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  1. The spirit of this challenge is making small changes towards what I think is my ideal life. My ideal life has creativity, lacks excess, keeps me active and intertwines with nature. With that in mind my goals this time around will be: πŸ‘‰ Painting challenge every week πŸ‘‰ 1 hike per week πŸ‘‰ 1 dance per week πŸ‘‰ 2 KB workouts per week πŸ‘‰ 1 starch serving per meal πŸ‘‰ 1 Veggie or fruit per meal πŸ‘‰ 1 Protein per meal πŸ‘‰ Purge a thing per week πŸ‘‰ Sell house task per week To help me succeed I've already planned out my painting c
  2. I keep trying to make the same group of goals work every challenge. Because individually they're all things I've done before and want to do again/make a permanent part of my life. And I keep clinging to that and not really acknowledging the fact that when I succeeded at each of these things, it was under very different circumstances than where I am now. Some of it was in college or grad school, some of it was when I had a different job, none of it looked like my current existence. So I'm going to forget all about all of it. I'm starting from scratch as if I've never done yoga before, never eat
  3. Hi, I'm Grizzy! I used to be very active here, and I'm back because I would like to establish a healthier lifestyle before attempting to make a baby come November. Eep! I'm as terrified as I am excited. Current stats: β€’ 30 years old β€’ 5'5", 230 lbs. β€’ Woefully out of practice at everything I used to be good at physically. β€’ Unemployed, but financially stable thanks to debt freedom, a paid-off mortgage, and a hefty emergency fund. β€’ Bad at eating my fruits and vegetables. β€’ Not great at keeping our house clean, or good at asking the spouse t
  4. I need to start this thing, or I'll end up posting to the last challenge for the next 5 weeks... So things are crazy, and only getting more so. My original goal was just to survive this week and worry about all the other stuff after. This week was supposed to be 50 hours working, plus music practice MTW and helping prep and run services Thursday and Friday, and then Easter... Yeah, this week was too much before it got started. Then Monday, I got called back about a "mother-in-law" apartment I had looked at, and ended up signing a lease and needing to massively move up
  5. From one of my favorite books. Will be using it this challenge for guidance and inspiration. β€œDo you know people who won’t let you forget the mistakes you made ages ago?” (Oh, yes. Me, me, me! I am so good at doing that to myself.) β€œ That’s how your competition and adversaries want you to think.” (My parents and my ex husband.) ” Disappoint them. Don’t even consider going into reverse. Rather than brooding and letting your self-esteem go down the tubes, be on to your next job, caper, scam, brainstorm or idea. Forget the past, get back on that motorcycle in your mind a
  6. I have been bitching about how blah I am. And how much I don’t want to try. So. . . what if I tried? What if I bothered? What If I made an effort this time? What a novel fucking idea! I made some new internet friends (thanks, TikTok?) and we’re talking about a Vegas weekend in July. I don’t want to go to Vegas and be a fat fuck. So I’ll put in a good effort. I went through all my numbers from cycling – they are hard core and they TRACK this stuff so I have all my numbers – and now I have numbers to try to beat. Also, my coach is really enthusiastic and I made the humongous mistake of adding hi
  7. I feel like I've spent a lot of time the last few months building my alter-ego's awesomeness, which is definitely great and necessary, but ultimately not as much fun. Yay, I do the dishes right after dinner! And I drink lot of water! Good stuff but not .... exciting. So let's focus on super stuff this time. Finally! I feel ready to work on actual skills, not just basic strength building. First skill: I "lost" my pull-up ability when I developed a shoulder recruitment imbalance, and gee whiz, now that I'm activating the right muscles more, I c
  8. Been trying to get this put together for a bit now. Haven't got it all figured out yet, but if I don't make a start, I never well. Last challenge, I moved into a new place. The last couple years I've been renting a room from a couple from my church. Now I've got my own, full apartment. I like the place, like having more room and control of my space. But... all my routines have fallen apart. I need to rebuild them. During all of this I was also informed that I am pre-diabetic, and have high blood pressure. I'm also pushing 400 pounds, and struggling with depression. I need to make
  9. I'm starting to get the feeling that, at least for now, my challenges will come in essentially two parts. One part being one 5-week challenge, and the other part including the same goals, maybe slightly modified, during another 5-week challenge. I'm excited to add some new goals, and also try to see some consistency (since that seems to be the theme of the mini-challenge this time around) with some old ones. I've titled this one A New Chapter because I will be starting one part way through this challenge. I get to marry the love of my life part way through May, and beg
  10. Made it through the final part of the previous challenge and looking forward to starting this one! For this challenge I'll mostly be continuing the same ones I had for the previous ones. Right now, life is kinda busy and trying to pick different ones will just make things hectic. πŸ˜… Now for the goals! 1. Workout (WO) - I would still like to workout at least three times a week. I'd like to get back into running, especially as the weather gets nicer, so I will try to do that at least once a week, as I'm able. 2. Vitamins (V) - I'd like to
  11. I have free time at work... so I'm using it write the new post. Work = Rec and Park Internship where I get to try out the "manager role/admin duties". I'm a Rec and Park undergrad finishing up my degree with this internship. Will be working until Fall, but getting my degree in August (yay!) Internship is going great, like seriously "perfect Internship I couldn't even dream of level". Especially during crazy pandemic still continuing. Downside, I'm no longer in a physical job. Upside I am taking advantage of a normal job routine, and live in a place where it
  12. OK - last challenge was pretty successful - but I still have more to target and get a handle on. So this challenge is about maintaining those things I did well last challenge and not "slip" there - and take on the next 2 things that I really feel are still holding me back from getting to a healthier me. MAINTAIN 1) Keep eating veggies - I'll focus on more food goals next challenge but for now - make sure I'm eating veggies every day 2) Keep the dang house clean - Rosie the Wonder Robot is helping me with the vacuuming. But keep up with the nightly clean kitchen before bed
  13. Hi everyone! Remember me? If not, don't feel bad because I kind of dropped off the face of the forums for the last 3 weeks of the previous challenge. But I am trying again, with the same goal...and more! I'll break apart the decluttering into separate levels, or zones, or whatever. It's kind of like an MMO where you stick to certain areas that are appropriate for your character's level range. Like in an MMO, the player can venture into higher level areas, but the player can also get killed more easily in said areas. Low level: Level 1 - The Bedroom: the star
  14. Since my previous challenge was really hard, I try to be more simple in this one. Given my stats I want to increase Strength and Intelligence mostly. I need help tho because I am not sure the following activities belongs to INT My int GOALS are Finish two art/illustration books on my epic quest list (+1 int a book) Finish Illustrator Class (+1 int) Finish my Portfolio (is this INT? WISDOM? DEX? How would you call it?) My Strength goal is to add one training a week so from 3 to 4 a week (not sure if doing a chin up or push up challenge
  15. Hail and well met! I started a challenge here back at the beginning of 2020...And we all know how that year went. I gained more weight, ate worse, and became more sedentary. I didn't get out for a walk or anything. I sat and played video games as that's how I was able to socialize. But I'm now fully vaxxed. And while myself, my circle of friends, and the world at large all have a long ways to go towards healing and a return to any kind of normalcy...that process can now finally begin. Beyond 2020's issues, the main reason I failed my last challenge, was I tried to do t
  16. New challenge time everyone!!!!!! I only just clued in today...no one told me 18ck made sure to tell me :') lollll GOALS MOAR WALKING 🐴 1 walk per week MOAR KETTLEBELLS 🐴 2 KB workouts per week FOOD CONTROL ACTIVATED 🐴 Track full day of calories 🐴 2000kcal goal per day (+/-300) 🐴 90-115g protein daily I also plan to work on the Spring Cleaning Mini Challenge for decluttering and I joined the Weight Loss PVP which runs until June 7 for accountability. And that is it
  17. Pandemic brain is a real thing. This challenge I shall be researching the causes and hopefully solutions for the pandemic brain problem.
  18. My mental health is currently garbage and there is bullshit being thrown at me from all sides. Saying I'm overwhelmed would be the biggest understatement of the century. Enter the Fork Theory. Continuing with this metaphor, I am pretty much always at my fork limit right now. I am stressed out, I'm exhausted, I want to scream and cry and throw things and hit people and disappear into a cave in the woods where no one can bother me. The littlest things send me into a flying rage or a complete shutdown where I just can't deal with anything anymore. Not a great way to go thro
  19. Checking in for this challenge. Feel like a mess. [Visualization] This will likely be a thing Also this Likely a minimalism thing. I need to throw stuff out and declutter my batcave. No RPG theme or narrative. Adds more work and stress than pleasure. Also the whole RPG thing is about being with friends and stuff happening at the table. It's just not the thing for this thread, as a format and as a medium. Didn't raise my level on my signature after last challenge, it kinda blew out and I didn't earn one. Moving
  20. I am a loner by nature, but as I get older I wish this weren't always so. I'm really grateful for the road I'm trying to travel, but feel like I'd enjoy trip more if I knew there was someone out there...or even a few someones! I love my wife dearly, but this isn't her journey right now, and she's blessed to have companions on her road. So...if anyone out there is up to checking in regularly with someone else (what regularly means TBD), hit me up! I don't have gender, age, ability in mind, but if that's important for you to know about me, just ask!
  21. Hey, nerds, showing up late to the challenge again. Work is still kicking my butt (as always these days), so my only real goal is to post every day, or as many days in a row as I can until the end of the challenge. Oh, and try not to kill my crappy work computer system. Anyway, wish me luck.
  22. This year, I'm doing a "one milestone per challenge" kind of relay-challenge. Challenge 1 was 5 push ups, challenge 2 was taking a 15km hike. I meant to also work on milestones for next challenges, but somehow I got severly ill in December, injured my hip a little in January and fell down and hurt my wrist just before last challenge. Last challenge I dropped everything that hurt my wrist, which lead to me just achieving my milestone goal of hiking 15km. Now that I've found a good hand therapist for my wrist, I can start making it stronger again. The volume of the physio exercises i
  23. Well, he we try again. Last challenge things just went off the rails, and I couldn't get myself to get restarted. Car even got stolen haha. Luckily, nothing was damaged. Still a mystery as to how they broke in and drove it. Things have just seemed off with me. 2018 things worked well for me. Everything I seem to get going, I just end up failing out. With all that, I am still going to come back and try doing a little better then last time The goals are always similar or the same. I really just have to get myself in the routine of getting it done again. I'm a
  24. Hey - you can checkout prev threads if you like in my sig. Short intro\Update - my life has been pretty chaotic the last few years. Jan\Feb this year - the leading cause of stress has been resolved. We sold both houses in Atlanta and are finally in Chattanooga (in an Apartment, but here) with 0 debt (well, some consolidated to keep funds free). I also changed positions at work to one that let's me re-arrange things a bit more. Even with vaccines opening up travel, I won't be traveling as much as pre-COVID (it was 70 -85%). So - I'm working on changing things and establishing better r
  25. Backstory Last challenge I did better than I have in a few challenges. Instead of skipping days a time now checking boxes, I only had 1 point where I missed 2 days in a row. I may have missed 2 days out of 3, but there was a day I did get my boxes in the middle. I don’t see the improvement in lost weight or more energy, but my average steps have increased daily. Hubby tells me he sees me doing more, so I may be increasing my number of spoons/mana a day, but I am using more spoons/mana a day so it’s a net gain of zero. Mentally and emotionally, I am still not in a good
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