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Found 2 results

  1. This is my story; I am known to most as Helen Parr, but my real identity is Elasitgirl Incredible. I live in Metroplis,For a long time, the city of Metropolis depended on Super heroes to keep them safe from villains.People loved the Supers, and were thankful for their help. However, fighting villains can be a messy job, and battles usually end up destroying houses,. and cars. and roadways, and office buildings, and a few skyscrapers, and you get the picture. And people started blaming the Supers for the damage instead of the villains. The Superheroes were forced to live quiet suburban lives, hiding their identity. Mr Incredible, a true superhero, wanted to help people and hated hiding his identity. For a while Metropolis was safe, even without the superheroes help. But then Syndrome , an evil villain with a giant robot Omnidroid came to destroy the Incredibles and Metropolis. The Incredible family knew it was time to reveal their superpowers and save the city. The Incredible's saved the city, but they knew there would be more villains. We needed a new start with our city though, and I have been chosen for the mission. Now there is a new menace to our city; Screenslaver.Screenslaver hypnotizes- people into obeying him. This may be the toughest villain yet, but I am sure that the Incredibles are up to the challenge Part 2 is pretty much the same as last month 1) Morning Routine This is habit, but I want the accountability Read Bible- bonus work on some scripture memory Dishes water plants (summer habit) possibly walk 2)Strong Start I want to not waste time on the computer in the morning. I've tried this goal before with middling success. But I am going to keep trying. I don't want to do a time because I may go for a walk in the mornings and then I'd start later which is fine, just not fine if I'm on the computer. My plan is this: When I sit down for breakfast I set the timer for 30 minutes, when the timer goes off I go do my workout. edit: 30 minutes, or to go off at 9:15 I am going to do this as how many days in I row, and see how long a chain I can make. (weekends are free) I will give myself 15 minutes of extra time to use as needed. So if I go over one day by 5 minutes, I can still count it as one time, but if the next day I go over by 12 minutes, then I would not make it. 3)Mindful Eating: Last challenge I practiced eating slowly, putting down my fork between bites at dinner .This challenge I will do it at dinner and lunch. I will also pray and thank God for my food before lunch.I always do this at dinner, but don't at lunch.It is good for me to slow down and pause and thank God for the food that I have. Other stuff: First week of the challenge we are heading out of town to a family wedding, and having family visit us, so routine stuff probably isn't happening. Continuing my GMB ring training I want to make a fairy garden this summer, goal is to have it finished by challenge end
  2. Hey, I'm Daniel and if you haven't followed me before, my standard intro is in the spoiler: My newest destination in my nomadic life is Oxford (UK), where I'll be working as a Engineering & Coding tutor, similar to last year. This time I'll be there for 6 weeks, so I'm making this a 6-week challenge with 15 stat points available, like the 2014-2015 NF challenges were. Things I care about this challenge: Mindfulness: ooh, something new! I have very little experience in meditation and don't need it for stress relief etc., but almost every successful person I know meditates and says it's helpful, so I want to give it a serious effort. I'll do a mindfulness or meditation exercise every day, for minimum 10 minutes, and experimenting with different ideas. Wim Hof Method does not count for this. I have some ideas, but please recommend me meditation/mindfulness ideas, especially relating to improving focus Handstands: Oxford is a wonderland of lawns, so it would be rude not to use the opportunity to get back into hand-balancing Gymnastics rings: I've used these once in the last 9 months, but now's a good time for levers and muscle-ups and torturous ab contorture! Wim Hof Method: I''m convinced I'm getting some benefits from this, so I'll continue Sleeping more: I'm sure I don't give myself enough rest, and setting bedtime goals was very helpful in various other challenges Professional work: I'm looking for jobs, and building up my portfolio, but quite passively. If I want to try the real Digital Nomad lifestyle, rather than just backpacking with my laptop, I need to be more proactive with this. I'll continue with the Kaggle competition from last challenge as part of this Mental calculation training: my next competition is on the 20th August, so I need to resume training! My biggest problem currently is in losing focus, and I'm wondering whether some mindfulness techniques may help with this Goal #1: daily schedule: Wim Hof breathing Wim Hof cold shower mindfulness 4+ fruit/veg in bed before midnight 2 MP (any training equivalent to a moderate session) 3 MP (any substantial focused training) 3h00 of work 4h30 of work I'll be doing some volunteer teaching work and activities while I'm in Oxford. Time spent on this will only count for half. Work must be focused without e.g. Facebook distractions. Work must be on the Kaggle competition, another portfolio item that I'll mention here, or anything that I'm getting paid for. Calculation training, job searching etc. do not count. Wim Hof breathing must be for a total retention of 5+ minutes (usually that's 2 rounds) and the cold shower must be 1+ minute at the end as cold as possible. Meditation must be 10+ minutes taken seriously. From past experience it's not reasonable to do really everything every day (need to recover from training, exciting things are happening and I'm too busy, etc.) so the rules are as follows: Challenge runs for 40 days from 2nd July until the 10th August 0.25 points every day I achieve 8/9 items on the list I get 20 fake MPs and 10 fake hours of work I can use to fill in gaps wherever I want during the 40 days Every day I get 9/9 I get a pass on any item on any future day... so e.g. if I get 9 on day 10 and day 12, then on day 13 I get pretend my 6/9 is a 8/9 and win that day Total points: 0.25 x 40 = 10 points Goal #2: achievement list: handstand: for 10 seconds (to get back to previous standard) handstand: for 30 seconds (to get a new record) static handstand: for 10 seconds (to work on a weakness) handstand walk: in figure-of-eight (longstanding goal) ring dips: 15 gymnastics rings: any new move #1 gymnastics rings: any new move #2 running goals: [TODO] up to 2 goals based on what distances will be convenient to train Kaggle competition: top 40% / top 30% / top 20% / top 10% finding work: £300 / 3k estimated lifetime value portfolio work: [TODO] up to 4 goals depending what I decide to work on calendar dates: new record of 65 / 68 / 70 in a minute Mind Sports Olympiad: complete strategy for August 21st Mental Calculations World Championship Wim Hof ice bath: arrange one (probably impractical) There are 24 available points here, and I'll score up to a maximum of 20 - most of them are difficult so it'll be a miracle if I get anywhere near close to that! Total points: 0.25 x 20 = 5.00 points Hoping for a useful challenge! Good luck everyone