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Found 1 result

  1. It's a bit of a late start, but I'm here. I participated a few years back, but life got in the way and I stopped. I got sick. Thought I was getting better. Wasn't. Now I'm even worse off. Long story short: I suffer from iron deficient anemia. Last year I had to get IV iron to try to get me to reasonable levels. Turns out I'm allergic to IV iron. However, before the allergy showed itself we did manages to get enough iron into my system to put me at the lowest part of normal. Even with the iron in my system the side effects of low iron remained, depression, constant exhaustion, memory loss, etc. About 3 weeks ago my doctor determined that once again my iron levels were too low and that I needed to go back on IV iron, but a different type (there are three kinds). Thursday before last I had my first treatment. It went okay. I was still exhausted and depressed, but I didn't constantly feel like shit. So an improvement. Last Thursday I went for round two. We had a few issues. I got overheated as in my skin felt normal to the touch, but I felt as if I were suffering from a really bad sunburn and couldn't cool off. The doctor there determined it was likely a reaction to the steroid. She said that it's a common side effect. That night however, things got bad. Even though all I was doing was watching tv my blood pressure shot up to 167/85 and my pulse was at 140 beats per minute. I went to the ER. The doctor there wasn't particularly helpful. He ran a blood test. I sat for an hour waiting for the results. He gave me a xanax. I sat for two hours waiting for results. He gave me tylenol, told me he couldn't find anything wrong and as my blood pressure was at 145/84 with a pulse of 108 bpm he sent me home with instructions to see my doctor. All weekend my blood pressure and pulse was high. I have an appointment with my GP today to see what she can do. I didn't do anything all weekend and yet my heart was constantly pounding. It literally hurts from all the beating. I started planning out my will just in case. That was my wake up call. If I don't do something now I'm going to be dead soon. So hear I am. My goal for now is simple. Eat healthy. Stay calm so my heart doesn't burst out my chest. I'm already on blood pressure meds, but I suspect my doctor will up them at the appointment today. I don't know what else she will do. Hopefully she can find something that will help. My goals: 1. Eat healthier - no soda (I don't need the caffeine) and limit the junk food. 2. Food log - make a post about what I eat. Write it all down. Even the junk food. I know it's not something I can give up cold turkey as I comfort eat. All weekend I've wanted to do nothing but binge on junk food. I've managed to keep it down to one soda a day and a couple of cookies instead of 3 or 4 sodas and the whole pack of cookies. As we don't have any more soda it should no longer be an issue. 3. Relax - try not to do things that are stressful until my heart is better. Which means I can't really do much cleaning/grocery shopping/etc. And when I do these things I have to make myself rest afterwards instead of trying to push on to the next thing. Even more difficult though is mental stress. My depression makes me sad and I start to cry. This makes me upset which makes my heart beat faster. Which makes me sad and stresses me out. And so the cycle continues. Long Term Goal: Iron. Get my iron up to normal person levels. I have 6 more treatments scheduled. Hopefully they all go well with no more side effects.