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Found 10 results

  1. Greeting fellow rebels and new recruits! (I know the new challenge doesn't start until the new year, but why not start early? Besides, life is a continuous challenge and you can't exactly put that on hold.) A little bit about me: (sorry for everyone using tapatalk and unable to have spoilers hide the spoilers) As my title says, I am on a journey for self-knowledge. I decided to go down this rabbit hole after listening to an internet video from the school of life titled "The Dangers of Thinking Too Much; And Thinking Too Little." A certain
  2. Happy Monday, friends! I searched through the forum to find an answer for this topic and didn't come across one . . . Does anyone have recommendations for a good vegan protein powder or other protein source to add to morning smoothies? I have used peanut butter, almond butter, and frozen edamame in the past but I'd love something a little more (plus, I get tired of the peanut butter taste every day). I make a morning smoothie with greens, fruit, and flax seed - but it doesn't always fill me up enough to get to lunch and I'm not always on my game to have another, heartier breakfast ready.
  3. Hey everyone I am jumping in at the end of this challenge and will continue with it in next months challenge. So here we go. Fitness quest- get back into a workout habit, hitting the gym or yoga class 3-4 times a week. Diet quest- Super smoothie everyday Lifestyle quest- Miracle morning routine everyday
  4. I've always had a problem with eating breakfast but I'm starting to get over it recently. One thing that I really like are smoothies (I just got a blender) and I was wondering what's your go to smoothie when it comes to breakfast. I prefer sweet smoothies (otherwise I crave sugar throughout the day) but I've seen a few recipes for savory smoothies (or blends), not sure how they taste however. Has anyone tried any of them? Thank you
  5. Hello Druids! I'm joining you after some rough (read failed) challenges with the Adventurers and a one challenge break. I needed that time to clear my head and refocus, and I've determined that it is time to make some life changes that I have long put off due to fear. These changes most closely align me with the druids, so I wanted to join you as I start a fresh new challege, this time without fear. 1. Swim 3 times a week. I love the water and swimming is very peaceful and healing for me. My goal this challenge is to go to a lap swim 3 times a week. 2. Do my yoga and meditations daily. I u
  6. So I just burned out my second blender making smoothies? I use frozen fruit instead of ice and it usually comes out to filling 2/3 of the pitcher. Am I making them too thick? I like eating them with a spoon. Which types do you all recommend? My last one was a cheap Oster 12 speed. http://www.amazon.com/Oster-6812-001-16-Speed-Blender-Glass/dp/B0019MLLCO/ref=sr_1_17?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1371820531&sr=1-17&keywords=oster+blender Ive read that the cheap ones are not menat to be used daily and more professional(expensive) ones are better. Ive read on another post that pe
  7. I know I know drinking juice is bad. Even the "healthy" stuff like Bolthouse and Naked Juice that are supposed to be good for you are loaded with sugar and you don't get the fiber like you would if you just ate the berries and apples etc....HOWEVER, what if I say threw a handful or two of berries and a slash of almond milk or water? Would that be just as bad or would I reap the benefits? Thanks!
  8. I am e-Adora and this is my third challenge. I have finally declared myself to be a Ranger, my secret desire since I started. I've done moderatly well on the previous 2 challenges, but this time I intend to do VERY well. My long term ultimate goal is to finish a Spartan Sprint. I am OBSESSED with it. I WANT to be that girl. Before I can tackle a Spartan Sprint I need to up my fitness level. And I intend to get pregnant this fall, so I gotta do all that before I can do the Spartan Sprint. The races will always be around, but I'm getting older and I want to be finished with having babies befor
  9. 2 C raw spinach 1 large carrot 1/2 C sliced cucumber 1/2 medium avocado 1T Chia seeds 1 T Flax seeds 1/2 C of Plain Greek yogurt (the nutrient info is for nonfat) This, folks, is the "ish" 2 T eggwhite powder 1 C unsweetened almond milk. (Or more, this is THICK. Brick house THICK) Ice if you are like me and everything except hot coffee tastes better cold. Iced coffee, of course, tastes better cold. Pulverize in your favorite machine that does all the pulverizing. I like my Nutribullet. I don't add fruit, because I am keeping carbs low, so it is pretty bland. Knock yourself out if you aren't
  10. I'm back for more! Starting point: I am a tall girl, 5 ft 11 in. Official weigh in - 182.5 lbs (woot woot!) Haven't seen that in over two years! My highest weight post baby was 225 so this journey is going well, a little over half way there! Goal 1 - How Stella got her groove back Sta 2 Str 2 Get back to serious, committed exercising. I was doing work outs 6 days a week. I gave up when things got complicated. Now to get back to where I was and push on when it gets complicated. Goal is to work out 3x per week minimum Goal 2 - Eat well, Live
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