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  1. It's that time of year here in MN! This time of year has been the hardest, with or without school. Last year, it whizzed by with little problem (except for my dad passing away, that was a whole other thing). I was able to get through it with my support and my own car. Just need to a little grinding with my goals and tracking. The Long Dark Game By the end of the challenge, the winds of Spring will be coming (even if snow does stick around through March). While also getting through Spring break. Now with my Dad's death anniversary (March 9th) comin
  2. *record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here. I’m TiogaGirl and I’m here because I dig the warm and fun and supportive environment, not to mention the structure of challenges! I’ve started more challenges than I’ve completed, but when I do stick with it I end up feeling good and making some progress. I have a job I love (that can get pretty all-consuming and stressful, so it sometimes drives me crazy), great husband and kids, and an alarming number of pets ... 2 big dogs, a cat and 4 birds. I am also a shameless fan of musical t
  3. Starting late! I wasn’t sure I wanted to do one because of the timing of other things in my life. Then one of those “things”, the Irish Festival, gave me inspiration. I was dancing and bouncing around while watching some of my favorite Irish a Fest bands and my friend mentioned what a great workout we were getting. I think we say that to each other every year, but I never put the thought to good use. So this challenge is about music and dance. I am going to use music that motivates me to move and then just go with it. I may dance, do jumping jacks, pushups, etc. Whatever I’
  4. Since I first joined NF my goal has been to have a Strong Mind and Body. So for this challenge I'm going to work on my mind/mind palace. I'm going to work on positive habits also toy around with using the mind palace/mind mapping technique to help me memorize the dewey decimal system for work. Strict Tracking: I'm getting too loose with my food tracking. I am using a pretty easy system so there really isn't any reason to get lazy. I know that if I can make tracking a habit I'll be better off in the long run. Exercise 3x a week: Anything goes, I'm just establishin
  5. It's been awhile... Rather than try anything fancy I'm just going to load an old Assassin Creed game I've already completed and try out New Game+. This way I can ease into the gameplay and remind myself how the controller feels in my hand and what weapons work best for my style of play. Going off of memory, I'm choosing the following weapons, shields, etc... Weapon: Body Weight exercises 3x a week Shield: Track food every day Armor: No gluten Health Potion: 3 cups of water/tea (replacing the mega amount of coffee I drink) Animus: Sleep 7 hours I'm
  6. Spring is coming, the robins are singing for the first time all year, and I’m getting fired up after a long, cold, lazy winter. Throwing my lot in with you crew of Rangers if you’ll have me. I am staring down a big birthday in a few weeks and if I can’t be at my fittest by then, I can at least do what I can to be at my fiercest. So, getting my bully back this challenge! Big goals: Stronger, leaner, focused-er. Challenge goals: Fitness: 2 weights sessions each week 3 yoga sessions each week 3 Couch to 5K sessions each week Food: Track
  7. Aerisand

    Aeri's Game

    AERI'S GAME Last invisible-challenge, Aeri approached a wormhole, it accelerated things on some areas though she wasn't much in control. It's time to get back on track, and do some tracking! The challenge is: steering the wild beast of choice. "To be mindful, to smile, to love and live." CHALLENGE BRIEF Dailies: Daily tracking on a 4-part checkbox, in my calendar. Ritual morning Study Review Ritual night Weeklies: Will analyse performance by the end of each week, brief notes will go on
  8. That is my question. How do you track your workouts/food intake/measurements? Old fashioned pen and paper, excel workbook, online? Really interested, as I've not yet cracked what works for me.
  9. You know that feeling, you rediscover an old game and can't wait to be nostalgic and jump back in, and then the save file is corrupted? Welcome to my life. Okay, I'm being dramatic. It's been a long, long while since I've checked in, and a lot of things have happened, some good and some bad, but that's life. It left me at my lowest point a few weeks back, and now it's time to reboot and start a new file that will be even better than the old one. Because of this reboot/respawn, I'm going back to the level 1s. This challenge will serve to help me figure out where to set m
  10. Jumping straight into this so I don't lose all the good progress I made with my respawn last challenge. I feel like the warriors are a good fit for me at the moment as I play a full contact sport and am lifting once more. No other class is really ringing my bell right now Respawn Recap: TL;DR - I play roller derby, weight train as cross training, have some anxiety/depression Motivation issues, and really like food. New office job clashing with old brain habits. Previous Challenge Recap; This challenge I will just be following on from the l
  11. Hi, my name is Stoney and I’m a serial quitter and shiny-thing chaser. This is my umpteenth respawn here in the forums but fuck it, why not try again? I play roller derby* for my local team in a southern western Australian country town and while that’s been great for my general physical and mental health, I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. And I’m a total perfectionist so I always want to be the best at everything I do. Yay self improvement! That does mean however that I get unmotivated much too quickly and get distracted trying the Cool New Thing™️ t
  12. 2018 Changing Behaviors I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to do anything. Physically, I put things off if I’m not sure how to do something or if it requires manual labor. 2018 is going to be about changing my behaviors. I want to have a good routine and strategy for overcoming my impulses. It’s time to start small and work my way up to the person I aspire to be. To accompli
  13. Hi there! So I know I can't be the only one here who loves to be creative and stay organized! Does anybody else here use a bullet journal? Anybody keen on giving it ago? And do you track your fitness there, if so? I do and I'm trying to fit my four week challenge somewhere into the mix whilst also keeping updates on it every day; I suppose we'll see how it goes! Also, feel free to share photos or any articles if you feel so obliged! ~Stella
  14. Hello. So this will be my very first challenge here. I'm gonna skip the introductions first and just go on with my dry run 5-day challenge. I hope I am not that late to post my challenge here.
  15. Welcome to 2018 A7X is one of those bands whose music rarely fails to get me off my ass and get shit done. Been struggling a bit coming up with a theme, so I decided to forget it for this challenge and just start doing good things. In the end, that's really all that matters, right? Big Why: Feel good/confident in my own skin Be strong & fit enough to do all of the cool things for a very long time I've been pretty undisciplined lately in most of my activities. There's a laundry list of things that I'm annoyed at myself for. And I can
  16. Goal 1 — Paying the Iron Price: Continue the Stronglifts Program Last challenged I started Stronglifts. I took a break for a week for the holidays. I will continue lifting, reach Week 8, which will leave me with 4 more weeks for the next challenge. Week 1 ✘ ☐ ☐ xx% x Week 2 ☐ ☐ ☐ xx% x Week 3 ☐ ☐ ☐ xx% x Week 4 ☐ ☐ ☐ xx% x Week 5 ☐ ☐ ☐ xx% x ~xx% ~x Goal 2 — A
  17. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My intentions for this group are sort of shown in the above picture. My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful, encourage others to share what's been succes
  18. Easy Peasy: (Emelan is a tieback to the Tamora Pierce series - @Alanna) Now that I've developed a journaling framework that works for me, I need to use it. Every day. Also, now that I've gotten WAY better at planning in my workouts, my main challenge is eating. I've lost some weight lately from just.... not eating. No good when your main goal is to get stronger! Track something in MFP EVERY DAY. Peeps on MFP feel free to like the "ElvenEngineer tracked for 5 days in a row! 6 days in a row!.... and on". [my handle is ElvenEngineer - feel free to friend me, just say
  19. July and August have not been kind. I finished off my Master's degree (yay), got bad nutrition advice (from a nutritionist - boo), had PT interfere with my workouts (boo), and got word that my parkour gym is closing (very boo). I turned in my last assignment for school and immediately started busting butt on completing my first cosplay in 4.5 years... that must be completed within a week. Stress eating has added to the bad nutrition and disrupted workouts, meaning I am not in the shape I would like to be in. Since that is a lot to address at once, I won't. This challenge is going
  20. In my last challenges I used the masks from The Legend of Zelda -- Majora's Mask for the different quest. Now I want to keep this flexibility of the theme, but I want to use different items. Furthermore, I really, really want to gamify my fitness/life journey more. In particular, I want to add some sort of "points" (exp, stamina, strength, etc.) to my challenges I can achieve. But I have no idea how to balance them. So I decided to use something more discrete. Hence, I'll use collectibles from Breath of the Wild. It will be a mix of things I plan to do as the core of the challenge plus so
  21. We join our hero Lightning McGee in Week 2 of her respawn. She is currently laying low in Mexico after a deflating year in Korea spent battling her ex-boyfriend (Potentially Abusive Manipulation Man) and her boss (Tiny Vengeance) at her incognito day-job . She conquered both these enemies but it took a lot out of her and she's spending a few months in the Yucatan regrouping and coming to terms with the 8 lbs she has gained... her superhero costume is feeling a little tight these days!! But McGee has been around awhile and seen some things, and she's learning to be kinder to hersel
  22. This is what happens when you have been reading both American Gods and Norse Mythology. You start imagining you can rock it with the Norse Gods. Also it helped me limit what I wanted to do. Kinda. Overall, my goals and Big Why have been wobbling for a long, long time when it came to things outside of the dojo and the mat. I am starting to think up new Whys and that's allowing me to hone in on goals a bit more than I've really been able to in a long while. The very-much-reduced stress level of mine has been a huge help, and how conveniently work is located to everything in my life is also
  23. Foundation Reinforcement In fitness, where people seem to have trouble with starting out the most is staying the course. Building a foundation is slow, boring, and unrewarding, but to achieve long-term success one must stay the course. So continuing with my previous challenge, I shall be monitoring pretty much the same goals, but with a little more intensity and virtuosity. AIR - breathe and meditate. I'm coughing-up the $13 for a month of Headspace (mostly because I like the structure). Maybe throw a nauli practice in once a week, because if Rickson does it
  24. Okay, I scaled up too quickly. Fine. Dial it back. I really dropped the ball with tracking last challenge, so that is where I am going to focus. I've been reading a lot of Precision Nutrition stuff, and they ask, "How confident, on a scale of 1-10, are you that you can do this habit daily for the next two weeks." If the answer isn't 9-10, they scale it back. So I am going to pick challenges that are all in the 9-10 range. EAT: Work on eating slowly and mindfully, until 80% full. Appetite awareness is the cornerstone habit for Precision Nutrition, and it is a really hard one
  25. Life is calming down into a more manageable tilt as we get settled into the new place and a stable routine. I'm back to tracking calories and macros, and there should be language and meditation metrics reported here, let's just see how thorough this durn contraption is.
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