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Found 1 result

  1. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You ... Something completely different from anything you have ever seen in a Starpuck thread. Guys... my friends introduced me to Bee & Puppycat, and The Bravest Warriors. I am so hooked it's not even funny; and so, I will use this challenge to proselytize further, these wonderfully bizarre and absurd shows, which I normally don't care for, but somehow got addicted to! Starpuck is... the bravest warrior! Why? Because we are full into the middle of winter, and she has NOT gained weight! She has in fact, held the line over the holidays, EVEN while increasing her caloric intake, and is doing all the things! YES! She must simply continue to maintain this epic show of determination and keep at it. So let's keep focused, shall we? GOAL #1 - Keep up the exercise habit! Move with intent 5x a week, get at least 2 lifts in per week. This is a doable number for me. Often times, I might get a 6th day in, but it's not mandatory. Sometimes my 6th day is just me running around, cleaning, organizing, cooking, etc, and that earns me a pretty good amount of steps, so that's cool too. I'd like to keep some focus on the strength training, because I get frustrated having to re-earn past gains, so that's why 2 a week is a must. I'd love 3 a week, but I notice better workouts when I get more rest days too. Still tweaking the approach! EXERCISE 5X/ WEEK GOAL #2 - Keep up the homecooking! ~~Don't stop, home coooking, hold on to that ... cookbooking?~ This slacked a bit over the holiday weeks because scheduling + parties and outings got so crazy. What that in turn accomplished though, was absolutely solidifying that I prefer home cooked food now. Like. All the time. 3/5 meals out made me super sick, and that is unfun. Along with this goal is to maintain the tracking, which has still been, absolutely no stress for me. It's really weird guys. Gonna keep rolling with it. TRACK DAILY 7X/WEEK HOMECOOKED 2X/WEEK (At friends.) GOAL #3 - Night time routine! Recovery happens during rest, muscles grow during recovery, therefore, I should get on with this proper rest thing! I already brush my teeth every morning and night, but I'd like to get into a solid and long lasting relationship with floss. It's very hot and cold for me, one minute we're in a great place in our relationship, the next, it's been weeks since we talked. (I know, gross...) I realize that flossing every night might be a big jump for me, so I am going to say 4-5x a MUST, but aim for nightly. I'd also like to take care of my face skin! So 4x a week, wash up and put on some nice nourishing night cream or something. Then! Bed time! Lights out 20 minutes before I want to be asleep. The goal is 8 hours of total in bed time, but on nights of D&D or what not, that becomes harder... so all OTHER nights, let's get it right. FLOSS 5X/WEEK WASH FACE 4X/WEEK BED TIME 11:20 3X/WEEK -- WITHIN 15m OF GETTING HOME ALL OTHER DAYS (Non gaming days, in bed lights off at 11pm, gaming days, in bed/asleep as soon as humanly possible after teething... NO SCREEN TIME after getting home!) GOAL #4 - Creative Outlets need Nurturing! I've been contemplating a hefty project, and one thing I know for sure is that I need to keep expanding those comfort zones artwise. That means, drawing things I suck at, and ending up with sucky drawings, that over time will improve - instead of just doing the things I have gotten better at already. Same old routine here. SKETCH DAILY WORK ON THE TABLET 4X/WEEK * ART LESSON 1X/WEEK D&D PREP AS NEEDED Other things on the list, but not tracked. 1. Keep up with the Scripture Memorization (We getting that rolling again guys?) 2. Keep up with the budgeting and house money savings. 3. Learn how to use my 3D printer and start printing awesome things.