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  1. After so many years of doing variations on the same theme, this challenge is finally going to be something new for me. All of my time with NF thus far has been me focused on meeting the physical requirements for a job with the police. My belief in that possibility has waxed and waned over the years, but that was always my main goal. As I've gotten older, I've felt growing pressure to get my life going (I've been working low paying, dead-end jobs for over 20 years, and been living in my parents' basement for most of that time, and I'd like to be a real adult someday). That pressure
  2. Yes really, but not like that. Also, I think I'm now out of "This is the Way" puns, so next challenge is going to have a different sort of title. I'm about 2 weeks out from my big move. So this challenge is going to be 2 weeks of absolute insanity as we try to finish packing and everything that needs to happen, followed by a week or so of driving across the country, about 2 weeks of "camping" in the apartment, and then our stuff getting delivered just before the end of the challenge. And in the midst of all that, I'm trying to keep my diet mostly aligned with the B
  3. Ah, it feels good to be back. As usual my major regret is not returning sooner, but I also know that coming back before I was ready would've been worse than waiting. At any rate, that's all behind with nothing but good times (DOMS notwithstanding) ahead. If you're at all curious about where I went when I fell off Planet NF then please check out the post in my log: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/107485-whats-great-for-a-snack-and-fits-on-your-back/&do=findComment&comment=2688089. tl;dr is that life is hard and I only had enough energy for non-fitnessy
  4. No this thread is not going to be about fasting nor CrossFit. I'm co-opting those acronyms for new purposes. It turns out that if your effort isn't consistent, neither will your results be. Who the heck knew? I've never stopped trying to get into better shape for very long... But I also haven't kept trying for very long (recently, anyways). So even though I know exactly what the perfect routine and habits are... I'm not aiming for perfection this time. Just CONSISTENCY. Small improvements, that stick and that I do regularly. It is really really diffi
  5. As per usual, I'm like a million years late on the pop culture anything, but I am really enjoying The Umbrella Academy, so I'm basing my challenge on some of the different characters. Allison: Allison's main power is her words, so I will be trying to write for at least 30 minutes twice a week. Luther: Luther's whole shtick is strength, so I will be doing 2 strength workouts a week Diego: Diego can make anything deadly. He is precise and practiced, so I will eat only as many as 1800 calories a day Klaus: Klaus does lots of drugs for
  6. A party of adventurers, five in total, gather round a table, two in physical proximity, and three via mystical and magical means, known only as "Zoom." A sixth member sits at the head of the table, obscured from vision by a screen painted with dragons on one side and inscribed with supposedly important information on the other. The sound of dice on the wooden table is followed by a muttered, "Oh, shit," as the dice rolls off the table and the errant adventurer retrieves her dice of destiny from the floor and rolls again, this time into a velvet-lined bowl created just for this purpose.
  7. I've not been happy with my weight or my activity level lately. This is not about body image, I can see many positive things about my appearance. This is about function. I have enough extra weight around my waist that it pushes on my diaphragm when I bend over and makes it hard to breathe. I don't like that. I have enough extra weight that makes it harder and more tiring to move. I don't like that. I'm not moving as much as i used to, and it negatively affects mood and energy levels, I don't like that. What I do have is this amazing community, and the knowledge that the only way to
  8. Back again, trying for some consistency. 2021 is/was meant to be the year of health for me (where I sort out everything I keep putting off and start my 30s in peak condition- one year, git gud). The big three: sleep, eat, exercise, continue to be things I struggle with and it’s already May. Technically the 1 year till I’m 30 started on the 3rd, so let’s start kicking some health goals. I have been putting time and energy into getting all the tests I’d been putting off (eyes tested and glasses ordered, ears tested and fine, gyno done and awaiting results, dentist done and need to do
  9. Hello everyone! These challenges have been phenomenal and I'm very happy to be able to participate. You can read my introduction and see some progress photos right here. The first challenge was a bit of a struggle due to having to find a rhythm and dealing with binge-eating episodes. But the second challenge has been incredibly pleasing and I've managed to go binge free for the entire 5 weeks + week 0 of the current challenge. Also have a 53k hike coming up mid-june for which I'm training currently. Have gotten an overuse injury last week and am taking 2
  10. Hot Girl Summer #1 Pony As always, Ginuwine bringing the certified sex jamz. This challenge marks the first of a three part series where I return to my fighting weight over the course of this summer! I have gained a lot of weight, particularly in the last 6 months when I couldn’t do anything except lie down but I am hoping at some point during the next three challenges I’ll be in a position to return to training because the alternative is unthinkable so let’s progress with optimism in our hearts! The reason this challenge is “Po
  11. Eat and Move I was going to have slightly loftier goals for this challenge than my previous one but then my old illness came barrelling back out of nowhere. Although if I'm honest the signs have been there for a couple of months that it was getting worse. I'm finding it extremely hard to function right now. I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep. During the course of this challenge I'll be having a bunch of medical tests and exams. One of these includes and awkward encounter with a camera. I'm seriously not looking forward to that but I want answers.
  12. "I am become terror, the unseen predator, a rupture that obliterates without warning. Alone, the hordes of Enoch will fall before me. but together this entire planet will fear us. The Anomaly alters us each in our own ways but we are drawn down the same road into the dark heart of creation.. We will find the Source - whatever it holds, whatever it takes." [Cover is for Cowards]: You're a biological sledgehammer; act like one and chuck yourself into the fray! Go pound sand, dirt, or pavement like an Outrider through daily mileage; runs, walk
  13. I'm still trying to lose some weight, so that's a big focus right now Endeavor 1: Lose 2.5 pounds by challenge end Use MFP 6 days a week Follow guidelines from eating skills *experiment, I've upped my protein to 120 grams to see if that helps with satiety. This is a guideline. If I have a day where I feel like eating more carbs than protein, that is fine. I just want to experiment and see how this works Reward: counted at end of challenge: 1 point for each day tracked 28+ points = 2 Constitution pts 24-27= 1 Con pt. 20 -24 = .5
  14. Well, he we try again. Last challenge things just went off the rails, and I couldn't get myself to get restarted. Car even got stolen haha. Luckily, nothing was damaged. Still a mystery as to how they broke in and drove it. Things have just seemed off with me. 2018 things worked well for me. Everything I seem to get going, I just end up failing out. With all that, I am still going to come back and try doing a little better then last time The goals are always similar or the same. I really just have to get myself in the routine of getting it done again. I'm a
  15. Oh heeeeeey! Yep, its me. The long lost Domestic Ranger. @Wild Wolf better half. I am here because I need accountability and encouragement to shake these last 35lb! And I couldn't think of any place better then with the nerds I know and love<3 I started my health journey the beginning of February and I am down 38lb. This is not about skinny , this is about feeling better and getting stronger. I have never been this consistent with my health in my life. I feel so much better already and am excited to see what added strength training will do! I
  16. I'm not sure how this challenge is going to go. I've been battling down my perfectionism, and I've let go of a lot over the years. But I still want to be making some kind of progress. So many days I just don't have time to do anything for myself. All this week I have to cover classes for an instructor who's become sick, so I can't go home at lunch and exercise. There's no time to do it in the evenings because of family obligations. I can't get up any earlier in the morning or I'm a zombie all day. Do you know why dad bod is a thing? Because we all don't have time to do anythin
  17. I'm pretty sure I am re-using the title for this challenge from a previous, failed challenge and I don't care - it's appropriate. I need to reconnect with my fitness foundations. I need to reconnect with my support and accountability system and so here I am, reconnecting. While I won't fully re-introduce myself, I will remind everyone that I am now, as always, a Star Wars Nerd. I have been in love with the franchise since I first saw the trailer for "Star Wars" while watching Disney's The Rescuers even though I wanted to go see Star Wars, which was also playing, but I got overruled
  18. Affinity - a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure between animals, plants, or languages. Hi guys. Last challenge was just a little overwhelming for me to keep up with. This is not to say I didn't do well because when it was all said and done, I think I performed adequately. I just got overwhelmed tracking everything on top of balancing out my schedule AND posting it all daily. I just don't have that kind of time, lol. I wish I did but I don't. With that being said, I'm going to focus on a smaller challenge that just cover's
  19. "What's the smallest task I could do to still feel like I'm doing something for this goal?" -@NeverThatBored "I'm going to have Present Qbert do things now instead of saving them for Future Qbert to make my life easier" -Qbert My goals haven't really changed but I'm going to try framing this challenge differently. I know the things I need to do daily to reach my goals but sometimes life just gets in the way of meeting the goals all the time. Meeting every goal every day just isn't practical but there's no good place to draw the line. It's more impor
  20. How about that for illiteration? My last few challenges have been extremely helpful to push me to my goals, but I do have a tendency to go overboard just a tiny bit on the scope of them. So for this challenge I am going to take a ever so small step back from the complicated challenge and go back to the simple stuff. Goal #1 - "Meal Prep" So I know a lot of people view meal prep as this huge undertaking of making every meal for the week in one go and freezing it. That's not really my goal this challenge. Instead I want to harken back to a previous challenge of bring
  21. Jarric's got worms When I was little, probably 6 or 7 years old, I told my parents that my best friend had Worms. They, having not heard of this new computer game, were rather concerned until I managed to explain it to them. Anyway, I upgraded my computer over the weekend (with no small amount of help from @Mr_Willes and @jonfirestar), and finally got round to playing Worms W.M.D. In honour of that, and because I feel like I need some aggression and comedy violence to push me through this next challenge, I'll be running a Worms theme this time round. I need
  22. Okay, so that challenge title is terrible, but it's stuck in my head so 🤷‍♀️ Especially since this isn't an Eminem challenge (though @Rurik Harrgath did say I looked like him while I was bleaching my hair wearing a white tank top 😂 ). But I am in fact back (back again) and ready for action. This is actually a garden challenge. Earlier this year I made a challenge where I established my mental "Garden" - where I have different characters (grotesques) that live within that garden, and I have to tend to t
  23. Only 2 goals this challenge! Run Never drink (alcoholic beverages) alone Well that's cheating! So i need rules: - Only drink when there is someone over that is also having an alcoholic beverage (excluding the wife cause she would kill me) - Run: 3 times a week minimum, 35K per week minimum
  24. In the last challenge I did one thing. Eat more veggies. In the challenge before that I did one thing. Track food. In this challenge I am going to continue to to these two things. That is it. I'm currently on crutches and will be for a couple more weeks, physical therapy is happening but exercise other than that is not allowed. So I am going to focus on the basics until I get my doctor's approval to do more. <sigh> Its hard to be good and not run out and exercise right now. I am being good.
  25. Alliance with who, I hear you asking? Well, you, of course! And also my doctors, husband, teachers, new co-workers, new boss, local librarian, probably the baristas at my favorite coffee shop that just reopened... This summer for me is really the pinnacle of the idea that no man is an island - with all the transitions and new tasks going on, I'm going to be depending on the people around me more than ever: One grad school semester just ended, but a new one is starting soon (May 17th) and I'm taking twice as many credit hours as usual so I can get sta
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