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Found 12 results

  1. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    UNBREAKABLE! They alive, dammit The Kimmy Schmidt Challenge Hello everyone, it's another CQ challenge based on a random, weird TV show! This time around, it's the turn of the always positive Kimmy Schmidt. For those of you that don't watch the series, Kimmy gets kidnapped as a teen by an insane 'reverend' and is locked in an underground bunker with 3 other girls. The show starts when they are rescued 15 years later. Now, that sounds like the start of a lifetime make for TV movie, but this show turns that horror into something so funny and quirky and it's all because of Kimmy's unbreaking positivity. Anyone that's been following me or @jonfirestar knows that we've been training for a, frankly, insane race in the last few months. That race - Man vs Lakes - is less than a month away. We'll be travelling up to the Lake District and will be running 28+ miles over sand, through rivers, and up 4200+ feet of hills including something called The Vertical Kilometer. Sounds like fun, right? Charlie Quinn Makes Waffles Why make waffles? It's the Kimmy version of kicking ass The race is in the 'official' week 2 of this challenge (but I'm starting a week early) so my goals are going to change just before and after the race. Here are the Pre Race Goals: 1: Stick to training plan Nothing too complicated, stick to my training runs leading up to the race. Go to BMF once a week for HIIT and do some form of recovery (yoga, stretching, walking) 2: Don't eat like Kimmy After reading a book for endurance athletes, I've been playing around with my calorie intake over the last few weeks. Basically, it involves eating a fuck ton of carbs (duh) and making sure I refuel correctly after doing a long run. The main thing is to insure that these calories come from healthy carbs and not just scarfing down pastries and donuts. I'm heading into a taper soon, so I'm not going to need to eat as much as I have been, but this will change leading up to the race. 3: Don't be a Titus Titus is Kimmy's room mate and best friend. He's extremely lazy. I've been following a marathon training plan for 13 weeks now, and it's starting to feel like a lot of work. It's getting very hard to drag myself out for a run as I'm not enjoying the work like sessions anymore. It's got really hard, so I'm calling on all you awesome nerds to help me stay motivated to finish this training plan. All forms of motivation are appreciated. I'm particularly fond of gifs, as you may have noticed!
  2. charlomechfry

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018) Whether you have been trekking to Mordor for years or just looking to get started, you are welcome to join us at anytime. All miles/kilometers count. You decide how you want to accumulate distance. This is your adventure! (ex. my journey has included walking/steps, hiking, running, biking (distance/3), and swimming (distance*3)) Begin Your Journey Now! SPREADSHEET Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of the page, fill in all fields labeled in yellow, and begin tracking and logging your distance in the appropriate monthly tab. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - Bilbo Baggins
  3. Mike_d85

    Once more, with feeling.

    Sorry, this a really going to be a downer. Turn back now, all ye who were misled by the hopes of upbeat dancing Buffy gifs. Last month during the last challenge my father fell, broke his hip and due to complications with his breathing entered hospice and passed away. Honestly, it's probably for the best. He was living almost entirely in a recliner for the past 5 years unable to do more than go out and pick up prescriptions or lunch. For the past year, a good day meant he could walk into the other room and use the computer or take a bath. Not both in the same day, just one or the other. He ate and slept in that recliner because sitting at a table hurt and lying on his back made it too hard to breathe. His favorite thing to do when I was a kid was to hop into the car and just wander for hours across the countryside. A close second was going out to open mic nights and watching the local talent and joining in until 1am on week nights. In short, he wanted to roam free and live wild. This was torture for him. I'm okay with his passing. He's been dying of one thing for another for about 10 years and he's got a lot to do with why I take fitness so seriously. Diabetes, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, major artery blockages and strokes are all preventable with diet and exercise. I never smoked as much as he did and quit 30 years younger than he did, but only time will tell for lung cancer, COPD, and emphysema. He could have been more mobile if he'd put the work in for physical therapy. This all sounds bitter, but that's really just the abject terror that I might be genetically doomed. I've been grieving my father's death in batches for the past decade so I worked that part out- I'm just trying to convey why I want to be fit. So again, for the third challenge in a row, I'm going to try to get my house and my life in order. Goals: Time management - I need to figure out a schedule that allows me to run and do some strength training. Right now the weights are crammed in a corner so that means running, body weight and highland games style (I got rocks, yo). I'm not going to even set a distance or regimen goal. Also, check out the $10/month gym in my office building to see if I can work out at lunch. Exercise 4 times a week. Plan food - I've been managing to plan *most* of my food, but I haven't been logging the nutritional content. I need to work on doing that as part of my meal planning again. Music - This one is for dad. I inherited a mandolin and a couple of guitars when dad passed so I want to learn how to play a little bit on the mandolin. I got a chord book along with it so I can learn some simple tunes. Hopefully I can get a couple things down before fire pit season starts. Practice 3 times a week. The house - One project per week. Yard or indoors, one big project a week. I've been great about this since I bought a house and I'm starting to feel at home with my house because of it. Hopefully this will include getting the garage organized. That way I can get the gym built next challenge.
  4. therealkat

    therealkat :: Monster Hunter

    So I've been obsessively playing Monster Hunter to the point that when I see a Unique Mushroom Colony in real life, I want to collect it. MUST SCAVENGE ALL THE THINGS! So this challenge is two fold. I want to get better at life and better at Monster Hunter. I had a bit of a meltdown the other night crying on my couch about how much better everyone in our Squad is than me... and the guy I'm seeing (GIS) and I agreed that we'll watch a bunch of beginner tutorials together so I can #getgood. Only kind of embarrassed about crying over a video game... ANYWAY I also was gifted a race in Canada in September, so running and cross training are also a focus. And my food, man. Gonna be a new 'fun' food challenge... If I unlock enough points, I can kill me a Zorah Magdaros. I won't pretend I could take on and elder dragon on my own... So let's just assume my team and all our Palicos are there, too. Or Zorah gonna fry my butt. Stamina Running 3x Per Week - changing up from the RFW app back to Zombies, Run. I am WAY more into ZR and the last two times I did RFW my heart rate went insane. I tend to interval with ZR, so this should work for me for now. Run for a song, walk during the mission, repeat. Gotta out run some of the bigger monsters... 3 points per week, 15 points total Week 0 :: 2/3 Week 1 :: 0/3 Week 2 :: 0/3 Week 3 :: 0/3 Week 4 :: 0/3 Passive Goal: Lose 5 pounds during this challenge In Game Goal: Get 10 runs, Slay a Great Jagaras Weapons Training Cross Training 4x Per Week - NEW (kinda). I have access to LIIFT4 on Beachbody, which is a lifting and HIIT program. It's only 30 min 4x per week... so I want to try this out badly. I need more weights in my program and I think I can handle this. I have to be strong enough to carry and swing my weapon of choice, so all this muscle work will help. 4 points per week, 16 points total Week 0 :: 3/4 Week 1 :: 3/4 Week 2 :: 2/4 Week 3 :: 0/4 Week 4 :: 0/4 Passive Goal: Fit back into my size 8 jeans. In Game Goal: Do 3 weeks of LIIFT4 in a row, Slay a Barroth Foraging The house still need cleaning, and digging through that mess often feels like foraging. And just like in MHW, I need to learn how to keep what I need and toss what I don't. So the goal here is to pick a project a week to keep the house up. 1 point per week, 5 points total Week 0 :: 1/1 Week 1 :: 1/1 Week 2 :: 0/1 Week 3 :: 0/1 Week 4 :: 0/1 Passive Goal: Find some kind of way to manage this all on my own... In Game Goal: Get 3 house projects done, Slay a Paolumu (cause he looks like a flying dust ball... get it?) Canteen You've gotta eat before you go off to slay monsters. The Felynes that cook do so to keep me healthy... So maybe I should do the same for myself? Probably. This is a meal prep quest. If I prep my meals for the week, I get the point. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner -- only one night eating out per week. SIDE QUEST here is to keep my food bill under $75 each week. This has been a problem since I'm learning how to cook for one and it's been... hard. 7 points per week, 35 points total Week 0 :: 5/7 Week 1 :: 3/7 Week 2 :: 4/7 Week 3 :: 0/7 Week 4 :: 0/7 Passive Goal: Getting into the habit of buying what I need and taking time to cook. In Game Goal: Successfully only spend $75 two out of four weeks, slay a Kulu-Ya-Ku Investigations Read and watch Monster Hunter: World tutorials. Easy, right? Nawh. Then you have to apply what you learn. I'll probably come back here and talk about what I am learning, since repetition in various ways makes me learn... So read, write, try out in game. Then get good. 1 point per week, 5 points total Week 0 :: 1/1 Week 1 :: 1/1 Week 2 :: 1/1 Week 3 :: 0/1 Week 4 :: 0/1 Passive Goal: Figuring out which weapon to use, being able to forage on my own, not dying constantly... In Game Goal: #GetGood and slay your very own Anjanth Total Challenge Success Rate of 80% SLAY A MOTHER FREAKING ZORAH MAGDAROS Progress: 28/76 (36% out of 100%) anyone know how to code progress bars?...
  5. kcaleece

    KCAleece and The Two Miles

    Well, I had the Fellowship of the Mile last challenge, so now I suppose it's time for The Two Miles And awaaaaaaaaay we go! I've expanded these to include this pre-challenge time (I didn't realize until yesterday there was a two week break!) so I'm getting my semi-official start tomorrow (June 27th) and going through August 5th for 40 days exactly, which is kinda cool. This is also going to be a huge transition challenge, as I both go back to work for the first time as a mommy and finish my first "return to college" class during that time frame. Fitness Quest #1 Goal: Run at least 12 times, slowly increasing to running two miles at a time. Notes: Scheduling this can be a massive pain, especially in the summer heat. But I got up to 1.13 miles at a time during the last challenge and I'm having more fun running than I have in literally years, so I really want to keep up the momentum! Grading: 10+ runs with at least one being a full two miles = A 9 runs with at least one being two miles OR 10+ runs with no complete two miles = B 8 runs with one two miler OR 9 runs with no complete two miles = C 7 runs with one two miler OR 8 runs with no complete two miles = D 6 or fewer runs with a two miler OR 7 or fewer runs with no complete two miles = F Fitness Quest #2 Goal: Continue to work on pushups (now with planking option!) at least 12 times Notes: This has been an ongoing problem quest for me. It is surprisingly difficult for me to get this one together! So I'm not increasing my goal for total number of practices. Hopefully the extra time will make this a little more obtainable, which will help build that momentum needed. Grading: 10-12+ practices in total (when adding both kinds of practices together) = A 8-9 practices = B 6-7 practices = C 4-5 practices = D 3 or fewer practices = F Nutrition Quest #1 Goal: Only 1 dessert per day Notes: I've been doing well with the sodas and am okay with the concept of having one a week (or less frequently) for now as long as I don't fall back into that any more frequently. So now it's time to take on my far greater sugar habits (groan...) I tend to reach for chocolate bars and spoons of cookie dough whenever I'm hungry...or stressed or tired or bored or frankly just existing. Seriously, my husband calls me "the addict" sometimes when I'm eating dessert and it's frighteningly accurate. I'm going to take on some meditation and journaling regarding the whens and whys, but also seriously need to put in the work to get it even somewhat under control. Because it's not even close to under control, if I'm being honest. To give myself a little grace as I battle this addiction, this quest is focusing specifically on dessert and not on all sugars (so for example, my Saturday morning peppermint mochas are still fair game and not restricted). Grading: 37-40 days of only one dessert = A 35-36 days of only one dessert = B 33-34 days of only one dessert = C 31-32 days of only one dessert = D 30 or fewer days of only one dessert = F Nutrition Quest #2 Goal: Continue to eat veggies on pace with my son Notes: If anyone reading this missed my last challenge, my infant son has started on solid foods! Due to allergy concerns, we've been told to only introduce one new food every three days (though we're quickly running out of the option to continue doing this...we may need to start introducing things a bit faster if he's going to jump to actual solid foods). We're focusing on fruits, veggies, meats, and grains - and later during this challenge, he'll also be able to start some diary options. So I'm going to try to complete at least one of the following options every 3 days as well! New rules for this go-around: I need to use each choice at least once and I need to try something other than just "ate a salad" for the veggie-centric meal at least once. My Choices: 1. eat a new fruit or veggie during the round 2. eat at least one veggie-centric meal during the round 3. have a veggie-centric side dish at least twice during the round (can be the same one twice or two different ones) (Schedule: June 27-29, June 30-July 2, July 3-5, July 6-8, July 9-11, July 12-14, July 15-17, July 18-20, July 21-23, July 24-26, July 27-29, July 30-August 1, August 2-4 = 13 rounds) Grading: complete 12-13 rounds = A complete 10-11 rounds = B complete 8-9 rounds = C complete 6-7 rounds = D complete 5 or fewer rounds = F Life Quest #1 Goal: Language Practice! At least 15 minutes a day on at least one option (Spanish, French, and Arabic) Notes: I have a few specific goals: earn an A in Spanish class (ending July...25th, I'm pretty sure without looking it up at the moment) and learn 20 additional vocab words, complete at least the first 7 chapters in Le Silence de la Mer with all vocab, and practice Arabic alphabet and learn at least 30 vocab words. Grading: 37-40 days of practicing = A 35-36 days of practicing = B 33-34 days of practicing = C 31-32 days of practicing = D 30 or fewer days of practicing = F Life Quest #2 Goal: Read at least 4 books Notes: I'm still behind on my yearly reading goal (though not nearly as badly as I was before the last challenge!) so I'm going to try to catch up some. I managed 5 books during the last 4 week challenge (my goal was 2) so hopefully I can get at least 4 in a 5-ish week challenge. At least one book will be for work. Grading: 4 books read = A 3 books finished = B 2 books finished = C 1 book more than halfway through = D 1 book less than halfway through = F
  6. mediaguy99

    Mediaguy99 Rangers Off Into the Sunset

    This is a start for my next challenge. Here is the draft of the goals, to be edited and finalized by Monday July 2: 1. Ride off into the sunset: 4x/week, should include a mountain bike ride, road ride, and some running. Mix it up as needed. One point each, out of four but up to five (yes, that's a bonus point) (x/16 + 4) 2. Hit the weights: Two bodyweight or "actual" weight workouts per week. One point each, out of two. (x/8) 3. Reach for it: Yes, two 30 minute or longer stretching sessions, with or without the foam roller. Can be a yoga class. One point each, out of two. (x/8) 4. A "stretch" goal: Hamstring, calf, quad, and glute stretches after every actual workout. Doesn't have to take more than five minutes. One point each, up to five, but out of four (another bonus opportunity) (x/16 + 4) 5. Don't eat like a big jerk: No more than one sweet thing a day. Minus one point for every incidence of "eating like a big jerk." Honesty is encouraged. One-half bonus point per day for biking to work on workout days, up to two points per week. (+8) Maximum points per week: 12; up to 16 with bonus points. There is nothing I am more dissatisfied with in my overall fitness level than my level of flexibility. I've tried really hard to be flexible and stretched and stretched and stretched and seen little progress. Unfortunately the past 6-12 months, since I quit aerial dance, has seen me generally forget about stretching altogether. It's a little defeatist, but I know I'm not going to make any vast gains in my flexibility during this challenge. However, I do think that I can at least start incorporating it into my overall workouts. The other thing I'm still going to focus on, but not exactly focus on, is my sugar intake. I've been pretty obsessed with it for the past few months. That's provoked a kind of "feast or famine" response in my psyche. And that doesn't feel great. Am going to try and just be a little more mindful of what I'm eating and why.
  7. fitnessgurl

    House of Heroes - Challenge 2

    I will be spending a lot of time in the Monk's Temple for this challenge.
  8. Strickland5

    Scouts Camp 2018 : Welcome to the Jungle

    Welcome to the Scouts Camp! Ever on the move, our camp has relocated from the mountains into the wilds of the jungle farther down the river of NerdFitnessLandia What we will find as we explore this year? What mysteries lie out in the world beyond our camp? Welcome to 2018 ... here's to the future!
  9. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    TL:DR version: This is my own adaptation on the "Walk to Mordor and Back Again" thread which can be found here: Major props to Charlomechfry for their hard work to and from Mordor. I'm following along. I'm going to run a lot. I'm going to track my progress and post random facts to motivate myself to exercise more. My rules / baselines are below. Long version: "Pokemon Red’s map isn’t based on present-day Tokyo, it’s based on the pre-sprawl Tokyo of the 1960s. The towns that are connected by forests and rivers in the Pokemon world are connected by concrete and bullet trains in our world." (Brad O'Farrell,") I used to play the Pokemon games religiously as a child; but it wasn't until I was almost ready to graduate college for the first time that I realized every town in the Pokemon red, blue, and yellow series of games is based off of a real-world location in Japan. Take Pallet Town for example. Pallet Town is based off of Satoshi Taijri's hometown from the 1960's (see below). I then thought to myself "If every town in the video game is based off of a real-world location, and it takes a little more than two hours to complete the game, how long would it actually take walking from one town to the next in the real world?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put a couple of weeks worth of effort into studying Google Maps and Bulbapedia and deduced that it would take a person an approximate distance of 907 km (563.5 mi) to cover Pallet Town (Shizuoka City) all the way to Fuchsia City (Tateyama City) covering the same storyline (minus side quests) covered in the video game. More to come on how I calculated all of this. The official city wikipedia page states that Taijri based the fictional Pallet Town off of Machida City where he grew up as a child. On the same note, states that Pallet Town corresponds to Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in the real world. Shimoda City Pallet Town 0 Hakone Town Viridian City 90.1 km Okuchichibu Mts. Viridian Forest 99.5 km Maebashi City Pewter City 99.8 km Mount Akagi Mt. Moon 19.6 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 125.0 km Yokohama City Vermilion City 96.3 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 96.3 km Mt. Fuji Rock Tunnel 38.2 km Narita City Lavender Town 78.8 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 62.9 km Marunouchi Saffron City 7.0 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 7.0 km Tateyama City Fuchsia City 86.5 km Oshima Island Cinnabar Island 0.0 ? Indigo Plateau 0.0 This journal is meant to keep me motivated to exercise. A blend of the old with the new. A new take on the video games I loved and left behind years ago.
  10. Hello world! I'm excited to log my fitness journey. I want to be accountable and I want to share. Life has gotten off the rails lately and I want to get in charge of my now. Thank you for stopping by! April 19th Start of my journey. Here we go. Let's keep this up. Attached is me today! Today, I'm running about 2 miles to and fro the playground with my daughter, Rowan. I'm going to try to do tonight some at home booty body weight exercises. I lifted yesterday. It's a deload week and I had a lovely time at the gym. Still getting the courage up to take my daughter to the daycare there- I'm freaked out about the cesspool of germs no doubt layering every surface there. We shall see! Trying to decide whether I want to track my macros. In the past, it has contributed to some disordered eating to be frank. I'm in this to help get my mind healthy as much as my body. I've been struggling w/ depression and w/ the introduction of some pharmacological intervention as well as conscious choices and mindfulness I've been feeling a lot better. I eat pretty healthy, snack a bit because of the mom lifestyle. I meal prep for my husband's lunches, toddler food for my little 13 month old bundle of joy. I'd like to start meal prepping more for myself, too. xxoo QUEST Hobbit frame of mind daily walks/runs outside w/ the pooch, baby Rowbug, and possibly husband (if I can convince him) weekly hike weekly dinner w/ in laws, my parents, and friends finishing permitting for the TINY HOME!! Fitness life GYM 3x/week (continue Strong by Bret program Hip thrust 3x10: 155p in one month squat 3x3: 145p in one month Run x2 week w/ family Elven Studies lecture/reading x2 per week
  11. silentjay3205

    Silent Jay Rebuilds the Foundation

    Overview / Motivation: My goal for this challenge is to rebuilt all aspects of my fitness and physical well-being. I somehow got myself dinged up following my Spartan Sprint, and let my schedule take priority over my fitness. As a result, I'm feeling pretty off. This is the last challenge before I'll begin my Spartan Super training to round out my Trifecta quest and I want to start that training from a better level of fitness. Looking forward to getting after it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Average 3 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+4 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Grading Pass / Fail Average 5 Core Workouts per Week & Stretch / Foam Roll Daily Points Potential: DEX+4 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Run 4 Miles / Week Day Points Potential: STA+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Life Quest: Create Version 1 of my Will Athletic Business Plan - focus on coaching Points Potential: CHA+4 Grading Pass / Fail
  12. Evicious

    Evicious: Footsteps and Hoofbeats

    I was accepted as a trainee in the local Cavalry Troop at the beginning of June! Since then, running has fallen a bit by the wayside - relearning to ride has been a bit rougher on these old bones than I anticipated. We train 3x a week, and each session includes cleaning the stables (lots of shoveling, raking, hauling, and sweeping), as well grooming and riding the horses. Lessons last about 2 hours, depending on the weather. As a trainee, I'm also ground support for various public events, which involves setting up corrals/courses; grooming and care of the horses during interludes; and just being an all-around "go-fer" for the actual Troopers. IT's AWESOME!!! But I still need to workout on the days I'm not training - or at least, do something for 30 minutes that's more active than collapsing on my couch and not moving for the rest of the day. Ideally, I want to pick running back up again AND add in daily yoga sessions. I'm too old to ignore stiffness: at this point, my body gives me one tiny warning cramp - then it goes full spazz and I spend the next few days pretzel-ing around, trying to convince whichever mutineer muscle is rebelling to calm down, and I'm-sorry-I-didn't-listen-to-you-before-I'm-ready-to-pay-attention-now-seriously-let's-talk-about-this.... Preventative measures are now preferable, to say the least. The goal for this challenge is to run and/or do yoga on the days I'm not participating in Cavalry training. So I guess... forward, march!