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Found 1 result

  1. I'm back (again). Things got a bit crazy the last couple of months, and I had to take time for myself. Do some soul searching and such. But yeah, I really missed this place. For the people that don't know me: I'm Terah*. A 35 year old from the Netherlands. Fitness enthousiast, dance fanatic, and I love playing sims I'm married to William, also 35 years old And we have two awesome sons: Peter (9) and Cory(7) We live in a small city in the Netherlands. We bought a new home two years ago and are loving the new environment. (It's actually in the middle of a row of similar homes, but that was a bit hard to copy in the sims) Mental health update Early December I came across a youtube video were someone talked about the differences between men and women on the autistic spectrum. And with every characteristic she described in females I thought "that's me". So naturally I asked doctor google, did a few online tests, watched some more youtube video's and now I suspect that I am on the spectrum. It explains so much: why I don't like being touched, why I have trouble making eye contact, why I'm often weird in conversations, why I can't follow a group conversation, why everyday tasks sometimes seem insurmountable. I don't know if I want an official diagnoses. I want to try to make sense of it on my own first. And on top of that: a few weeks ago the child psychologist that runs the Social Skill class Peter visits told me she suspected him of having autism. Which didn't came as a surprise after everything I read about it. She still needs to test him to make sure though. No more dancing classes My boys have started official swimming lessons. I had tought them all I could, and I thought it would be a good idea to let a professional take over. It's twice a week and they love it But then, at the end of Christmas break my dance teacher announced a change in schedule. The dance classes I took were transferred to Mondays and Thursdays. The same days as the boys swimming lessons. I thought: I'll try to make it. Which ment: Go to swim class at 16:15, be home at 18:30. Change clothes and hop on my bike again to make the class at 19:00, which ended at 20:45. So I'd be back at home at 21:15. I tried it for a month before I gave up, it was just too much. So I paused my subscription to the dance classes. I'll be back once the swimming lessons are over, probably October The challenge This challenge I'm going to gamify my fitness. Just to make it a little more interesting I bought Ringfit for the Switch a month ago and I'm loving it! Fighting monsters doing squats is totally my thing. Also I'll use the Bodybuilding aspiration from the Sims 4 as my goals. I realize this is in Dutch, so here is the translation: 1) Basic trainer Train for 8 hours Train at a gym 2) Training devil 3) Fit with an F 4) Bodybuilder So my first goals are to train for 8 hours and to train at a gym. Since I don't want to pay to train at a gym once, I'll see this as doing something different. Like following a YouTube workout or something. (Yes, I totally put the tv on the coffeetable to workout. IRL I just move the coffee table ) *All names have been changed to protect our secret identity. As all superheroes have