to help a newbie out, I'm all ears!