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Found 1 result

  1. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    Look who decided to show her face again. *bullies laughing evilly and cracking their knuckles* (jk) So long story short, I got wracked with guilt the other day because my dad kept falling and we couldn't get him up and I am like the most useless thing ever when it comes to strength and stuff. My dad is in a wheelchair now but still stands up to do some things like putting on a belt (I'm going to convince him to switch to suspenders) or going to the bathroom or switching between chairs. But he still falls and we're powerless to help him and too stubborn to call for help (because we'll end up relying on it and calling for help multiple times every day and things won't get better and that can very easily breed resentment which we don't want). So I'm back here to get strong. Because my mom won't do it so I have to. The goal is to complete a bodyweight circuit three times a week, ideally MWF, with progressive overload. I'll be tracking exercise type/variation and number of reps. I'm starting with mastering the NF beginner bodyweight circuit (with NF beginner dynamic warm-up and some stretching to cool down) but I'd like some ideas on how to vary the routine some so I don't get bored (which is something I'm very prone to). I have access to a gym but I'd rather not use it for this challenge as I haven't paid for the membership. I have three sets of dumbbells (3 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb) and a fat kitty who is willing to be used as a small barbell in exchange for cuddles and food. Additionally, I need to keep track of nutrition and how much I eat so I can make sure I'm eating enough to sustain this level of activity. I tend to undereat in general and also my sweet tooth is a bit out of control lately (I am a sucker for anything with rainbow sprinkles). I'm not worried about my weight at this time (although I'd like to stay the same pants size - ugh clothes shopping). I already have a food log (I use this to track what foods might be triggering my IBS-like symptoms) but I'd like to be more specific and also I'm lazy. ClarinetFest 2019 is at the end of July, plus two concerts around it, and my playing chops are not up to speed. Practice clarinet 2.5 hours this week (add 30 minutes for each of the following weeks). Finally, I need to read more. My 2019 reading list looks like it will soon be graduating to my 2020 reading list. Read 500 pages of leisure reading (i.e. textbook reading doesn't count). I may or may not theme this challenge. I could bring back Steven Universe or do something themed toward the fanfic I'm supposed to be co-authoring (but then I'd be spoiling~!). And I'll put up a spreadsheet soonish.