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Found 1 result

  1. courtneyc

    CourtneyC, Befriender of Dragons

    Sure one could slay dragons, but that seems so laden with tropes of farm boys with swords. I don't even own a pair of overalls, and the only sharp blades I keep are in my kitchen. Personally I'd rather make friends with a dragon or two. Then I have awesome dragon friends. Maybe one lets me ride on its back. Maybe we just make s'mores and talk about life. Anyway...let's meet the dragons I'll be befriending over the next 4 weeks. Budget the Mighty The most intimidating of all my dragons. This dragon can only be befriended through brutal honesty, a willingness to make tough choices, and continual tending. This pragmatic dragon will bring me peace of mind and help me plan for the future. To befriend him I must: Create a basic budget (week 1) Consolidate debt (week 1) Update any spending through YNAB (daily as needed) Prioritize goals (week 2) ?? Beatrice the Productive I've already begun making friends with this dragon. She appreciates a companion who gets their shit done. To continue growing my friendship with her I need to keep a steady, thoughtful pace with my school and work days. Beatrice prefers to hangout during daylight and generally doesn't like to see anyone after 5pm. Engage her without good reason after dark at your own peril! The Funinator The Funinator just wants to have a good time but will start setting things on fire if you tell it the night's plans are to camp out in front of the tv. She's okay with it every once in awhile, it's just that there are so many more interesting things she'd rather do like make art or music or even curl up with a good book. The Funinator is also a great encourager of getting out of the house now and again, even if it is very, very cold outside. Bro the Built Bro can be a little much sometimes, but his intentions are good. Deep down he wants his friends to be happy and healthy and knows that getting them off their asses is the best way to do that. He hasn't been super pleased watching me eat my stress the last few weeks and suggested I start writing down everything I eat for the next 4 weeks. He was also way too excited when I told him that I missed feeling strong. He is "totally pumped" for me to try his new bodyweight routine 3x per week and supplement it with 20 minute yoga sessions 2x per week.