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Found 15 results

  1. This challenge will be a continuation of my challenge last week with a few new additions Part 1 Strenght training I have to go to the gym 2 times a week to focus on general body strentgh Part 2 Monday, wednesday and friday are mandatory running days Part 3 Nutrition will be reporting my total KCAL count here everyday Part 4 Training a new superhero. My girlfriend decided to join me in a viking run next year. This means training together and the emergence of a new super hero in our home.
  2. I have ghosted on the forum for a big ammount of time. This happened due to the illness and passing of my father in law. Combine this with a part-time job and school stress. I had to take a step back and the forums got cut out of my daily routine. Just like Oliver Queen when he moved to Ivy Town with Felicity this did me good. I kept working out a little, had time for the family and got recharged. Now i am back at the rebellion to support all of you on the forums. I will be chilling with the Doodlies if they still want me, for now i will join the rangers to continue my training a
  3. Since a short while i have been rewatching Arrow on Netflix and refound one of the most inspirational Rangers out there. Oliver Queen AKA the Arrow. This guy trained himself to be one of the most brutal survival machines out there. In order to get myself on the same path i will have 3 main goals. Goal 1: Nutrition. The base for any endeavor in either gaining or losing can be found in nutrition. My goal is to Lose weight. In order to do this i will Use a foodtracker and a prerequisite trainingsplan on there in order to keep my KCAL consumption on the right place. Goal 2: Ex
  4. This challenge is a simple continuation of my previous challenge. This challenges consisted of 3 main elements. Run like the wind, Strength of Thor and Healthy viking. Run like the wind This part of the challenge is all about increasing my stamina and running distance. I have to follow my 10K trainingsprogram which means 3 times a week running. There is something to keep in mind though. There are still 2 weeks of training left while my challenge takes 5 weeks. For the remaining 3 weeks i will focus on increasing my running speed. I still have to find a program fort his. Suggestions are more
  5. This year is going to be all about losing weight for me. Last year i totally kicked ass by increasing my running performance. i went from being out of breath after 500meters to running a 19k with obstacles. I really proved my worth on that. This years focus will be all about losing weight and passing my second year at college. How am i planning to lose weight? The idea is to get my food straight and excercise. nothing special there. Everything will be monitored in a Kcal app from "Het voedingscentrum" My days will consist of something like this Breakfast A slice of bread with
  6. Climbing Fatty mountain I just finished the year of the viking by completing my 19k race. Which means i should start working on a next challenge. I already discussed this a lot with my psychologist and i came to the conclussion that my focus should go towards losing my excess weight. This is known as Fatty mountain. The fatty part makes sense but where does the mountain set in. This is due to a book i have been reading. Bear grylls everyday survival guide. IN here he describes how you have to climb your own personal mountain. For me this is my mountain of fat. Therefore The climbing of Fa
  7. Hello everybody! Geuss what, i am back! Full of motivation, inspiration and perspiration. This challenge is very special for me. uring this challenge i will run the last viking run of the year, 19KM. It was a year of training and hardwork all coming to fruition in one challenge of body and mind. The ascension to valhalla. So how am i going to prepare for this? Well first of all, keep running, DON'T STOP RUNNING EVER. 4 times a week running to prepare and take 3 days of in advance to get my muscles relaxed. EATING IS KEY Specificaly getting my snackin
  8. I am taking a break from my traditional viking theme and taking a new aproach during my summerbreak. Battle of the inspirational characters (Name pending) During this challenge i will continue my normal training which consists of folowing my running plan, eating plan and strength plan. IThe running plan is simply going through with my 21K training app. The eating is clean eating, on week days no carbs, weekends something with carbs and friday is a cheat day Strength is simply going on with my strength training app. NOW FOR THE SPECIAL PART every week i will selec
  9. After a brief period of exile i decided to return to the ranger guild. I feel confident enough in going for another challenge. so here i am! I am not joining the doodlies this challenge but i sure hope to see a lot of doodlies around here. So here is an important update on the year of the viking. I finished run 2. 13K water edition! It was amazing and very very empowering to complete it. I even cried a manly tear for completing it. It feels so good to be past the halfway point of this year and also to have achieved my greatest athletic feat so far. A little action shot from the run, more
  10. Okay guys! I need your help. For those of you who don't know my challenges but running distances is an intergral part. I finally reached a marker i was aiming for. I can't tell what due to a pvp challenge going on. My next target is increasing my running speed but i have no idea how to go about this. So annyone anny advice?
  11. After a succesfull first raid it is time to set my goals for the next raid. With the finishing of the first raid i earned my first Viking bracelet. The first steps towards earning the title of viking has been taken. 2 more to go! The next one is completing the 13KM water edition in june! [youtube] Strength of Thor This part will have to be determined later. This will be about increasing my strength. I can only do this once the nearby gym opens. the only thing i know is that it will open soon. I don't know when yet. So an update for this will soon arrive S
  12. Let the raids begin! During this 4 week challenge i will run my first viking run. The 7km mud edition! I am so stoked for this and it looks like all my training is starting to pay off. My stamina has greatly increased since i started training. I feel great about this progres. Now it is time to expand this and start looking to the future and finnish the final preprations for the coming raid. Run...RUN LIKE THE WIND So obviously a big part of the training and being a vikign is about being able to run and cover distances. That is why i keep going with my current schedule both in prepration f
  13. 2016 Year of the viking, Challenge 1 Preparing for the summer raids So now that i have your attention with that grand opening. For me 2016 willl be the year of the viking, what does this mean? Well it means i will run the strongman viking run on all 3 lengths, 7Kms, 13Km and 19Kms and earn my viking torque. http://strongviking.com/ To get this done i need to get in shape for the runs and thus the theme of this challenge will be preparing for the summer raids. Because the runs will be around summer. How does one prepare for the summer raids? There are 3 parts to preparing for the raid
  14. I am Rab397 and some of you might already know me. The adventurers are my guild for the coming challenges i want work on general strength, endurance and weightloss. Thanks to the doodlies i got this guild recomended and i am looking forward to starting my next challenge here. Why the viking part, well that is easy. There is a strongman run here called the viking run and i want to run it If you have anny questions about me just ask.
  15. So in this post i will discuss my goals my main focus and what and how i will be posting here. My Longterm Goals Lose 55lbs Develop a healthy relationship with food Cook 3 healthy meals a week for at least a month Log every day and upload a log every week, this is a repeating goal Learn parkour Complete the viking run Earn my black belt (This list is still growing) Main focus At the moment my main focus is to beat my addiction to food and develop a healthy relationship with it. I will do this by logging my food, get the remaining sugars out of my body and learn a healthy way of cooking for
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