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  1. And here we go again! I've hit rock bottom, with nothing to show for it, and no precipitating event to mark it. But if I was a rolling stone slowly gathering moss, I'm officially stationary at the moment. That sucks, so I guess it's time to start rolling again. I have quarterly goals and kinda-sorta affirmations for each area I'd like to improve in, but specificity is the name of the game. Week 1: - try BUJO to help keep track of the days, check in here daily with the calendar 'Words of Inspiration' - C25k w/ 100-Ups at least 2x, weight training at least 1x - spend at least 1hr decluttering my room or office (possibly while listening/watching CreativeLive?) - sign up for CreativeLive - write out a 7-14 day meal plan (5:2 or vegetarian keto?) - set an alarm for bedtime (9:45pm) in bed for 10pm, no reading in bed (UGH) - do some research on if there are resources and/or a coach that I would trust to chat with, to try to figure out WTF to do with myself ____________ ____________ Jan 01 - You will never win if you never begin. - Helen Rowland
  2. Starting late this time around but what else is new amirite. It's been quite a while since I joined in on one of these, 2021 kicked my ass in a lot of ways but I'm back and ready for action! Starting Stats Age: 32 Height:5'4" Weight:230# The Goals: Exercise daily! Starting an exercise program to work out 7 days a week! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Log Foods Daily! I don't really know how many calories I should be eating anymore, but I definitely need to get back in the habit of keeping track! I'll be monitoring on Myfitnesspal my username there is also RoachRex 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Sleep better! My sleep schedule is pretty garbage. I go to bed at 8 or 9 and end up just laying in bed or tossing and turning until 11 or midnight. Sometimes even til 2am which just doesn't work with my waking time at 7am. So during this time I'm going to try different methods to fall asleep faster. Scoring will be based on how many hours a night I get, averaged for the week. 8 hours- A 7 hours - B 6 hours - C 5 hours- D 4 hours - F
  3. The bright autumn sun colored the forest a shimmering rainbow of oranges, reds and yellows, curtains of leaves floating and tumbling down around me as I walked slowly down the path toward town. And I saw none of them, because I was in the throes of the pounding panic that beset me every week on this miserable assignment. "Sky, think of all the opportunities this will open up for you," my husband had said earnestly, holding my hands as if to help me feel how strongly he felt about his words. "There's so much you can see, so many new places you can go, whenever you want. We can help more people instead of relying on them. You'll be even more independent and it'll be such a confidence boost. I really think this is something important for you to do." I didn't know how to explain to him the steel-cold shots of fear that gripped my stomach at the thought of trying this again. I knew he was right and I wanted everything he said - yet I could think of very little I would rather do less. Every weekly lesson felt like the culmination of every failed exam at the Temple, every scolding from my parents, every wound from the Elder and every bungled work assignment, all wrapped up in one miserable hour. But I was Sky Elvenword Nobleheart; and I was brave. I did not run away from hard things; I did not let fear stop me from my goals and I never said no to an adventure. So I swallowed hard and tried to hide the panicky tears in the back of my throat as I said quietly: "I'll try, Eamon." I wrapped my cloak a little tighter around my shivering body and hoped no one in town would see how pale my skin was. I had learned after the first lesson to keep the runes on my arms carefully covered with long sleeves or strips of cloth - my Dark ice powers shone like beacons out of every exposed rune the first time my terror levels shot through the roof. And considering how close I'd come to a fiery crash last week, keeping those runes covered seemed like wisdom for every lesson going forward. Much too soon, I came over the dreaded last hill and saw the stables and open field ahead of me. I was right on time; the other students were opening the pens and greeting their mounts for the day. But I was not learning to ride a horse. I was learning to ride a dragon. I'm not a Dragonrider. I'm not a Dragonrider. I tried to drown out the refrain beating like an ice storm in my brain, but it matched my footsteps toward my assigned pen. I've gotten along fine all these years without this. It's not worth it. I don't need it. I'm not good at it. I can't do it. I don't want to - A gentle huff from the pen at my elbow made me jump, and I realized I couldn't stall any longer. Slowly, I turned to face the slender white dragon who sat quietly in her cage, her ten-foot tail curled primly around her four graceful white feet, her long neck bent to bring her intelligent dark eyes down to my level. She seemed almost amused by my shaking and heavy breathing. I fleetingly wondered, not for the first time, how much these creatures could understand about us. "Hello, Tianlong," I stammered, fumbling with the latch on the gate. She waited quietly until I shook it off and pulled open the door, and I held my breath as she gracefully unfolded herself and slipped out into the grass. She was too well-trained to try to escape, even though it took me three tries to get the harness on her neck and the saddle on her shoulders, my hands shook so badly. Once again, I saw her glance at me with a look in her eyes that was almost amused. "How we feelin' today, Missus?" The teenage boy teaching the lessons, Erkus, stopped by and doffed his hood respectfully. "A little nervous," I admitted. There was no point in hiding it; I let a strap slip through my fingers the moment I spoke. "'Ow, now, ye'll be just fine, you wait an' see," he said confidently, and patted Tianlong's neck affectionately. "This 'ere is the finest dragon I ever took off an Eastern trader. Almost as smart as our Western dragons, she is. Just trust 'er, trust yerself, an' ye'll get along just fine." He'd said the same thing the last few times, so I nodded politely and focused on getting her saddle strapped snugly around her muscular body. I didn't trust Tianlong, and I didn't trust myself, and we probably were not going to get along at all. "Owright, today we're takin' a short flight out to the hills an' back, same as we did two weeks ago," Erkus hollered to me and the other (much younger) riders shuffling nervously. "We'll be practicin' the turns, so remember how to use the reins an' shift yer body weight. Remember: Trust yer dragons. They know more'n ye think they do." My mouth was too dry to swallow against the nausea rising in my throat, so I just tried to focus on steadying my rapid breathing as I shakily climbed up into the saddle and settled onto Tianlong's back, strapping my own safety harness around my thighs. The dragon flicked her tail and stood up, ready to take off into the frigid, empty heights yet again. I sucked in a deep breath. I was a Ranger. I was a Lightbearer. I was a Protector. And now I was going to be a Dragonrider.
  4. Alternately titled, “Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?” Apparently, attempting to join a new community of cool fitness friends while also getting a master’s degree AND battling a pandemic is just doing one thing too many. So now I’m back again to see if I can make this nifty Forum thing work! First things first: hi! I’m Sparkle, a 24-year-old lady in the piney forests and concrete canyons of Seattle, WA. I spent the pandemic finishing my bachelor’s in graphic design, then earning my MBA (Fighting Irish, twice over!), driving cross-country back to the family home, and getting my first Real-Deal Adult Job as the Creative Director for a small engineering firm. Now I’m getting my mental feet back under me after the chaos of moving and readjusting, and this challenge has landed in my lap like a perfectly-timed kick in the pants. My goal for this challenge is simple: be brave. Enough of running scared and wishing for more courage, it’s time I made myself some courage of my own. Be brave at work, by daring to engage playfully with my grouchy-bear boss and proposing innovative designs that push his conventional envelope rather than just keeping my head down. Be brave in my workouts, by pushing myself to hit 80 lbs for all sets of my upper body lifts and adding rear deltoid rows to my existing routine. Be brave personally, daring to carve out time for myself and spending at least two concerted, focused hours on personal development/enjoyment each weekend. Charisma: +1 each weekday for engaging playfully and teasingly with my boss (possible total: 5 points per week) Strength: +1 each workout (goal of 4 per week) that I add in shoulder work, bonus point for each new lifting set I push to hit 80 lbs (possible total: 4 points per week, more with bonuses) Intelligence: +1 for each solid, focused hour spent working on sewing projects or learning to design mobile-first websites via my Skillcrush course (possible total: 2 points per week) I’m not gonna start my challenge until November 1, for tidy timekeeping reasons, so this weekend will be a good time to get some practice in. So, without further ado, let’s go! HUZZAH!
  5. Here I am for another comeback! One of these has to stick eventually... I have no idea how I left things in my last challenge, or even how long ago that was, and I'm way too lazy to check, so some updates which may or may not be known: I got a new job with a Real Adult Paycheque™. This has allowed me to get a shiny new computer, which makes these forums much less of an onerous task (my 13 year old Mac would get me there eventually, but it left me lots of time for idle contemplation and getting distracted). It has also allowed me to indulge just a bit in my Ranger Brain and join a HEMA class. Between work, holidays, and events being held by, or attended by, the class organizers, it's been a while since I've gone, so this might take a bit to really settle in, but I've enjoyed what I've done and plan to keep with it if I can. It has also allowed me to try a new program for weight management, so hopefully I can shed a few. Alas, the Real Adult Paycheque™ has not yet allowed me to move out of my parents' basement, but hopefully that'll come some day... Along with the new job and the new-found financial security (ish), my mood has taken a definite upswing. Though the job is more stressful than my previous one, mainly because I care about it and want to do the best job I can do, rather than that I find it overly stressful in and of itself, so my sleep (already not great) has suffered a bit. I still have my down days and struggle to get my arse off the couch, but I'm feeling like I'm in a place where I can move forward, albeit slowly. So, my goals: Goal 1 ~ The Dude Abides By the macro goals, that is. The group I joined is called the Focused Adipose Reduction Team (yes, that spells FART, and yes, that was on purpose, apparently), and among other things, the person running things gives you macro goals to abide by. This is nothing new to me, but it's the same goal every day, unlike previous programs I've tried, which is nice and simple. It also requires periodic check-ins, daily weigh-ins, and participation in a dedicated Facebook group (not usually my thing), so this goal is mainly about the macros but also about Doing the Other Things Too. Goal 2 ~ Run, Forest, Run! So apparently my goals have a movie theme going on...? I used to run regularly, and hated every second of it. I do, however, feel much better just in general when my cardiovascular health is better, and running is the least of all evils when it comes to cardio. Also, while gyms are open again, there's nothing stopping The Unvaccinated Masses from spewing their germs everywhere while Dancing to the Oldies, or whatever, so I'm not real cool about going, so running outdoors is about all I've got (home workouts will not work, I've given up trying and just accepted that's how it is). My physio suggested trail running, since trails are rugged and require more focus than sidewalks, and are also softer on the ol' joints, and I didn't hate the idea. I've been working through an injury that was aggravated by running, so it's been a while, and I need to take it slow. So the goal is to go for some kind of run 3x/week. I went today on a trail that I've walked my dogs on many times and am familiar with, and it wasn't horrible, so this will be my starter trail (plus ample doggos means ample excuses for a short break, cuz you can't not say hi to the good bois and girls). I'd like to be able to do the whole trail without stopping by the end of the challenge (breaks for pats notwithstanding). I'd also like to walk on my off days. I've never preferred to run 2 days in a row, and usually the other days would be gym days. I'm not gymming at the moment, though, so walking will get me a bit of activity without being overly taxing. In a perfect world I'll run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then walk Tuesday and Thursday with swords on Saturday and rest on Sunday. On the weekend where I have to work, I won't make it to swords so I'll do an extra walk that week. Goal 3 ~ Goodnight, Sweet Prince I'm sure Kenneth Branagh has made a movie of Hamlet at some point in time, if nothing else... Stick to my bedtimes. This has long been a contentious issue for me, and one I struggle with constantly. Right now, in a sort of ideal world, my bedtime is 10:30pm on work nights and 11pm on non-work nights. I rarely meet this, but I'mma try again to be diligent about it. Goal 4 ~ Moving 'Boxes' I'm sure there's a movie quote somewhere using a box as a metaphor, but I've not seen that movie, so just imagine your own reference here. My boxes are metaphorical (though there are a few actual boxes kicking around), and are related to a clean room. My room is habitually a disaster (I hate putting things away and I don't know why!), and actually I'm ok with it. What I'm not ok with is being ok with it (this has been a lifelong internal conflict), so I really need to clean (I've been ignoring this directive for some time now and reading Kishi's goals made my brain go ping, so I'm adding this goal). I'm going to try to 'move' one 'box' per week. My boxes consist of the following: The Floordrobe, The Office Corner, The Carpet, and The Other Random Detritus. I'm only listing 4 despite it being a 5 week challenge (it is a 5 week challenge, right?) because The Office Corner in particular, but also possibly The Other Random Detritus, might actually end up being a box consisting of 2 or more sub-boxes that must be split between weeks, because all work and no play makes obax a cranky human (this is a surprisingly recent realization, believe it or not). And that's it! Some other things I'd like to work on is reading more and vegging in front of the tv/my phone less, and picking away at the writing course I signed up for (it's free, and has no set due dates, which is good because I can work at it whenever, but also bad, because I can procrastinate forever with no consequences...). No formal goals for those, though, just some things for me to keep in mind.
  6. The rain was coming down in sheets outside the cabin, the striking drops like a stream of pebbles crashing against the roof. I padded over to the window and gently wiped away the fog, pressing my fingertips against the cool glass and relishing the glimmer of the dense branches and leaves flickering under the heavy water weight. It might still be summer, but the first hints of autumn were showering down with the gray rain. After a few moments I realized I was twisting my wedding ring on my left hand, and I smiled at myself. I had been a wife for a little more than a week, and both the ring and the title still fit me a bit oddly. I frankly didn't know who I was as Sky Nobleheart - Eamon's wife. And while I knew the only way to get to know this new version of myself was to wait patiently for it to reveal itself over time, I was impatient to see who I was going to become. I turned away from the window and realized I was also rubbing the scrollwork of scars on my left arm. The magical rune-like scars had once resembled a constellation when they were fresh; when I joined with the Dark Elf and balanced my light and dark powers, they came to resemble the twisting curves of willow branches. But regardless of what they looked like, they still bothered me when my powers were out of balance. And they had been burning and itching more than usual lately. "Good morning! What are you looking at?" Eamon came around the corner and greeted me warmly, wrapping his arms around my waist and softly kissing my forehead. I smiled and breathed in his warm morning scent, pushing aside the rising pain in my arm. "Just the rain. It's starting to storm again." "Is it? Let's go look." He led me back to the window and held me close to his chest as we looked quietly out at the darkening sky. It was such a strange sensation to feel the warm flush of happiness and peace rising from my belly and beginning to flood my body, only to meet the prickling chill in my scars and subside, like a wave dashing against a rocky shore. It had been like this since our wedding day and I paid it little attention, only feeling dully sad that even in this happiest time of my life, I was denied the complete joy others seemed to feel. This was the curse of being the Dark Elf, I thought ruefully - no amount of light would ever drive away the dark. No amount of warmth would ever melt the ice. Eamon gently turned over my arm to look at the scars, and I knew he could see the faint bluish glow pulsing under the skin. At first he said nothing, just wrapped me a little tighter in his arms and kept looking out the window. After a few moments, however, he asked: "What would help?" I started to form my usual resigned reply: "Nothing really. It's just like this sometimes." But I paused this time to ask myself the question more deeply: What would help? I had given up trying to bring my powers back in balance so long ago - for what felt like an age now, I had simply accepted that this was how things were. That I was just destined to be secretly anxious and cold and numb inside forever because of who I was, the Dark Elf. But what if that wasn't true? What if there were a way to feel wholly warm and alive again? "Well," I said slowly, looking back out the window, "the opposite of fear is love." "It is." "These scars hurt when I am afraid - and I'm always afraid." "I know." "I'm constantly operating out of fear. I work because I'm afraid of letting my supervisors down. I do things for my loved ones because I'm afraid of being a bad wife or sister or friend. I even clean the house because I'm afraid of being a bad housekeeper. My primary motivation is always fear." "So what if you could change your primary motivation to love?" I couldn't keep a small sigh from escaping my chest. "I don't know how to do that. I've tried to will myself into it but that doesn't work." "No, it doesn't. The only way you can change your motivation from fear to love, is by believing that you're already loved, no matter what. No matter if you fail, if you work or don't work, if you clean the house or don't clean the house. When you believe that God loves you, that I love you, and that your family and friends love you no matter what you do or don't do - then you can let go of fear." I knew he was right. And I also didn't know where to begin in believing that. I knew it to be true in my head, but my heart had toppled backward into the same lies over and over again for my whole life. "Maybe that would be a good first project for me as a wife," I said quietly. "Maybe it's time to figure out how to let myself be loved." Eamon lifted my arm and kissed the aching scars. "I support this plan."
  7. I don't remember the last time I did a challenge here. So now I'm gonna come in late and set up shop like I've never been away. Because why not?! (and, uh, I missed you folks, you know?) Long story short, I have a damn good reason for not being here for so long and due to circumstances being what they are now, it seems like a good time to dip back in and see what happens. Life is actually pretty good right now. I've worked hard to make that happen and would really quite like to keep it that way. There are, however, a few sticking points that I do need the extra accountability for. So now I'm back for some habit building. Nope! Guess who started adding more junk back into their diet again? Yeah, not a good move on my part, so that's stops now. Anything already in my home is fair game (which is minimal and a rule because I will absolutely not throw out edible food), but from hereon out I will not buy any chocolate/cake/ice cream/etc or scrounge it from the work canteen. Even if it's free. Yep! Exercise is erratic at best right now. I am in the habit of doing at least one walking commute per workday, which means at least three miles walked at least five days a week. And that's great, but it isn't pushing me towards any of my goals. Right now the focus is mobility, so what I will do is something mobility based every day. Simple as that. Oop! I have a lot going on right now. Between work, my two unofficial and very voluntary 'jobs', two very different avenues of self-guided learning, running a homebrew based D&D campaign and participating in two others, and the sheer amount of home based stuff that needs doing and sorting and redoing and so on, well... I need to relearn how to structure and manage my time so that I don't run myself into the ground. Not sure how to work things beyond 'do things requiring brainpower in the morning', so this is probably going to be less of a goal and more of a collection of musing and thoughts about different things I try. And that's that on that!
  8. Technically there are six days left, but still. I feel like I'm cheating, but I didn't want to wait! I've been away from the forums for quite a while (and if you count 'productively participating in the forums'... even longer!). Life got in the way, but now things are settling a little and instead of waiting for a perfect calm I'm just going to jump back in. For this tiny challenge I'm going to pick some simple things to get back in the motions: 1. Swap out morning Diet Coke for morning Tea. Over the past year I've managed to go from drinking a lot of Diet Coke to one a day and this week I'm testing out the none at all unlock. 2. Log into the forums and post an update once a day. I am historically very inclined to have good intentions... and then get horribly distracted half-way through the challenge. So. Baby steps and teaspoons! 3. Bullet Journal for realz, yo! I started bullet journaling again this May and have been making little handcrafted weekly 'books' to track in. Most of it has been focused around just being more mindful of things I've accomplished during the day and it's been a real help. Now I'm going to take it step further and start using it to track to-do tasks and project plan in a more focused way. We'll see how it goes! Next Challenge: Actual fitness-ing! Anywho, now it's time to go hunt down old forum friends and see what they've been up to!
  9. Let's try that again. Goals for this challenge: - eat mostly properly - move heavy stuff - tidy something every day - focus on breathing properly and physio stuff so I hurt less I, uh. I guess this is a respawn. _____________________________ _____________________________ Aug 02 - The Great Pyrenees is a very old breed that has been used for hundreds of years by shepherds, including those of the Basque people, who live in and around the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and northern Spain. *putting the rest in my logs instead of cluttering up here*
  10. So, in one form or three, I've been in the community off and on for 6 years. I've had different names however somehow nothing gets to stick because my identity just is static. Nevertheless, I'm getting back because I need a focus, a support system to help me out. My bullseye goal right now is to be under 300 lbs solidly by mid-January so I don't get kicked off a whale-watching boat in the Caribbean. Well, and personal health too. Theme-wise I'm feeling a doubleheader of Infinity goals. Three this challenge, three the next and using the focus of the Infinity Stones as goals. Locking down the details. Soon.
  11. Hi. I'm Yvonne. A lifetime ago I was on the NF boards, completed a bunch of fantastic challenges, lost 20lbs, leveled up my life, had an exciting pregnancy announcement, dropped off the boards during the actual pregnancy, briefly came back, dropped off again, and now here I am. I've leveled up in new ways, gained and lost weight, tried other programs to keep me motivated, and somehow keep coming back. NerdFitness, my my happy, get-shit-done home. A little bit about me: I'm in my mid-30s, use she/her pronouns, happily married in suburbia but not too far from great hiking and a killer bike path. That baby I mentioned is now a wacky 4 year old and has a 1 year old sister. I'm a web application developer and I'm actually starting at a new company next month, which I'm quite excited about. But generally my line of work means that I sit on my butt all day. I walk the kids to daycare almost every morning but otherwise don't do a ton of exercise - that's typically been one of my areas to improve. I've done paleo and Whole30 and was quite successful in losing weight with those plans! But these days I'd rather have the flexibility to eat an ice cream cone with my kiddo or have a beer with the husband than stick to a strict diet plan. I'm learning to find balance. I love mega-themed challenges. I've been around NF long enough to remember the old RPG system and I still like to use it. I've successfully completed 9 challenges and not completed probably half a dozen more. I build huge complicated spreadsheets to track my progress because they make my little nerd heart happy. I use an excessive amount of gifs. And my username is not just an obscure reference to my favorite late 90s band - I tend to write, like, a lot. Project Phoenix I picked Iron Man for this come-back challenge because, honestly, what better metaphor than the superhero that rebooted the Avengers franchise? And while I'm not a quite the human train-wreck Tony is, I feel like I've got some lessons to learn about self improvement - a challenge that Tony struggled with through the entire franchise. Plus, my son really likes Iron Man and it reminds me of my real motivation - staying healthy so I can be active with my family for a long time. I'm trying out a new bonus structure this time to help keep motivation high and encourage me to keep trying even when I tend to fall off mid-challenge. GOALS: 1. Power Your Arc Reactor (2 CON) Look, Tony Stark probably has a personal chef and a nutritionalist to keep him in Iron Man fighting shape. At the very least Goop is keeping him fed with her 5 budgeted limes. The rest of us gotta find our our time to do this shit. But as Iron Man knows, you need a strong arc reactor to power your body... or your supersuit. For me, this comes in the form of eating nutritious meals. I'm starting out by getting back into the regular habit of eating more vegetables - four times a day. Goal: 4 servings of vegetables a day Total Possible Points: 140 points Grading: A > 125 points | B > 110 points | C > 95 points | D > 85 points | F < 85 points Bonus +5 points for meal planning at the start of the week! 2. Less is More (2 CON) Surviving on less is probably a challenge billionaire Tony never had to face... until he was taken prisoner and forced to rebuild his body in the worst possible conditions. While that's not something I'd wish on my own worst enemy, I do think a little forced economy can have its benefits. I've been playing around with IF for a couple months now and want to really commit for this challenge: no meals (or snacks!) before 12pm or after 8pm (16/8). My one exception is coffee with a little half and half... even superheroes have their indulgences. Goal: IF (16/8) 6x a Week (with a coffee exception) Total Possible Points: 30 points Grading: A > 27 points | B > 24 points | C > 21 points | D > 18 points | F < 18 points Bonus +1 point for fasting all 7 days 3. Train like a Superhero (2 STA + 1 STR) Avengers gotta train - even Tony can be found hitting the bag. Currently I'm walking to daycare 4-5x a week, and for a month or so we were going on family bike rides every weekend. But I'd really like to ramp that up. You can't outrun your fork of course, but I think a regular pattern of exercise helps focus me on the goal and sets a good example for my family. I see this as: walking an extra 30min a day; running for 20 min; a casual bike ride with the kids; hot yoga maybe? I don't know, I want to explore some possibilities. For a bonus: an intense bike ride (like 2+ hours) is worth 3 points because frankly that's a lot of work. Goal: Exercise 3x a week Total Possible Points: 30 points Grading: A > 14 points | B > 13 points | C > 12 points | D > 11 points | F < 11 points Bonus + 3 for a 2+ hour bike ride 4. Work like Pepper Potts (2 WIS) Forget Tony Stark for a moment - Pepper's the real #bossbabe (or maybe a less icky version of that phrase). Anyway, I've got three weeks left at my current job and it would be far too easy to waste the time. I want to stay focused and start my new job on the right foot, so I'm going back to Bullet Journaling. It worked great for me in a previous challenge, but I've only used it sparingly since then. Goal: Complete 5 tasks every business day Total Possible Points: 125 points Grading: A > 110 points | B > 100 points | C > 85 points | D > 70 points | F < 70 points Bonus +1 for a creative page per week Reward: Sure, health is its own reward, plus those sweet sweet imaginary stat points - but I've found that a little extra motivation can go a long way. So for every A, I get a new piece of workout clothing. And I badly need a decent sports bra, so let's hope I succeed in at least one of these challenges! I have a lot of ideas for future challenges, but I'm trying to pace myself. A year of isolating has helped me learn me to take things a little slower - the time will pass anyway. I want to build a solid foundation and make smart decisions that will help me long term. Thanks anyone who read this far - I'm excited to be back at NerdFitness, surrounded by people who are trying to make their lives better every day!
  12. When we last met, the very awkward Doe was wondering "is this real life?" My first Nerd Fitness Challenge was back in 2015. Since then, I have a habit of popping back in every couple of years. Came back for the 10th anniversary challenge as the apocalypse unfolded like a slow-motion car wreck. Life got weird quick. Fall is fire season, we had awful air quality and a couple days where the sky was actually orange. Luckily for me, I completed my long awaited Calexit to the South in October. I keep coming back, that's all that counts right? Despite the chaos, I've done okay with my health and fitness goals. Well, I'm getting to "okay". This challenge truly feels like a respawn because it's my first not focused on dieting and weight loss. Spending so much time at home, it became clear I had some food/body issues. Started seeing an eating disorder dietician, support group, and told my therapist, "I know you mean well but stop telling me count calories". Focusing on two important areas for my overall well being: fitness and work. Fitness-wise, transitioning from gym to home work-out has been pretty cool. But without classes and dance practice, I only do stuff I want to do. So now, I can do squats till next Tuesday but barely a lunge without feeling like I'm going to topple over. Also, I rarely stretch. Since one of my lifelong fitness goals is to be able to do this move: It's time to lunge low and stretch deep! Stretch for 3x a week, at least 10 minutes Lunge Challenge One of my biggest regrets about my eating disorder is how much my career has suffered because of it. When I binged, my stomach hurt too much to work and I called in sick. When I restricted... I honestly think I could've passed Calculus 2 the first or second time had I taken better care of myself. It is really hard to do math and stuff when you're hungry. At work, I have two papers that I've been procrastinating on for months. One needs to be completed by the end of this challenge, the other needs decent progress. I'm a stereotypical engineer in that I'm not a strong writer. I get side-tracked with my other work and don't get to this paper. Another advantage of being in South Carolina is most of my co-workers are back in Cali. Mornings are the perfect time to write, I keep saying that, time to do something about it! Spend 6 hours a week on papers, before 1pm Eastern Added June 23: Foodwise, I'm not counting calories or macros. My ED dietician uses an app where I log what I ate and how I feel. Being a chubby bariatric, i'm so used to people judging everything I eat. Or I judge everything, tracking is hard. But I need to do it. As I'm socializing more it's becoming a challenge, so on the challenge list it goes. log meals and feelings into Healthie app 07/22 - dropped. Note to self. Stick to 3 goals. And that's it! Trying to keep it simple for this first challenge back in awhile.
  13. Decided rather than continue the old challenge, I'm gonna just start a new one over. That seems to be the running theme over the last week or so for me, anyway. A lot of old stuff (old habits, ways of thinking, etc) isn't working, so I might as well clear stuff out and start from scratch. The Challenge: Five objectives for this challenge. 1. No alcohol for the duration of the challenge (well, no alcohol for all of 2021, of which this challenge is a small slice, so...) 2. Log everything that I eat for the duration of the challenge. Again, no stressing about getting things down to the last molar unit or anything like that, but at least get something down. Build the habit and all that. 3. NerdFitness progression to pull-ups. There's a post somewhere on the articles about this. Basically, it starts at doing dumbell rows and works its way up until pull up numero uno. I'm starting myself at 25 pound dumbell rows today (found I could do 3 sets of 8 reps with 20 pounds a couple days back, so 25 is the next increment up). 4. Bedtime by 10 pm each night. 5. Wake up with the first alarm each day. This is going to be the hard one. I'm a notorious snoozer (probably because I also haven't been doing item #3.) In a way, goal #4 is more of a support-related challenge for #5. They kinda go hand-in-hand. The Problem: As is becoming abundantly clear to me by the fact that I was initially only going to do three objectives and then I started writing this and three turned into five...I have a little bit of an over-commitment problem. I work myself to the nubs going crazy on self improvement and career learning and piano practice and just stuffing my brain with stuff and decluttering and all that stuff only to wind up in week two in a psychological breakdown that leaves me in a heap on the ground for the remainder of the challenge. In my defense...Goal1 is simply not doing a thing, and I've been not doing that thing for more than half a year now, so that one's pretty much automatic. Goal 2 is continuing what I've been doing in prior challenges. Goal 3 is a heavily pared down version of a previous workout challenge, and Goals 4 and 5 are effectively two sides of the same goal. Did I also mention I'm really good at rationalizing stuff for myself? There's a ton more stuff that I want to work on. I want to be better at all the things right now, after all. For the time being, though, this is what we're sticking with. Otherwise, in this thread, you shall find... -Various piano-related ranting and ravings. Possibly a YouTube piano video or two. -Grumbling about my psychological struggles with depression, understanding how to vulnerability, understanding how to be a human, yada yada. -The occasional pitched personal demon battle. -Some other stuff I'm sure.
  14. My mother died in October (at age 85). My daughter got married in October, and she and her new husband are starting to talk about having kids. This has prompted some new soul searching on my part - and some thinking about what I want to accomplish in my life. And some thinking about what I want to BE as a grandma. (Disclaimer - my daughter is not yet pregnant and doesn't plan to have kids for 2 years, which gives me time to lose 40 pounds .....) I was a "cool mom." My daughter looks back on her childhood with fondness - at horseback riding and rock climbing and hockey and soccer and cheerleading and theater and Girl Scouts and videogames - and appreciates how she had freedom and support (I was involved in everything but cheer) to do a lot of different things. That kinda ended when she went to college and I began to slide into habits of an empty nester. I gradually started to internalize the messages that say "you shouldn't be doing that" or "you shouldn't dress like that now that you're over 40/50/60/whatever." Truth is, I want to have FUN and BE FUN. I want to be the grandma that shows my grandkids how to do cartwheels and handstands. Takes them rock climbing. Knows the names of all the constellations and birds .... and who will dig for worms, go swimming, take them hiking, and can help them find well-hidden geocaches. I don't want to be like all of the grandmas in my family (who are, unfortunately, sedentary lumps perched on top of atrophied, skinny legs) who sit around doing needlecraft, or bake a lot of unhealthy foods, or sit in front of TV or computer. I want to beat the expectations of my family and avoid the stereotypes of what a middle-aged woman does and how she dresses and acts. Specific goals will evolve over time, but .... there's the current list!!! Fitness Lose weight and gain muscle (127 lbs and 21% BF by May 2017 - when my daughter will graduate with her Ph.D.) Do a chin up unassisted (again) Do a crow pose Do a handstand Travel Go to Greece Go to Rome Go to London Do the Unexpected Blackbelt in karate Do a Zombies Run Do the ZR Virtual Race Volunteer as a zombie at a Zombie Run Do a bubble run Do a color run Do an obstacle course run Do a 5K Do a 10K Do a half-marathon Bike to work (at least during decent weather ....) Keep Learning Master's Degree Doctorate Learn modern Greek Get my Personal Trainer Certification Defeat the Fashion Police Wear tights and a tunic Wear tights with a skirt
  15. So I've been out, and not for a lack of trying. I think it's been years since I actually completed a challenge satisfactorily (probably because of the depresso and the drugs ). Tried to do the last challenge as @sarakingdom suggested, but I kept procrastinating, and here we are. For those not following the absolute disasterpiece that is my Instagram fitness-turned-meme-page, I haven't really trained since lockdown, I've been sleeping on the couch for a year (because I can't afford to fix the room), depression hit hard and I ended up dropping out of school, and I'm on my second week of withdrawals from 3 different meds, (though I think I'll keep taking one for a little bit more). My challenge is to force myself to be healthy, one step at a time. I'd like to start with the easiest ones, and maybe I'll add more layers once I'm able to make them habits: Take my vitamins Get a workout (very loose definition) in Track sleep and water intake The first part of every game I've enjoyed playing ALWAYS sucks butt. It's a tutorial, you know what to do, but doing it just sucks. I guess this is my Temple of Trials... EDIT: Actually, Goodsprings might be a better representation; waking up at a home clinic after having a bullet extracted from my head. The game was rigged from the start.
  16. Pumped and ready to get slowly chiseling away at my larger goals. Woot! The Backstory I started my Nerd Fitness journey years ago, long before my two kiddos arrived on the scene, and it's been a while since I've been around these parts. (I was AgentKatia then!) Now I'm back at it as a Rookie, trying to make sustainable changes. As much as I want to dive in deep so I can see quicker results, having two kids under 5 has dramatically changed my approach to, well, life. And now I need to learn to chisel. To chip away and reveal the sculpture inside the marble slab, to paraphrase the famed sculptor. Which is an imperfect metaphor for several reasons, but you get my point. The Challenge In the interest of making my goals both super achievable (yay upward spiral) and in keeping with my theme of chiseling, I'm keeping this challenge small. Exercise for at least 10 minutes 6 days a week, and more more than 30 minutes 7 days a week. This is my most important and my hardest one. I want to fit regular movement into my life, but carving out the time (man I'm on a sculpture bender over here) has proven to be my greatest obstacle. I'm still figuring where this will be in my day. Watch this space. I love the FitOn app, so I'll be using that for my workouts. Anything with deliberate movement counts as exercise, from a stretching routine to restorative yoga to light cardio to full on HIIT. That last one is probably not on the menu this challenge, but it's definitely something to work toward. Incorporate intermittent fasting 12/12, 7 days a week. For me, this means don't eat after 6:30. I'll still do three meals a day + snacks, which isn't the truest form of intermittent fasting, but in the past this approach has helped me curb after dinner mindless eating. Be in bed at 10pm on weeknights (Sunday–Thursday). We've been restructuring bed and wakeup times at our abode lately, which has resulted in me not getting enough sleep. So, a 10pm bedtime is a step toward dezombification. The Caveat Because this challenge is all about chiseling, I reserve the right to revise these goals after Week 1 if they're already proving too much. In that case I'll probably make them cumulative—by the end of this challenge I will be exercising 6 days a week, etc. But TBD once we get started. Manifest!
  17. Salutations and good health! I am pleased to have found the Rebellion after mourning the decay of Fitocracy for many years. I have been doing some kind of fitness activity for the past 15 years, but as an overweight office worker it is easy for me to fall out of shape quickly. Recently, the romantic siren call of the Triathalon has caught my ears and I am toying with preparing for one. I've never done a Tri before, and the last time I buckled down and did a training plan (6 years ago) I ended up getting freaked out after getting kicked in the head at a lap swim and yelled at -- if I can't be brave in the pool, how would I withstand Lake Michigan!? But I am a mom now and have taught my daughter that being scared is part of being brave, and so I am ready to try this again. Only ... I don't have a swim suit. Or a bike. And I haven't run a mile all year. Last summer I ran with a friend, but we did slow-paced intervals and I want to be a 30 minute 5K gal. So I'm basically re-spawning. My challenges three are for each aspect of the Triathalon.... 1) Run a 13 minute mile (I know I need a 9:30 for my speed goal, but I can do speed work later) 2) Buy a swimsuit (anyone have a recommendation for large bellies and long torsos?) 3) Save $50/week ($250 total) toward a new bike Here's a picture of my secret possum scarf -- a very expensive silk vestment I purchased to enchant my work day. It is like a cloak of invisibility for anxiety. On the outside I look competent, but secretly I am a shrieking anxious possum. I'm ready to possum-shriek my way through a triathlon! Or at least through the first baby steps of training! My name is Aubrey, but y'all can call me Aubrazilla
  18. Hello old friends and friends to come. Stay awhile, and listen. It looks like it's creeping up on two years since I last attempted a challenge. I once again humbly offer myself to the rebellion in search of inspiration, motivation, and reinforcements in my battle with entropy. Since Diablo 2: Resurrected is scheduled to be released later this year, I thought it a fitting challenge theme for my namesake. It's a remaster, so basically, it's a version of the game that should function more or less the same as the original, but look a lot better. Incidentally, this is exactly how I'd like to re-release myself to the world after The Year That Shall Not Be Named: essentially the same, but better-looking. I have been lifting heavy things with some regularity and something resembling progress since I was last around these parts in late 2019. However, like many, I did put on a few extra pounds in [YEAR REDACTED] and am now making a more concerted effort to remove those pounds. I have a lot of general knowledge around the diet and exercise requirements necessary to achieve my goal, but I don't have a plan for doing so, and I think that's fine. I'm not much of a planner, so I'd like to approach this challenge the way I tend to find success elsewhere in life: by the seat of my pants. Since this is apparently a theme, I'm going to structure the challenge with maintenance goals (original), and stretch goals (remaster). That kinda works, right? I might refine them to be more specific over time, but I probably won't. Work out, drink less. That's the main game. Original Goals: >= 2 workouts per week <= 2 days/nights with drinks per week (weekends, ideally) Remaster goals: 4 workouts per week Work on side project(s) at least once a week Jeez, Idk, eat less/better?? In other news, I'm shopping around for a new lifting program, but I don't have the same enthusiasm for reading and researching that I did a few years ago. Enthusiasm in general has been in somewhat short supply. My current "programming" is just a hodge podge of 60-80% 1rm/7-9 RPE, 3+ sets, 5-12ish reps, and whatever accessories I feel like, depending on the day. It's not much of a program, but it's better than sitting on the couch with a beer. I'm kinda hoping some casual conversation around here can steer me in some direction eventually, but I'm also fine just winging it for the foreseeable future. Also, over the last few months I've been teaching myself game development in Unity, so that's the main side project I've been trying to carve out some time for every week. It's somewhat relevant to the theme, but I don't have any specific goals for it yet either. Happy to talk anyone's ear off about that, but for now I'm mostly just learning and tinkering.
  19. I've been a member of the rebellion since 2014, but I haven't participated in a challenge since 2015! A lot of things have changed around here, in my life, and in the world in general in the past six years. My health and fitness improved a lot, but like many peeps I think, 2020 was a rough go, and the first half of 2021 hasn't been much better. While I kept up a regular lunch-time walk over the course of the pandemic, pretty much everything else fell to the wayside while I kept myself safe and sane. So here I am, ready for a respawn with all of you beautiful people! My overall goal for right now is to feel at home in my skin again. I have a few other things that I'd like to work towards as well, but I don't think this first challenge in six years is the right time, lol. (I dream of running again, but my current cardio ability and dodgy knee need some more time before I can hit the pavement again) SO! To respawn, and start feel better in my body here are my current goals: Nutrition: Every week I make a meal plan, buy the groceries for it and have every intention of following it. However, I often find myself 'giving up' on that plan halfway through the week. So the goal is Eat what I plan and eat out no more than twice a week, bonus points if I build that eating out into the plan. Workout: It's been over a year of just walking and yoga once a week, so I'm going to take this very slowly. I'm going to continue those two things and work towards being able to do a proper push up. I'm also going to continue to work on what I call my 'secret circus' skills, juggling and hula hoop daily. I'm tempted to say I'm going to workout 3x a week like I used to pre-pandemic, but the gym at my office (where I workout) is still closed and I don't think that I can commit to that just yet. So, I'm going to start with also adding in one NF bodyweight workout a week, hopefully working up to two a week by the end of the challenge. Push ups: Starting with incline high plank isometric holds 3 sets/3x week and then progressing to high plank isometric holds on the floor when I can comfortably hold the plank on an incline for 1 minute. Juggling: Practice 10min daily Hula hoop: Practice 5min daily Mindset: Every night, before bed, journal in my Day One app for at least 5 mins about my successes and the things I need to work on from the day - specifically related to working out and nutrition
  20. Background My name is aquadwayne (formerly tgsmith489, but I figured it was time for a change) and I have been active on the nerdfitness forums off and on for 6 years or so. I have done several challenges in that time and lost a lot of weight. I started in 2014 at ~350lbs then over the course of a year, got down to ~230lbs through IIFYM and lifting. During my lifting, I got a bad case of fuckarounditis and changed programs constantly and as a result didn't make much progress in terms of strength. My diet was solid during the week, but weekly cheat meals turned into weekly cheat weekends and when I wasn't cheating I was obsessing over the numbers in my macro tracking app. Needless to say, I had made some healthier changes, but still wasn't healthy. Then my wife, daughter, and I went on a vacation where I took a break from my diet and just never got back on. Though I've made attempts to go to the gym and eat healthier (at times for up to a month), I would inevitably quit and over 5 years got back to the 350lbs I started at. For the past month, I have been going to the gym and eating healthier, starting with a ketogenic diet. I really liked the diet and (for the most part) didn't find it difficult. I lost 12lbs in 2 weeks (mostly water) but then had a gout flareup and was in a lot of pain. After doing research, I found that changing between carbs and fat for a primary fuel source can cause flareups and I didn't want to deal with that so I added some carbs back into my diet. I'm not tracking anything for a few reasons: 1) I don't want to obsess over the numbers like I did before because that's not healthy mentally and 2) When I stopped tracking, I fell into my old eating patterns and habits. I want to change those patterns and habits to make my healthy changes more sustainable. As far as lifting goes, I started with the GreySkull Linear Program and adding in whatever accessories I feel like on that day. I think my squat form sucked though because my knee has been screwed up for a week or two now. It gets really stiff when I don't use it, and I'm not sure if it's because of form, a lack of muscles to support the knee after 5 years of being sedentary, or a combination of the two. I've been doing bodyweight squats with a focus on form (according to Staci Ardison), using the hip abductor machine, doing calf raises if I find myself standing around, and by doing the leg press (one leg at a time to really focus on the quads since I think the leg with the bad knee is weaker). I should note, I've never been good at squats or anything with my knees. Lunges have always hurt when I touched my knee down, and going to depth has always been tough either because of a lack of mobility or because of my big stomach. Goals Continue to focus on making one good choice at a time with my diet and not overdoing it (chicken and broccoli at a restaurant instead of a huge burger with fries, etc) [+1 WIS] Get knee back to a place where I can focus on squats since that's the lift I want to improve the most [+1 CON] Make sure I'm getting in the gym 3 times a week and try to get some extra activities in with the family (going for walks, bike rides with daughter, going to the park, etc) [+1 STR]
  21. The forever rookie. The infinite respawner. The open and curious mind. I seek the mindframe of the ultimate beginner. I'm milythael by the way. I've been away. Whilst away, the roller-coaster of my life has trended down. I'm in the worst shape of my life physically and not doing that great mentally. Oh well, if you are going to reverse the trajectory of your life, it helps to turn around. As I reflect back, for a time NF helped me and I found community here. Hopefully this time I can again. I choose to be a rookie again, though I suspect I've been gone long enough for it to be a necessity. I just realized I seem to be a moderator, maybe. I wonder if I should ask someone to change that. I've always been primarily about bodyweight exercises and physical forms of play, hence assassins. I suspect my first challenge is going to be all about the mental side of my fitness. I've got such a long way to go. *sigh* just keep walking
  22. After so many years of doing variations on the same theme, this challenge is finally going to be something new for me. All of my time with NF thus far has been me focused on meeting the physical requirements for a job with the police. My belief in that possibility has waxed and waned over the years, but that was always my main goal. As I've gotten older, I've felt growing pressure to get my life going (I've been working low paying, dead-end jobs for over 20 years, and been living in my parents' basement for most of that time, and I'd like to be a real adult someday). That pressure has caused me to explored a few job Plan B's recently. One of them has finally worked out, and I start the new job next week. This is the first real live, professional, adult job I've ever had, the first time in my life I'll be making a living wage, and, if all goes well, this will be the job I do from now until retirement. Being physically fit will be an advantage for this job, for a few different reasons, but there are no specific physical requirements, which allows me to shift my focus a bit, and relax a bit. I want to go back to some fundamentals I've been neglecting, and reset a bit on my fitness journey in an attempt to find the joy in it, rather than pushing myself to do certain things I don't always enjoy just to meet someone else's benchmarks. Goal #1 ~ Healthy Eating and Meal Prep The pandemic has not been kind to me in a lot of ways, but specifically it has not been kind to my waistline. I'm not ready to focus specifically on fat loss, but I do need to rein in my eating and meal prep habits a bit. So, for this goal, I'd like to track my food intake with MFP, with a (admittedly arbitrary) goal of 2005kcal/day. MFP makes me set macro goals in order to make a kcal goal (hence the slightly odd number), but I'm not overly concerned with the exact macros, I'm just interested at staying around 2000kcal/day. Food tracking seems a bit much right now, so I'm just going to focus on mostly eating homemade food, only eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full, and staying away from junk food like chips and Wendy's. Related to this, I'll need to be more consistent with my meal prep. Generally, if I have prepared food in the fridge I'll eat it, even if I'm craving something else, because microwaving leftovers is easier than leaving my house to go to a drive-through. If I'm mostly eating healthy food prepared by me, I don't mind getting the occasional healthy-ish takeout (I have several options for this in my city), nor having the occasional treat, but I can't be living on treats alone. Goal #2A ~ Back to Basics I've known I need to work on mobility for a long time, and I've never been able to find/make the time to focus on it. It always felt like focusing on this would take away from my focus on my other physical goals, so I let it slide by the wayside. I'd like to make this a focus, at least for this challenge, and build from there in the future. To this end, I would like to try again to follow the GMB Elements program. So this goal is to just do what the program tells me to do on the days it tells me to do it, and not worry about any other specific strength training. The only thing I need to add to this is the exercises my physio has given me. There aren't many, and they're not strenuous, so I'll add those in before or after the Elements session. Goal #2B ~ I Don't Like It, but It's Good for Me I may not enjoy cardio much but I can't deny that I feel better and have an easier time just in life when my cardiovascular system is in better shape. For a long time, running has been a challenge for me, because I don't particularly enjoy it but I needed to do it, and had to meet certain requirements. It's still the easiest and simplest way to get in some cardio training, and doing it 2x/week seems like a reasonable, but not burdensome, goal. I'm not going to set any particular performance goals with this, and I no longer feel the pressure to improve, so I'm hoping this will make it a bit less miserable for me, and that I'll be better able to accept the short term misery for long term benefits without feeling the need to go faster or longer on a regular basis (ie. it won't feel like failure if I'm tired and need to walk one day, despite the fact I ran the whole distance the last time, or if I shorten the distance because I'm not feeling it). Goal #3 ~ Sleep I'm naturally a night person, and my new job involves some very early mornings (for me, they're probably normal mornings for people with normal circadian rhythms), so I'm going to have to do a major overhaul of my sleep hygiene if I have any hope of being even a little bit well rested. Week 1 will not be off to a good start, as I work until midnight the Sunday before my first day, and I'm certain I'm going to have a hard time getting to sleep through the whole week. The trouble is, I have no idea what routine is going to be best for me, so this is gonna be a bit of a vague goal for now. So, I want to go to bed when I'm tired, or by 11pm, whichever comes first (midnight shifts notwithstanding). I will only read magazines in bed. And no TikTok after 10pm! Goal #4 ~ Exercise the Brain I used to read voraciously when I was younger, but have gotten away from it as Life happened. I'm trying to get back to it, and have had some mixed success over the last couple of months. One thing I do know is, as I've started to read more I've felt more engaged in life, as if my brain is actively engaged in things rather than just observing my life as it goes by. This is a good thing, so I'm formalizing my reading goal by making it a goal to finish 2 books during this challenge. The 2 books I want to read are The Fires of Vengeance by Evan Winter, and The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin, but if any others pique my interest I'm down for switching that up.
  23. Hello, all! I was on here a long while ago working on my fitness and am returning several years later (and several years older - welp!) from an entirely different country and with completely different goals, ready to work on myself again! Back then I was in my late teens and concentrated heavily on cardio and studying to great success, but I also had far less to contend with back then. I'm quite a changed person now, with a job I love in a city in England, an intolerance to lactose that I was free of as a youngster (boo), and an only slightly detrimental work ethic (total workaholic, need to work on that) - plus a newfound desire to work on self-care since I seem to let that fall second to just about anything to do with work The preliminary goals I've outlined for myself are going to be: Eating nutritiously and healthily and not just whatever's there/quick. Exercise for mind and spirit. It used to be such a powerful tool for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and I hope I can refind that now! To learn a new skill that's personal to me. I'm leaning towards learning BSL currently as I feel quite strongly about it. Self-care and to utilise my free time in the evenings or days off not just to 'rest for work tomorrow' but to do things for me. The biggest challenges, I think, will be exercising (as this is practically a foreign concept to me now) and studying (something I haven't had to do in, really, any capacity since, well, since I was a student! Haha!) I'm planning on digging up the old Nerd Fitness bodyweight exercise videos I used to love following. I'm also a huge lover of kpop and dancing as somebody who used to be a dancer, so hope to learn a few of the dances as a fun thing to splice into a routine. And now that gyms are starting to re-open I plan to find some classes I can go and attend, namely beginner Pilates as I'm very flexible but have never done anything exercise-wise with it, which seems like a shame! I'd absolutely love to meet some people here and get chatting, so if you're open to it feel free to shoot me a message and lets be friends! I've got today and tomorrow off of work and my plan is to sift through the forums to remind myself of how the monthly challenges work and pick up some tips, and then plan to sketch out something of a routine for myself - so exciting! Thank you so much if you read so far! Its so great to be back again.
  24. Overall, I didn't feel like I made a tonne of progress during my 1/2 challenge. Life just keeps beating me down, so I do feel ok about the fact I didn't make reverse progress. This challenge is going to be simple and straightforward, nothing outside of my comfort zone for now. I really just need to focus on reestablishing habits, in this case, the habit of exercise. Goal #1 ~ Show up for gym appointments (3x/week) While it makes being flexible kinda hard, the fact that I have to schedule gym appointments is probably good for me. Generally, if left to my own devices, I'll let myself slack when I'm not in the mood or I'm tired or I just don't feel like it, and I've been feeling all of these things a lot lately. I will never miss an appointment or let down someone who I've agreed to meet, however, and scheduling my gym time feel like a bit of both (I'm not actually meeting anyone, but with it being a small private gym, and the times I'm picking 2 out of 3 days a week being popular times, I would feel a bit guilty cancelling last minute when someone else would've likely filled that spot). Goal #1 ~ Home workouts 3x/week After gyms being closed down AGAIN, I'm gonna give this home workout thing another try. It's not my strong suit, it's worth the $60/month just to have a place to go for workouts, because even without appointments, I'm more likely to do them. My couch is just so inviting after a day at work, and my room is a place for relaxation (I have a small living area with couch and TV, and a sleeping area, but either way, the purpose is relaxing, not working out). I can at least continue to more or less follow the program the gym guy gave me, with some modifications. It's basically: some form of glute bridge, some form of squat, some form of RDL, push, pull, core, and I can do all of those at home. I have a 20kg bar and 15lb kettlebell, and could probably borrow a 20lb (I think? maybe another 15lb) kettlebell from my sister, who's off of workouts other than walking due to a bad back. I'll have less variety, but I can at least one of each of those with what I have. Goal #2 ~ Run at least 3km (2x/week) It's been a good 2 weeks since I last ran, and while I still don't enjoy it much, with spring in the air it becomes slightly less unpleasant. I can go out to the trail nearby-ish and get some nature time (the trail is not maintained in the winter and is too icy to run on), and as an added bonus, the trail is flat (it's a old rail line) and softer than a sidewalk (it's the same sort of gravel as a baseball diamond), which means minimal effort and easier on my joints. While I know hills are good for me in the long run, the make runs more unpleasant, and right now I don't need barriers to just getting out the door. In a perfect world I'll run on Sundays and Tuesdays before work, and gym Monday, Wednesday (after work), and Friday (in the afternoon), with Thursday being an alternate run day, and Saturday being my do what I want day. And that's it for now. Other things I'm going to think about and work on is eating better (I go back and forth between eating well for a few days then eating only takeout for a few days, and while I can find healthy-ish takeout, I can't afford that much takeout ); going to bed at a reasonable time (1am); and more reading, less mindless TV, but they're not goals for now.
  25. Woah I am loving the new challenge forum set-up (multiclassing ftw!). So hey, I'm Gar. Been on and off the forums since 2012, most active during 2017. Had a bit of a "treading water" hiatus from end 2018 through mid-2020 but ready to respawn with baby steps. Build a Consistent Schedule: 1) Weeknight - In Bed by 22:30; Out of bed by 06:30 (adjustment for Week 4 --> 22:00 bedtime. 5:50 wake up) 2) Weekend - In bed by 00:00; Out of bed by 09:00 3) 20 mins of movement Walking in my neighborhood counts as 1/2 credit towards time - because daily dog walk is already an ingrained & enforced habit Hiking, Yoga, Running, Biking, etc counts as full credit Stretch goal - daily ; Realistic goal - 3x weekly (for stuff other than walking) Other things on my radar: * Declutter 5 items / week * Drink 2 liters water daily * Journal 5 mins daily "Maybe if I act well enough, I'll come to believe it myself" - Abhorsen by Garth Nix
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