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  1. *Ok guys, this idea has been floating around my noggin for some time now. At least the last 5-6 years. And, I could never get past the story because I felt like I was missing something in my narrative. Another problem that the protagonist faces? More plot twists? Come to find out, it was another character. A specific character that would help our hero become the badass he is. Enter one of my new found besties, Rurik the Ranger. Yep, it was you all along dude. I needed a character like Rurik in my novel. A supreme badass hunter of the supernatural. My book takes place in the current time and will pull from elements of the show Supernatural, as well as movies like Underworld, Van Helsing, and even a little True Blood #Alcide. I’m very excited to write this on here with the help of you all because I can’t do it alone. I need you guys to keep me accountable for writing this. Even, for those grammar Nazis, please, Nazi away and help with that if you want because I can promise some grammatical errors. I write and think too fast for their not to be, lol.* “Alright everyone, please come in and get comfortable. There’s open seating up front if you’re not shy.†I looked around as the room began to fill up. “Yes, YOU, come in, come in. How’s the temperature everyone? Good? Is my mic on… Yes, there it goes…†“WELCOME.†I said, my voice booming over the microphone. “I’m so excited you decided to join me today!†The round of applause started immediately. There were smiles and bright faces everywhere, and all the attention was on me. I swallowed hard. No matter how kooky and outgoing I could be, somehow I still got nervous in the limelight. Nothing says embarrassing when you’re voice gets shaky on your own story. “You’re way to kind, everyone, thank you. Really, you should give yourself a round of applause because if not for you, my adoring fans, I would be nowhere.†I let a smile spread across my face like some Great Divide, warming and charming the crowd. I began to clap my hands together, pointing at random people and giving the ever enthusiastic thumbs up. They ate it up like velvety chocolate cake. How had I come from the normalcy life I lived to this one standing before me? It was as if I was a celebrity. I would like to say hard work prevailed all, but there was a dash of luck in there too. It’s the Irish in me. “So, without further ado and no introduction needed, my name is Ryan Bell.†The applause continued and a few whistles rang out. I chuckled. “Thank you...you guys…†I sighed, “You guys are great. But, my name is Ryan and today we are all gathered here for a reading of book one in the Urban Wolf series!†More applause and cheers. It was a good crowd tonight and I could tell this would be fun. The hoots and hollers simmered down and it sounded like that was my queue to begin. “I wrote Urban Wolf as kind of a short story back in the day on my Nerd Fitness forums. It was meant to be one entry each week that would take me through one of my many 6-week challenges. What evolved from the ashes is the book that lays before you. It’s been a long journey with writing and actually being able to stick with something, so Urban Wolf is special to me. The actually character, Wolf, is someone I hold very dear to my heart. He is a superhero in a way and someone I’ve wanted to write about for a long time. He is loosely based off myself and I wish I could say all the swanky things he and Rurik have done are a part of my own adventures but I can’t. The Wolf has become his own entity and inspiration. It’s been a true pleasure to share his life with you all. During the reading I ask that you wait until intermission to ask any questions and I promise to answer them for you all.†I scanned the crowd of eager readers and listeners as they hung onto each word I said, some even nodding in respect to my request. They were itching to begin and so was I. I sat down at my little stool next to my little table in front of the large group. There had to be over 100 people here tonight. On the table were three water bottles and a book bound in a black and red cover. My favorite colors. I eyed the cover, looking down at the book as a proud dad looks at his son when he rides his bike without training wheels for the first time. So much time went into those three hundred plus pages, it was surreal to be here with fans. “Thank you all again for being here and supporting me and my dream of writing. It means the world to me… now let’s get right into it!†Excitedly I grabbed my book and flipped open to the Prologue. “Blend into the Sprawl-Book One of the Urban Wolf series…†I took a deep breath, exhaling all those frustrations that lead me this point, and began to read aloud. “My life never began the way it ended. That, I know was a fact. But before I can reveal any sort of ending…you have to understand where it all started, and that was the night they kidnapped my family…†The length will vary, but after me weekly write-up each week, I’ll post the next part of the story, so in order to find out what happens, you have to keep reading . And just to throw this out there, I may post more than one part of the story each week. Depends on how deep I get into it lol. Now, onto the rucking goals! Goal #1: It’s my Rucking life! So, RuckFit [emoji769] is becoming a thing. What?! You didn’t know this? Well, listen closely kids… We briefly mentioned it over on the Rucking thread and Rurik and I decided to make it a thing. An actually curriculum that one can follow when first stepping on the ruck scene and not knowing where to start. So, together, we have joined super awesome Ranger forces and have created RuckFit [emoji769]. This goal is to get me back on a schedule that I can maintain optimal fitness with RuckFit [emoji769]. This consist of 3x rucks, 2x Crossfit inspired workouts and 1x trail run that are to be performed during the week. My schedule will look like this: Monday: Ruck-Heavy Tuesday: Crossfit or Equivalent Wednesday: Ruck- Light (more of an active recovery day) Thursday: Crossfit or Equivalent Friday: Ruck-Medium Saturday: Trail Run Sunday: Rest Possible Points: +2 STA, +2 STR, +1 DEX Goal #2: Ruck my WOD RuckFit [emoji769] is more than just rucking. It’s knowing how to ruck your WOD. All day. And all night. During the course of the challenge, Rurik and I will be working towards 100 total miles rucked, and that means 50 miles split down the middle for the two of us. On top of rucking at least 50 miles, we are required to complete 6 rucking WOD’s over the duration of the 6-weeks and 3 RuckFit [emoji769] Challenge workouts each that we have created ourselves or otherwise pulled from the Pathfinder source where RuckFit was initially born. Though similar to goal #1, here is where the specifics come to play and we get a little messy. Ruck yeah! RuckFit [emoji769] Challenge Workouts: 1. Two minutes maximum Push-ups. Two minutes maximum Sit-ups. 2. Five mile mountain/hill terrain ruck. 3. Five mile overnight ruck. Must start and end during night hours. 4. Carry 20 pounds of coupons for 3 miles of your ruck. Any item will do. 5. Ruck 27 miles on top of the 50 mile requirement. 6. Don't stop rucking until you've hit 10 miles. Possible Points: +2 STR and +3 DEX Goal #3: Write a rucking story! So, as you read above, this challenge is also heavy on the RP writing. The story above is about a man named Rudy and his search for his family. They’ve been taken by werewolves in order to draw Rudy out in the open and along the way he makes an unlikely ally in Rurik the ageless Viking who’s battled supernatural creatures for the last couple hundred years. This will be a unique way for me to write a short story without putting a ton of pressure on myself because it will be a part of my 6-week challenge (says the guy writing the story). This means I have to make it a priority J. The goal is to spend a minimum of 1 hour a week devoted to continuing the adventures of our favorite supernatural crime-fighting duo. Possible Points: +3 CHA Goal #4: Putting Rucking in Work (Gotta keep the ruck theme going!) The Holidays are fast approaching and we are a giving family. I want to be able to get gifts for EVERYONE I love and cherish (which ends up being a lot of people). So, along with clearing out the nastiness known as debt, I will work a minimum of 5 hrs of OT a week, to be able to gift ALL the things, I am only allowed 30 min lunches, and at least $100 each paycheck will go towards the Debt Monster. Possible Points: +2 CHA, +1 WIS And there you have it NF. I hope the hype was enough to get everyone on board and taking the time to read the story. Even if no one reads it, I’m excited to continue this werewolf idea so see how much I can actually get done in a 6-week time frame. I’m also excited about getting back on my Crossfit workouts. I take on the Spartan Beast on Halloween, so it’s right before the actual challenge starts. BUT, I’ll have a whole write-up ready to go for everyone the next day. This will be completely separate from my RP, but could be lengthy nonetheless J. I’m so ready for this fucking race! Some other UBER swanky things going in this challenge? · The 11-13th I’ll be heading down to San Antonio to spend a few days with Brother Tanktimus and we’re going to do a bunch of Ranger-ly things, like: ruck/hike Enchanted Rock. (I saw some parkour spots I could probably get down on lol.) We’re also going to be grubbing out in Fredericksburg, eating wonderful German food and just kicking it, Texas Ranger style lol. · The 14th is my Birthday! · Thanksgiving and Black Friday off - My latest selfie I mentioned last week... How does my hair look? Wolf
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